Guangji Bridge

Guangji Bridge, one of the four ancient bridges in China, spans over Han River in Chaozhou of Guangdong Province. It is unique and special in layout and structure. The bridge is composed of two sections of stone beam bridges with 30 bridge pavilions  in the east and west and a section of pontoon bridge in the middle. The pontoon bridge can be put aside for ships to pass through. This is one of greatest creations in China’s history of bridge construction.  

Guangji Bridge, commonly known as Xiangzi Bridge, was originally built in 1171 AD but it has suffered from the ravages of time. Since 2003, it has undergone a four-year comprehensive renovation, and it was reopened in 2007 and soon became a must-see scenic spot in Chaozhou, being located right outside the East Gate of the ancient city.

Pontoon Bridge

In the middle of Guangji Bridge is a pontoon bridge consisting of eighteen shuttle boats. Walking on the the pontoon bridge, you can have a special experience. Due to the need for navigation, the pontoon bridge is put aside at around 17:30 every day, so that the cargo ships can pass through. If you happen to pass by at this time, you can also enjoy the amazing view of “removing bridge to cross river”.

Bridge Pavilions

Guangji Bridge is not only a pavement but also a group of exquisitely-designed and magnificent ancient buildings. There are 30 bridge pavilions which are built on the piers of the bridge. Although all of them are traditional Chinese architectural styles with various forms and different sizes, they are well-proportioned. And the color and material are uniform. On the selection of timber frames, all of them are excellent Pontianak wood.

Iron Bull

The iron bull is an important symbol of Guangji Bridge, expressing people's good wishes for the bridge to be permanent and unimpeded. It is said that the bridge had two iron bulls, one on each side of the bridge. Later, one was washed away by the flood and there is only one iron bull left on the west end of the bridge.

Memorial Archway

There is also a memorial archway on Guangji Bridge – “The people can't forget”, built by Chaozhou people to commemorate their great officer Wujun who cared about people’s lives. This archway on the East Bridge is undoubtedly a highlight of the Guangji Bridge now.

Guangji Bridge Light Show

If you have enough time, it is very recommended to go to Guangji Bridge to watch the light show at 20:00 and 21:00 every night. The light and the pavilions on the bridge complement each other. Together with the reflection of light on Han River, a landscape painting is formed, which is very spectacular. 


How to Get to Guangji Bridge

1. Take the bus line 110 and get off Hanwengongci Station.
2. Take the bus Ancient City Circling Line and get off at Guangjimeng Station.
Admission Fee CNY 20
Free for children below 1.2 meters (1.3 yards)
Opening Time 10:00-17:30 from Monday to Friday
9:00-17:30 on Weekends and Chinese legal holidays
Admission Stops at 17:00 every day

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