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Great Wall Chronology

Wall of Different Dynasties Period Length (Mile) Description
Warring States (476 BC - 221 BC) Qi State 685 BC
-645 BC
398.5 miles From the bank of Yellow River to the Yellow Sea in the east
Chu State 656 BC 310 miles Started from the northeast of Dengzhou in Henan Province, northward via the border of Neixiang and Zhenping Counties, eastward along Funiu Mountain to the west of Ye County, and southeastward to Zhongyang Mountain in Qinyang County
Yan State 334 BC Un-
Started from the Taihang Mountain of Hebei Province, arriving at the northeast of Xiong County via Xushui and Anxin Counties, and southward to Ziya River
Qin State(under the reign of King Li Gong) 461BC Un-
Started from the Xiaozhang Village at the foot of Mt. Huashan in Shaanxi Province, northeastward to the bank of Weihe River, westward along the south bank of Luohe River to Pucheng County, and ended at Mt. Huanglong in Baishui County along the west bank of Luohe River
Qin State (under the reign of King Zhao) Un-
Started from the Min County in Gansu Province, northward to the present Lintao County, reached the border area of Tianciwan Village in Jingbian County of Shaanxi Province and Liandaowan Village in Ansai County of Shaanxi Province. From here, the wall branched out into two paths.The first was built eastward along the dividing range of Dali River and Huaining River and ended at Yuhe Village in Yulin City (Shaanxi). The other turned to the north by way of Jingbian County, Yulin City to the west bank of Yellow River, south of Inner Mongolia
Zhao State 333 BC and 300 BC Un-
The Southern Wall was built between Fushui River and Zhangshui River (at today's boundary of Hebei Province and Henan Province)

The Northern Wall started from the border of Mt.Wula and Mt.Langshan, gets to the north slope of Mt. Daqing in the northwest of Hohhot via the south slope of Mt. Yinshan, Wuyuan County (Inner Mongolia) and Guyang County (Inner Mongolia)
Wei State (the west line)
361 BC -352 BC Over 62,137 Started from Mt. Huashan in Shaanxi Province and through to the bank of the Yellow River by way of Weihe River, Dali County (Shaanxi), northward to the Heyin and Hancheng Counties (Shaanxi)
Wei State (the south line) Un-
Started from today's Yuanyang County in Henan Province, and ended at Mixian County (Henan) via Yangwu County (Henan) and east of Zhengzhou
Qin Dynasty(221 BC - 206 BC) The west line 214 BC 3,107 Started from the Minxian County in Gansu Province, and ended at the south bank of the Yellow River by way of Lintao County (Gansu), Jingbian County (Shaanxi), Hengshan Mountain, Yulin City (Shaanxi) and Tuoketuo County in Inner Mongolia
The north line 214 BC Started from the west section of Mt. Yinshan and ended at the mouth of today's Qingchuan River in North Korea by way of the north slope of Mt. Daqing, Jining County in Inner Mongolia, Zhangyi County (Hebei), Fushun and Benxi Cities (Liaoning)
Western Han (206 BC - 24) 205 BC 6,214 The first emperor (Liu Bang) ordered the restoration of the Qin Great Wall
130 BC Emperor Wu (Liu Che) ordered restoration on a larger scale
121 BC The emergence of Wuwei and Jiuquan Counties. Lingjusai, the first section of the Hexi Great Wall, started at the west bank of the Yellow River in today's Yongdeng County (Gansu Province) to the Jinta County in northern Jiuquan City along the Hexi Corridor
127 BC Emperor Wu ordered extension of the wall to today's Jiuquan City
111 BC Emperor Wu ordered extension of the wall to Yumen, which was the second section of the Hexi Great Wall
102 BC Emperor Wu ordered to build the wall from Yumen to Luobupo in Xinjiang, which was the third section of the Hexi Great Wall
Northern Wei (386 - 534) 423 621 Started from the northeast of Chicheng County and ended at Mt. Yinshan via Zhangbei County (Hebei), Shangyi County (Hebei), Huade, Shangdu, Wuchuan and Guyang Counties (Inner Mongolia)
Northern Qi (550 - 577) 552 124 Started from today's Lishi County (Shanxi) and ended at today's Wuzhai County (Shanxi) along Mt. Luliang
555 Over 280 Started from Xiakou near Juyongguan Pass and ended at Hengzhou County (today's Datong County in Shanxi Province)
556 932 Started from today's Fenyang County (Shanxi) and stretched to the seashore near Shanhaiguan Pass
557 124 Started from the border of today's Daixian and Shuoxian Counties (Shanxi) and ended at the southwest of today's Lingqiu County (Shanxi)
563 62 Located at today's northwest of Jiyuan County in Henan Province
Sui Dynasty(581 - 618) 581-608 932 Started from the bank of the Yellow River in Ningxia and zigzagged to the coast of Bohai Sea by way of Inner Mongolia, Shanxi and Hebei Provinces
Liao (916 - 1125) 908 Un-
Located at today's Mt. Nanguan in today's Dalian City, Liaoning Province
Jin Dynasty(265 - 420) 1148 Un-
Started from today's Genhe City in Inner Mongolia and ended at the Mt. Kente, Mongolia
Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644) 1368-1644 5,500 Started from Yalu River in Liaoning Province and ended at Jiayuguan Pass in Gansu Province by way of Hebei, Tianjin, Beijing, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, and Ningxia

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