Noah's Ark

Based on the legend of Noah's Ark described in the Bible's Book of Genesis, the Noah's Ark at Ma Wan Park in Hong Kong is an actual size construction according to the record, which means it is the only full size replica in the world. The Ark is sitting on the waterfront where there is a perfect view to see Ma Wan Bay and Tsing Ma Bridge.

The distinctive Ark is over 100 meters (about 109 yards) long, about 23 meters (around 25 yards) wide and 14 meters (about 15 yards) high. A Hong Kong Archaeologist declared that there was human site in Ma Wan, so it was decided to settle down Noah' Ark here, resembling the genesis of Hong Kong. This is a wonderful destination in Hong Kong, especial for families. It combines entertainment and education.

Ark Expo

The Ark Expo mainly relies on multi-media facilities to present this resort and learn the mystery of Noah's Ark. The 180° Great Flood Theatre, the collection of ark models from all over the world will amaze everyone present. Besides, there is an exhibition of Hong Kong's biggest Meteorite. Here visitors can learn about the microscopic animal kingdom and enjoy the 4D Theatre that shows the power of nature and challenges the earth faces. 

Ark Garden

Wonderful hand crafted actual size sculptures of rare and endangered animals made by an American professional company in this garden. Depicted as walking out from the Ark's open door, they look real. Strolling past the waterfalls and ponds, visitors will easily feel and be touched by the ambience.

Ark Life Education House

This is regarded as the first innovative interactive education center in Hong Kong. Participants are invited to brief, experience and debrief in their activities and be inspired to realize 'Life is a Precious Gift'. The house has four subdivisions, including I Zone (I’m Unique), U & I Zone (We Respect Each Other), I & Society Zone (One for All, All for One) and I & the world Zone (Cherish Our Life). Each zone has its own unique activities, such as smiling face drawing, DIY for the Beloved, Rainbow Railway, Letter for Future Me, etc. 

Noah's Adventure Land

Located on the seashore, the Adventure Land commands a good view of the Tsing Ma Bridge, the Rambler Channel and the Ting Kau Bridge. Adventurous activities, such as High Adventure Journey, Funny Land and Team Building can give unforgettable experiences for kids. With tickets for the Noah's Ark, children can play V-net in Adventure Land although the High Even Rope needs to be reserved in advance.

Ark Special

Six zones are designed to show religious artifacts, historical photographs led by guides. Graces in History Zone gathers together many family bibles of the Victorian Era from all over the world. The three-screen 3D Theater will present animated films, 'Light of the World'. A zone is to show a full sized replica of the golden Ark of the Covenant. Others include the Path in Eden (animated wall illustration) and Ancient Tabernacle (The Legend panoramic show and scared objects) zones.

Treasure House

There are 15 exhibition galleries in Treasure House with fun exhibitions and programs especially for 3-15 year-old children, including Man & Culture, Future World, Universe & Our Earth, Plants Panorama, Animal Kingdom, Archaeology, Being Human, Languages, Stage Express, Music Wonders, Architecture & I, 3D Fun, Art Adventure, Robotic City and Water World.


The Noah's Ark theme park has its own hotel/resort and restaurant. It is advisable to purchase admission tickets online because of limited capacity of programs and facilities. But there are small numbers of tickets available at the Main Gate. Visitors can also buy tickets from some Hong Kong hotels and shopping malls downtown: Royal Plaza Hotel (Prince Edward Road West), Royal Park Hotel (Shatin), Royal View Hotel (Tsuen Wan), World Trade Center (Causeway Bay), The Sun Arcade (Tsim Sha Tsui), Metro Plaza (Kwai Fong MTR Exit E), East Point City (Tseung Kwan O).

How to get to Noah's Ark

By ferry:

1. Tsuen Wan Ferry Terminal – Park Island
Operating hours: 10:35, 13:35, and 16:35
Fare: HKD 12 (adult), HKD 6 (child & senior)

2. Central Pier No. 2 – Park Island
Operating hours: almost 24 hours (every half an hour)
Fare: HKD 27 (adult), HKD 13.5 (child & senior)

By bus:

Direct Shuttle
Grand Century Place – Noah's Ark Entrance Plaza (Ma Wan)
Hours: about 09:30 – 16:00
Fare: HKD 38 for round trip, coverd by the entrance fee HKD 168/ 138
* The above bus service is only for Noah's Ark ticket holders.

Hong Kong Airport (Bus Bay 19-24 outside T2) – Cathay City - Park Island
Hours: about 06:30-24:30 (every half an hour)
Fare: HKD 24

Tsing Yi Airport Bus Station – Park Island
Hours: about 06:00-05:30 (every 4-30 mins)
Fare: HKD 9.5

Kwai Fong Metroplaza (Kwai Fong Bus Terminus) – Park Island
Hours: about 06:00-05:30 (every 8-30 mins)
Fare: HKD 10

Tsuen Wan Railway Station – Park Island
Hours: about 06:20 – 24:20 (every 20-30 mins)
Fare: HKD 11.5

Central Pier No. 2 – Park Island Bus Terminus
Hours: about 00:00 – 06:30 (every an hour)
Fare: HKD 22

Entrance Fee HKD 168 (adult)
HKD 138 (3-11 year-old child & senior at age 65 or above)
Opening Hours Exhibitions: 10:00 - 18:00
Hotel/Resort: 24 hours
Restaurant: 10:00 - 21:30
Garden: 8:00 - 18:00
Ticket Hours: 9:45 - 17:30
* Last entry for the following attractions:
Solar Tower & Nature Garden: 17:00
Ark Expo: 17:15
Ark Life Education House & Treasure House & Ark Garden: 17:45

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