Best Time to Visit Guilin

When is the best time to visit Guilin? Tourists are recommended to go there from April to October in summer and autumn. Summer is somewhat hot, but the scenery is beautiful all year round, while autumn features pleasant and comfortable weather. Local festivals, such as the Red Clothes Festival in April, are also the best time to go to Guilin.

best time to visit guilin

Peak Season: April to October

From April to August, many tourists come to Guilin to visit its picturesque landscapes with their lush vegetation. Moreover, thanks to the abundant rainfall during this period, the scenery of Li River is at its most appealing at this time of year. September and October are optimal months for those who prefer less rainy days, and when the milder temperature is more comfortable for sightseeing. However, during the peak visitor season from April to October, accommodation charges, attraction tickets and plane tickets cost considerably more than those in the slack seaosn.

Slack Season: November to March

Considering the cold and humid weather from November to March, fewer tourists are willing to travel to Guilin. However, during this period, tourists are able to enjoy less crowded attractions and lower charges for hotel, scenic spots, etc.

Times to Avoid Travel

After talking about the best time to travel to Guilin, it is equally important for overseas tourists to know the worst time. Each year, most Chinese plan their trip to Guilin during the two 7-day holidays, Chinese New Year holiday in January or February, or the National Day holiday from Oct. 1st to Oct. 7th. As you can imagine, the influx of tourists results in congested attractions and higher travel costs, leaving you a less pleasant travel experience. If time permits, other holidays, such as the Qingming Festival and the Dragon Boat Festival, should also be avoided.

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Travel to Guilin in Four Seasons

Spring: March to Mid-April

Springtime in Guilin features occasional rainfall and a greater day/night temperature difference.
Average temperature: 13-20℃ (55-68℉)
Clothes: jacket, thin sweater, hoodie, sneakers

Despite the slightly low temperature, the spring of Guilin is not a bad traveling time. Tourists may roam along the West Street at Yangshuo, appreciate ancient buildings of the Ming and Qing Dynasties (1368-1911) and taste delicious food. Young people may also have fun at the bars here. If the weather is suitable for outdoor activities, one may ride a bike around the Ten-Mile Gallery, or enjoy drifting along the Yulong River. In the late spring, which is the best time to visit Guilin, why not feast your eyes on the idyllic landscape of the Longji Rice Terraces full of green waves? Besides, many people come here especially for the beautiful sunrise.

Summer: Mid-April to August

Guilin experiences a rainy season from April to July, thus most of the summer days are hot and humid.
Average temperature: 21-30℃ (70-86℉)
Clothes: T-shirt, polo shirt, blouse, dress, short trousers, sunglasses

Summer is recommended as the best time to visit Guilin China, because the plentiful rainfall increases the water level of the Li River, creating conditions for a smooth Li River Cruise. In the hot and dry August, Gudong Waterfall may help you beat the summer heat. Instead of viewing it from a distance, tourists can wear a raincoat and straw sandals, and then climb the cliff to chase the torrent themselves. Also, one may visit the mysterious Reed Flute Cave, as it is very cool inside.

Autumn: September to October

Comfortable temperature and sufficient sunny days make September and October the Guilin best time to visit. Also, during this period, the gentle wind bring the sweet smell of osmanthus fragrans to you wherever you go.
Average temperature: 20-28℃ (68-82℉)
Clothes: shirt, blouse, thin jacket, sweatpants

Why not take advantage of the balmy weather in autumn to have a Li River hiking tour? Apart from the clear river view, tourists can also enjoy the beautiful Laocuntou Village, Xingping Town and Mural Hill and overlook Li River on Xiangong Hill. Elephant Trunk Hill is another good place to savor the fresh air. By the way, once you come to Guilin, Karst cave is a must. The Crown Cave inside the Li River scenic area is very convenient to visit. However, if you want to visit the largest one in Guilin, the Silver Cave, 85km (53mi) south of downtown, will be your best choice. The hanging stalactites inside are as splendid as a frozen waterfall.

Winter: November to February

The winter of Guilin is cold and humid, and tourists should take care not to catch a cold.
Average temperature: 8-15℃ (46-59℉)
Clothes: windbreaker, thick coat, cardigan, sweater, hiking shoes

The Ginkgo Forest of Haiyang Town is a ‘golden’ attraction from the middle to the late November. When wandering through this place, many people would pick up a beautiful ginkgo leave as a free souvenir. Given that the chilly winter may not be the best time to visit Guilin’s natural landscape, many historical sites can be put on the agenda, and first of these is the Daxu Ancient Town. Here, quaint temples, ancestry halls and workshops that unfold Guilin’s cultural charm. For those who travel with their children, the Seven Stars Park could meet both adults’ and children’s needs. After touring the beautiful Camel Hill and Crescent Hill, parents may take the youngsters to the Guilin Zoo inside the park, where cute giant pandas are ready to greet them.

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