Sanshui, Guangdong

Sanshui Facts

Chinese Name: 三水区 (sān shuǐ qū)
Population: 7,194,311
Area: 874.22 square kilometers (337.54 square miles)
Location: in the northwest of Foshan City, Guangdong Province, south China
Area Code: 0757
Zip Code: 528100
GDP (2018): CNY 122.80 billion (USD 16.91 billion) 

Beverage Capital of China

Sanshui District is located in the northwest of Foshan City and the middle of Guangdong Province. It is named after the confluence of three rivers, Xijiang, Beijiang and Suijiang. Because of the excellent water quality and ecological environment of Sanshui, many beverage enterprises, such as Budweiser, Coca Cola and Red Bull, have established production bases here, so Sanshui Guangdong has a good reputation as the beverage capital of China.

Best Places to Visit & Top Things to Do in Sanshui

The highlights of Sanshui travel are ancient buildings and the Lotus World where hundreds of types of lotus can be enjoyed in summer.
 Sanshui Lotus World
It is the largest lotus ecological garden in the world. Visitors can appreciate 480 rare kinds of in the lotus, enjoy large-scale sing and dance, taste "lotus feast" and pick lotus by boat.

 Daqitou Village
With a harmonious layout and unified style, most of the Guoer buildings whose walls look like the handles of the iron wok in Daqitou Village. They were built in the Qing Dynasty (1636-1912). The ancestral temples, towers, sunning grounds, squares, and ponds scattered in the village, showing the characteristics of rural houses in Guangdong Province.

 Sanshui Forest Park
Sanshui Forest Park is a large-scale natural scenic area with well-equipped facilities. There are many pools, lakes and dense forests in the park. The world's largest reclining Buddha, Confucian Temple and Crocodile Themed Zoo are highlights. Here, you can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature, but also have a thrilling Kart race at the racing club.

 Xujiang Ancestral Temple
Xujiang Ancestral Temple is one of the three most influential ancient temples in Guangdong Province. In the scenic area, there are Beidi Temple, Guanyin Temple, Wenchang Temple, Huashan Temple and other temple buildings, which reflect Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism.

Best Time to Visit Sanshui

The best time to visit Sanshui is from May to October as the beautiful lotuses are full in bloom. But the typhoons and thunderstorms are very frequent in summer, June to April. Much attention should be paid to the changes in weather. The annual temperature of Sanshui is about 22C(72F). January is the coldest month of the year while July is the hottest. From April to September, it is the rainy season of Sanshui Guangdong.

Sanshui Weather Forecast



As there is no airport in Sanshui China, travelers need to take a flight to Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport and then take shuttle buses to Sanshui. The shuttle buses depart from 6:05 to 21:35 every 60 minutes, taking 1 hour to Sanshui. It is also very easy to get there from Guangzhou South Railway Station by bullet trains in 45 minutes. 80 minutes are needed by coaches from Guangdong Provincial Bus Passenger Terminal, Jiaokou Bus Passenger Terminal, Haizhu Bus Passenger Terminal to Sanshui.

The inner-city transportation methods include buses and taxis. Visitors can take Tourist Bus 3 to Sanshui Lotus World directly. It takes CNY10 for the first 2.5 km by taxis in Sanshui and CNY2.8/km for the next distance.

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Best Sanshui Food to Try

The local snacks worth to try are Wonton Noodles, Sour Pig's Knuckles, White Radish and Beef Offal, Fried Round Flat Cake, Nine Layer Cake and Steamed Vermicelli Roll.

 Steamed Vermicelli Roll
It is made of rice pulp and traditionally filled with minced meat, fish fillets and shrimps.

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