Guilin Weather

Guilin Weather

Guilin weather is generally mild with four seasons – sunny and vigorous spring, rainy and foggy summer, cool and pleasant autumn, breezy and drizzling winter. In Guilin, the climate in January is the coolest with an average temperature of 8 C (46 F), while July is the hottest with an average temperature of 28 C (82 F). Summer is the rainy season, especially in May and June.

Guilin WeatherBest Time to Visit Guilin
The best time to travel there is from April to October. However, remember to try to avoid the Chinese National Day Holiday from October 1st to 7th, when all the people in China seem to move around.

7-Day Guilin Weather Forecast


Guilin Weather by Month

Averages for Guilin Weather

High/Low Temperatures of Guilin
Average High/Low Temperatures Graph for Guilin
Average Temperatures of Guilin
Average Temperatures Graph for Guilin
Humidity Graph of Guilin
Average Humidity Graph for Guilin
Average Rainfall of Guilin
Average Rainfall Graph for Guilin
Air Quality of Guilin
Average AQI(Air Quality Index) Graph for Guilin

Guilin Climate - Seasons & Travel Advice

The city has a sub-tropical monsoon climate, with enough rain and sunshine but little snow. The year-round average temperature is around 19 C (66 F). To some extent, we can say that it is a good time to visit Guilin in any season. Comfortable footwear suitable for walking is a must all year round.

Spring (Mar. - mid-Apr.)

Spring, early March to middle April, is mostly sunny. At this time, northern China is still silvered with snow or frost, but the city has been full of tinges of spring weather – colorful flowers and green willows compete with each other for beauty of looks. Sometimes, there are spring drizzles, but something lighter like T-shirts with a raincoat will be comfortable. If you visiting there in spring, rain wear is a must.

Summer (mid Apr. - Aug.)

Summer from middle April to late August is a rainy season especially in May and June. The rainfall in summer reaches up to 1,000 mm, making up over 50% of the total rainfall per year. Always remember to bring an umbrella with you if you go there during this time. However, visiting there in rain and fog may make you feel as graceful as a fairy. It would be a great pity if you haven't enjoyed the misty rain of Li River during your Guilin travel. T-shirts with skirts, shorts or slacks are the best choice for summer when the temperature can be rather high. It would be wise to bring sun block, insect repellant, and some medicine to prevent heatstroke. Local herbal tea also helps travelers to become accustomed to the local weather and water.

Li River Cruise in Summer
Li River Cruise in Summer
Elephant Trunk Hill in Spring
Elephant Trunk Hill in Spring

Autumn (Sep. - Oct.)

Autumn, the golden season for travel, usually starts from late August and ends at the end of October. In this period, the weather is mostly clear and cool, and the water in the Li River is as smooth as glass. So it is an optimum time to enjoy the reflections of the mountains. Comfortable, casual and light clothes such as long-sleeved T-shirts or shirts plus thin jackets would be enough.

Winter (Nov. - Feb.)

Winter is from November to February when the whole city is covered with blossoming sweet-scented osmanthus giving off its fragrance everywhere. Traveling there in winter, you just have to take some spring and autumn clothes with one or two lightweight winter wear like thermal underwear and woolen sweaters. Snow is rare, but there is the chance to enjoy the winter snow in or on the top of the mountains around the city during the coldest time near the Chinese New Year.

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Questions & Answers on Guilin Weather
Asked by Fitria from INDONESIA | Nov. 05, 2018 19:03Reply
I am willing to have a visit to Gulin in December 2018? Is there any snow that I can see?
Hi, I am Indonesian. Thx
Answers (1)
Answered by Haha from JAPAN | Nov. 06, 2018 23:44

Dear, there may be a large chance that you would not see the snow in Guilin except for some mountainous areas. If you want to see snow, you can go to Harbin for the Ice and Snow World in late December.
Asked by Alison from MALAYSIA | Jun. 17, 2018 19:56Reply
2 August, 2018, will it be the good time to travel to Guilin?
Answers (1)
Answered by Gloria from USA | Jun. 18, 2018 21:43

Yes, it is good time. Don’t forget to take sun glasses and sun hat since the sun light may be a little strong.
Asked by Nur from MALAYSIA | Apr. 05, 2018 21:00Reply
What season of Guilin this week? April 2018
1. Hye, im going to GL this in next two days..may i know what suggested to wear at this time? Is it cold? Or sunny?
2. Can i see cherry blossom in the city?
Answers (1)
Answered by Mile from GERMANY | Apr. 08, 2018 04:06

It’s not cold and the temperature is around 20C. But it’s rainy these days. So you need to take your thin coat and jeans. The cherry blossom is available in the city! Enjoy your time!
Asked by Debbie from AUSTRALIA | Jan. 08, 2018 20:59Reply
We're looking to visit Guilin in early February, is it worth visiting the rice fields?
Hi, What suggestions would you make? Thanks.
Answers (2)
Answered by Linda | Jan. 09, 2018 00:31

The view can be nice at that time, so you can of course have a visit. But it may be cold. Wear warm. By the way, there will be many people during China New Year, which will fall upon Feb. 15 , 2018 and will last 5 days. You should avoid that period.
Answered by Debbie from AUSTRALIA | Jan. 09, 2018 01:19

Thanks Linda
Asked by Yvonne from MALAYSIA | Nov. 23, 2017 20:25Reply
We are going to Guilin on 2 December to 7 December 2017. What’s the weather like?
What’s the clothes?
Answers (1)
Answered by Lisa from SINGAPORE | Nov. 23, 2017 21:59

According to forecast, there will be some rainy days and the temperature may be 11-18C. You are suggested to take your warm clothes, sweaters, coats and warm pants. Have a nice trip!
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