Districts of Shenzhen

Dapeng New Area, Shenzhen

Guangming District Facts

Chinese Name: 大鹏新区 (dà péng xīn qū)
Population: 200,000
Area: 600 square kilometers (232 square miles)
Location: in the southeast of Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, south China
Area Code: 0755
Zip Code: 518116
GDP (2018): CNY 34.17 billion (USD 5.16 billion)

A Beautiful Coastal District

Dapeng New Area is a special ecological zone in Shenzhen. It is located in the southeast of Shenzhen, surrounded by the sea on three sides and adjacent to Daya Bay on the east, Huizhou City, and Dapeng Bay on the west. Coastal defense culture, Fisheries culture, fishing village culture and Hakka culture are typical intangible cultural heritages in the new area. Dapeng New Area Shenzhen is rich in natural and cultural resources. Dapeng Fortress is one of the top ten cultural scenic spots of Shenzhen. Dapeng New Area has one of the eight most beautiful coasts in China, Xichong Beach. Yangmeikeng Beach is famous for the clean beach and beautiful sea view. Qininag Mountain, the second tallest mountain in Shenzhen, remains lush and unexplored forest. In addition, there are some popular scenic spots such as Dapeng Peninsula National Geopark, Jiaoweichang and Dongshan temple.

Best Places to Visit & Top Things to Do in Dapeng New Area

 Dapeng Fortress
Dapeng Fortress used to be a coastal defense military fortress in southern China in the Ming and Qing Dynasties (1368 - 1912). The three magnificent gates standing in the east, west and south were built of striped stones and blue bricks. Entering the ancient city of Dapeng, you can see the well preserved ancient houses and temples. The narrow winding alleys are paved with bluestone and several majestic General's Offices are orderly distributed.   

 Xichong Beach
The Xichong Beach is located in the south of Nan'ao Peninsula, Dapeng Bay with a total length of about 4 kilometers (2.5 miles). The mountain road of about 2 kilometers (1.2 miles). If you come here, you cannot miss a delightful coastline hiking, which is also the most beautiful and classic hiking route in Shenzhen. Along the route, the marine abrasion landform is well shaped by nature represented by rocks, caves, bridges and pillars. The hiking time is about 3 to 4 hours. When the Daya Bay rises tide or the weather is rainy or windy, it is not suggested that you walk along the beach.

 Yangmeikeng Beach
The blue sea and clean beach and various marine landforms make people feel like they are in the scene of the movie. Therefore it is also a photography paradise for newlyweds to take wedding photos. Here, you can take a yacht or hire a fishing boat to go to sea. The flat coastal road nearby creates excellent conditions for cycling and sightseeing.

 Qiniang Mountain
Qiniang Mountain has seven precipitous and majestic peaks on the mountain, surrounded by the sea on three sides. With the main peak of 867.4 meters (2,845.8 feet) above sea level, it is the second highest mountain in Shenzhen. The forest on the mountains is luxuriant with many rivers streams winding and waterfalls dropping down. Due to the abundant rainfall in Mount Qiniang, the scenery of fog-shouldered mountains varies from minute to minute.

Best Time to Visit Dapeng New Area

The best time to visit Dapeng New Area is from October to April when the weather is pleasant and sunny. The highest temperature is 28℃ (82℉) while the lowest is 14℃ (57℉) at that time. The average temperature of the year is about 23℃ (73℉). The rainy season starts from June and will last for three months and typhoons often occur in July and August. Foggy weather is also often seen in Dapeng New Area Shenzhen.

Dapeng New Area Weather Forecast



Visitors can fly to Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport which is 87 kilometers (54 miles) away from Dapeng New Area Shenzhen. Then take a shuttle bus to Futian Bus Station and then transfer to Express Bus 26. Or visitors can take a bullet train to Shenzhen Railway Station and then take bus E26 or to Shenzhen North Railway Station and then take bus E11 to get there.

Buses and taxis are the main transportation mean in Dapeng New Area Shenzhen. The Shenzhen Metro Lines 8 and 12 will stretch to Dapeng New Area. Visitors can take bus E26 to Shenzhen downtown. It takes CNY 260-270 by taxi to Bao’an Airport, CNY140-150 to Shenzhen Railway Station and CNY180-200 to Shenzhen North Railway Station from central Dapeng.

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Best Dapeng New Area Food to Try

In Dapeng New Area, you cannot miss Rice-flour Noodle, local Poon Choi, Barbecued Chicken, Salted Mitten Crab and Poached Shrimp.

Recommended Restaurants

​ Qingwayuan Restaurant: Barbecued Chicken, Poached Shrimp
Address: No.1, Dawu Alley, East Geat, Dapeng Ancient Town

​ Pengcheng Restaurant: Rice-flour Noodle, Deep-fried Pork
Address: No.21 East Gate Alley, Dapeng Ancient Town

​ Pengcheng Renjia Seafood Restaurant: Barbecued Chicken, Fried Rice with Sea Urchin
Address: No.27, Haibin Road, Jiaoweichang

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