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Guilin boasts magnificent natural beauty and many precious cultural relics. Every visitor going there will be enchanted by the unique karst landscapes, which are embodied in the verdant hills along the Li River and various caves decorated by colorful lights.

If you want to explore the Guilin top attractions in downtown only, one or two days are enough. The Elephant Trunk Hill, Reed Flute Cave, Seven-Star Park, Silver Cave, and Folded Brocade Hill are the top picks of most travelers.

However, most tourists will extend their trip to Yangshuo by a Li River cruise to fully enjoy the sceneries en route. As the ship sails down the river, you will encounter the most breathtaking part of your Guilin tour at the section from Yangdi Village to Xingping Town.

In addition, it will be a great idea to spend one or two days at the Longji Rice Terraces, a paradise for shutterbugs and ethnic culture lovers.

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A Classic Guilin Attractions Visiting Route for Reference

Day 1: Explore Downtown Guilin Attractions
Seven-Star Park (3 hours) → Reed Flute Cave (2 hours) → Elephant Trunk Hill (2 hours) → Two Rivers and Four Lakes Cruise (1.5 hours)

In the Seven-Star Park, you will have a general idea of Guilin and what sceneries await you in the following days. If you love to see the brightly lightened karst caves, it’s nice to pay a visit to the Reed Flute Cave or the Silver Cave. Then move forward to the Elephant Trunk Hill, a highlight in downtown Guilin. After the tour, you can board the Two Rivers and Four Lake night cruise from the nearby Xiangshan Wharf to appreciate the night view of the city.
Day 2: Take a Li River Cruise to Yangshuo
Li River Cruise (4 hours) → West Street (2 hours) → Watch the Performance Impression Sanjie Liu (1 hour)

On the Li River Cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo, you will see various luxuriant mountains. It is time to test your imagination as many mountains are named after their shapes. After arriving at Yangshuo, you can have a rest first and then hang around the West Street. At night, it is highly advised to watch the show Impression Sanjie Liu to immerse yourself in the splendid culture and sceneries in Yangshuo.
Day 3: Half Day Tour in Yangshuo & Back to Guilin
Cycle along the Ten-Mile Gallery (6 hours) → Back to Guilin

Rent a bike and cycle along the Ten-Mile Gallery to enjoy the countryside scenery. If interested, you can also drop by some of the tourist attractions on the way, such as the Totem Ancient Path, Butterfly Spring Park, Big Banyan Tree, Assembling Dragon Cave, and Moon Hill. After the visit, take a bus back to Guilin.
Day 4 & 5: Two Days Tour to Longji Rice Terraces
Ping’an Zhuang Village Terraced Fields (4 hours) → Jinkeng Terraced Fields (4 hours)

Take a bus from Guilin to Longsheng County and then transfer to a local bus to Ping’an Village. Stay overnight there and enjoy the sunrise in the next morning. After the tour, hire a local car to Jinkeng Terraced Fields.
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Questions & Answers on Guilin Attractions
Asked by Ansar Ahmed from PAKISTAN | Jul. 18, 2018 12:14Reply
is there any subway system in guilin?
In your transportatio details , no subway line discussed so can you please mention the availbility of subway ?
Answers (1)
Answered by Fanny from FRANCE | Jul. 18, 2018 22:33

There is no subway available at present and they are still being built.
Asked by Yeo from MALAYSIA | Jun. 23, 2016 09:03Reply
How long would it take if we are travelling form central of Guilin to Yao Mountain?
Estimated how long does it take to compete the mountains if we were to take the cable car up and the slide on our way down. thanks!
Answers (1)
Answered by Juliet from USA | Jun. 24, 2016 02:26

1. It is about 7 miles (11km) from downtown area. You can taxi there for about CNY 30, and the trip takes about 20 minutes.
2. Generally speaking, it may take about 4 hours.
Asked by Song from KOREA | Dec. 06, 2015 07:39Reply
do you know about Baijiayan?
I would like to join 百家宴, but I cannot find the detail information. Where and when do they make this?
Answers (1)
Answered by Li Ming from CHINA | Dec. 06, 2015 19:21

As I know, the Baijiayan is held in Diling Dong Village, Lejiang Township, Longsheng Ge Minority Autonomous County on the 24th of the sixth lunar month every year. The Dong people who are dressed in traditional clothes treat the guests very cordially. Apart from having the feast, tourists can watch various performances, and dance happily with locals, which is very delightful and interesting.
Asked by Nattariya from THAILAND | Oct. 08, 2015 02:32Reply
I would like to visit Guilin and Yangshuo a few day.
I plan to visit 2 cities from 19-22 Oct. On 19 Oct, I will take the high speed train from Guangzhou to GL and 22 Oct will back to Guangzhou (I would like to arrive Guangzhou approx. 15:00). I have many questions : 1.Which station is more convenient in GL? North or South?
2.Interested place for 2.5 days?
3.How about transportation around GL and Yangshou?
4.Which area or road is popular for tourist and easy for walking or transport in the city tour?

Answers (1)
Answered by Ben from UNITED KINGDOM | Oct. 10, 2015 22:32

1. Both of these two stations can be reached by public transport easily. If you are going to take the bullet train to GL, the train will only stop at North Railway Station.
2. Elephant Trunk Hill, Reed Flute Cave, Li River Cruise, Yangshuo countryside
3. Around GL, the public bus and long-distance bus are the main mode to reach scenic spots. In Yangshuo, taxis and boat are major modes. Well, if you have specific routes, you can send it to me. I can help you to choose the best transportation solutions.
4. Well, Zhengyang pedestrian Street is a good destination for shopping, entertainment and dining. Considering the transportation, the area around north railway station is also a good choice.
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