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5 Best Mountaintop Views in Guilin and Yangshuo

Guilin and Yangshuo are located on the beautiful Li River and are surrounded by mountains, so there are several places where you can get incredible mountaintop views. If you are a photographer or natural beauty is what you are looking for, you will find much inspiration in the following five places.
Xianggong Mountain:
Xianggong Mountain
Xianggong Mountain is located on the west bank of Li River, which offers a panorama of Yangshuo landscape. If you come to Yangshuo, do not miss this mountain. It is a steep but only 15-minute climb to reach the top. You can sit on the benches at the sightseeing stage and take in the incredible view of the forked river.

The best time to take photos here is in the early morning on sunny days. Because its gorgeous view and easy access, it may draw huge crowds at sunrise. You can come here by bamboo raft or by taxi either from Yangshuo or Xingping Town.
Laozhai Mountain:
Laozhai Mountain is near Xingping Town of Guilin, and has an altitude of over 300 meters (984 feet). The view on the top is superb, the best you can find in the area. However, it is fairly steep, with over 1,100 stairs to the top of the mountain. The entrance to the stairs is about a 10-minute walk from Xingping Dock where you take the bamboo boat across the Li River. The path is well maintained, but the actual hike is intense and it will take 30-45 minutes to hit the top. Once you get to the top, you are better to climb up the rocks to the side of the viewing platform, from which there are stunning vistas and some great photo ops. In the morning, you can take pictures of the sunrise and misty Li River. If you go there in the afternoon, you can photograph the sunset in the west and the fields and Xingping Town in the east. 
Damian Hill:
View from the top of Damian Hill
Damian Hill is located about 3 km from Xingping Town. It is the only place in Guilin you can see the entire horseshoe bend of Li River.

This mountain can be quite hard to find, as the path is not clearly marked. Use map apps in your mobile phone or hire a tour guide to find the way to the peak. There are quite a few stairs, not very steep, but it also includes some steep steel stairs without handrail, so be careful. It takes about one hour to climb to the top. Remember to wear appropriate shoes and pack plenty of water. When you get there, you will be welcome with an incredible view. This place is also said to be the most instagrammable place in China.
Yangshuo TV Tower Hill:
Mountaintop view of Yangshuo TV Tower Hill
Yangshuo is a fascinating place, while the TV Tower Hill is the best place to get a bird’s eye view of the town. This hill gets its name because it sits the TV tower in the heart of Yangshuo Town.

Finding the path leading to the TV Tower is a little tricky. The starting point is located on a main road, Pan Tao Road, which is within walking distance from the West Street. Follow the signs and head up right to the paved pathway. It will take about 40 minutes to reach the top. The views are beautiful on the way up so hike slow and enjoy it. There is a gate when you get to the summit. You need to pay CNY5- 10 and then you can walk through to see the great city view of Yangshuo and take spectacular shots.
Wuzhi Hill (Cuiping Hill):
Wuzhi Hill also called Cuiping Hill, is a bit out off the beaten path. But photos with its unique views over the countryside and famed karst mountains can be seen in many guidebooks and websites. This hill can be reached by taxi from Yangshuo, or by scooter if you are adventurous for biking. The hike up to the top is a medium intensity on well-paved stone steps, taking around 20 minutes. On the top, you can see karst mountains rising everywhere. Below, two rivers weave between the peaks and you may also see villagers fishing on their rafts below. The most important is that you can enjoy the spectacular view without any crowds on Wuzhi Hill.
No matter which place you will choose from the above five mountaintops, it will be a feast for your eyes and soul.
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