Mao'er Mountain

Located in Xing'an County, Mao'er Mountain is 81 km (50 miles) away from Guilin. It got its name from its cat-like summit. Mao'er means cat, so it's also called Cat Mountain. As the source of Li River, Zi River and Xun River, it connects the Yangtze River and the Pearl River. The main peak of Mao'er Mountain is about 2,140 meters (7,000 feet) high, as the highest mountain in South China.

Plenty of wild plants and animals are living in the area, including orchids, more than 40 different kinds of azaleas, and hemlocks, which are called one of the three living plant fossils along with metasequoias and gingkoes. Along the lower mountain, many bamboos thrive, some yellow, some green, some red, composing a beautiful bamboo painting. Because of the height, it's very cool even in hot summer days. So it's an ideal summer resort for visitors. Heavy snow comes here every winter, creating a total snowy world. With many rimes hanging in trees, it's the best place to enjoy snow view in South China.

Laoshanjie Mountain

Laoshanjie is part of Mao'er Mountain. It is the first mountain that the Red Army climbed over along the Long March (1934.8-1936.10). The tough army fought fiercely against enemies here for two days and won a victory. The story was told by a Chinese writer, Lu Dingyi in his article Laoshanjie, which was edited into primary textbooks and then Laoshanjie became known to lots of people. Now a pavilion and a stele are set there in memory of this history. It's a good choice to visit there in spring when all kinds and colors of azaleas blossom everywhere.

Three Rivers Source Forest

With rich rainfall and luxuriant forest, Mao'er Mountain is a huge natural reservoir. It's the birthplace of over 35 rivers, which contribute a lot to the scenery of Guilin. As a natural oxygen bar, it provides you with a journey to relax your body and touch your soul. Along the wooden road, you can enjoy a large primeval forest and marsh in the area. At the top of mountain lies the clean and beautiful Yeren Lake. Yeren means savages in Chinese. It got the name because a savage was seen near the place before 1949.

Monument for U.S. Airmen in WWⅡ

A monument was built here in memory of the American Volunteer Group, who came to help during WWⅡ. In 1996, plane wreckage was found in the area and confirmed as an airplane of the group. It crashed into the mountain after a mission. All the ten crew were sacrificed. The monument along with bronze statues of those airmen was built in honor of them.

Darangtun Ancient Hominid Site

In 1997, three ancient stone artifacts were unearthed in the area. They were identified as tools used in the Neolithic Age, showing that ancient people lived here 4,000- 10,000 years ago.


It's not a long trip that you could pay a visit within half a day. If you are interested in the mountain night scene, you can choose to stay in hotels or camp on the mountain. Tents could be prepared in advance or rented from local shops.

How to get to Mao'er Mountain

From Guilin
1. Take a direct bus to Mao'er Mountain at Guilin North Bus Station. The departure time is 10:30 and 15:30.
2. Take Guilin-Xing'an bus at Guilin North Station and get off at Baizhupu Station. Then transfer to a bus to Gaozhai, which is at the foot of Mao'er Mountain.

From Xing'an County
Take Xing'an- Gaozhai bus at Xing'an Station at CNY 11.
Admission Fee CNY 60
Opening Hours 8:00 - 17:30
1. It's free for children under 1.2 meters (3.9 feet) and half price for children from 1.2 meters to 1.5 meters (4.9 feet).
2. Tourists can take the tour bus to the summit and then return to the entrance. The bus stops at each attraction, leaving tourists free time to enjoy the scenery.
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