Bajiaozhai Scenic Spot

Located on the border Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and  Hunan Province, Bajiaozhai Scenic Spot is famous for its Danxia landscapes. Also known as Yuntai Mountain, it's about 150 km (93 miles) far from Guilin. Bajiao means eight angles. Bajiaozhai got its name from the eight outstanding angles of the 818-meter (2,700 feet) high main peak, Yuntai Peak. The precipitous and magnificent peak looks like a lotus flower when you overlook it from a plane. It's also a paradise for hikers and shutterbugs.

All the peaks here incline themselves to a 45-degree angle, composing a wonderful attraction. With many screw threads, those bare peaks look like snails looking at the sky on sunny days. If you come here on foggy days, you could appreciate the other wonderful scenery. The waves of fog cover many peaks, making the whole hill mysterious as if whales are swimming in the sea.

Except those peaks, some stones are also interesting. The most famous stone is Tearful Eye Stone, denting its surface dented into two eye-like holes. During rainy days, the rain flows out from the little holes just like the stone is crying. After appreciating these natural beauties, some artificial attractions will give you the same enjoyment.

Mountain God Temple on Longtou

Longtou is the steepest angle of Bajiaozhai. With heavy wind, fog and clouds around nearly the whole year, it's very much hard to reach. However, a little Mountain God Temple stands at the extreme edge of Longtou. One must use all his limbs to get there. It's said that one would get whatever he wants if he dares to offer incense there. That's the famous Longtou Xiang (which means incensing at the edge of Longtou).

Yuntai Temple

Built on Yuntai Peak in the Song Dynasty (960-1279), Yuntai Temple has been prosperous for over 1,100 years. On the 19th of every second, sixth, and ninth month in lunar calendar, a temple fair is held here and local people gather and spend their nights here.

Behind the temple is a well, Yaoquanchi, where Shennong, the God of Medicine, was said to rinse herbs. After a long time, the well became a medical well and a place for locals to pray for health.

The temple is also the best place to enjoy sunrise in Bajiaozhai. Many visitors arrive here at dawn, waiting for the wonderful scenery.

Xianglong Plank Road

Built on the cliffside of a huge honeycomb hill, Xianglong Plank Road is dangerous but worth a visit. When you step on the road in sunny days, you can enjoy the beautiful red sandstone scenery. Under the middle of the whole road is called Death Valley. If you are afraid of heights, you are not suggested to look down while crossing.

Admission Fee & Opening Hours

Bajiaozhai Scenic Spot is open to visitors all day. Notice that Bajiaozhai Scenic Spot is also part of Langshan Mountain Scenic Area of Hunan Province. So you can also enter from Xinning County, Hunan.

If you enter from Ziyuan County in Guangxi, CNY38 is needed for day-visiting, another CNY20 is required if you would like spend your night there.

If you enter from Xinning County in Hunan, the admission fee is as below:
Ticket A CNY 186 Including Tianyi Lane, Chili Peak, Bajiaozhai, Zixia Cave and a raft ride on Fuyi River.
Ticket B CNY 136 Including Tianyi Lane, Chili Peak, Bajiaozhai, and Zixia Cave.
Ticket C CNY 120 For Fuyi River Raft Ride

How to get there

From Guilin:
Take Guilin-Meixi Bus at Guilin North Bus Station. You can choose the medium bus at CNY45 or the advanced bus at CNY55. The medium bus is available at 6:40am and 9:30am, and the advanced bus sets out at 8:45am and 9:10am. When you arrive at Meixi Town, take a motorcycle taxi at CNY30-50 to your destination.

From Xining County, Hunan:
Take Bus Xinning 2 or Xingning 6, and get off at the North Gate of Langshan Mountain Geological Park (Langshan Gongyuan Beidamen) Station.
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