Guilin Maps

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Guilin Tourist Map
Guilin tourist map with major scenic spots, hotels

This is the tourist map of Guilin. By this map, you can have better acquaintance with the distribution of the major attractions and hotels by the Li River. As the essence of Guilin sightseeing, the Li River is the most shining view there and the Li River cruise is very enjoyable. See Map of Li River

Guilin Map
Guilin map with its districts, major attractions and neighboring cities

This map area shows you Guilin City and the counties around downtown area. As you can see, there are many tourist attractions in the city. Besides these ones in the urban area, the counties of Yangshuo, Xing'an, Ziyuan and Longsheng are also well worth visiting which could be reached from the city downtown by bus.

Map of Downtown Guilin
Guilin map with all scenic spots, hotels and main street.

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