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Guangming District, Shenzhen

Guangming District Facts

Chinese Name: 光明区 (guāng míng qū)
Population: 625,000
Area: 156.1 square kilometers (60.3 square miles)
Location: in the northwest of Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, south China
Area Code: 0755
Zip Code: 518107
GDP (2018): CNY 92.06 billion (USD 13.91 billion)

Shenzhen's New District with Developed Agriculture

Guangming District, located in the northwest of Shenzhen, borders Longhua District on the east, Bao'an District on the west and Dongguan City on the north. Founded in 2018, Guangming District Shenzhen is an ecological high-tech industrial new district. There is the largest pigeon breeding base in Asia, the largest milk export base in China, and the largest Western-style meat production base in Guangdong Province. A good ecological environment and the developed modern agriculture and animal husbandry make the local tourism projects unique. In Guangming District Shenzhen, Guangming Village is a major scenic area with different scenic spots such as Guangming Farm, Happy Countryside, Guangming Golf Club.

Best Places to Visit & Top Things to Do in Guangming District

 Guangming Farm
Located in the northwest of Shenzhen, the Guangming Farm has a large forest, 66,666-acre orchard and a large area of grass, seven reservoirs and many fish ponds. Tourists can climb mountains, pick fruits and vegetables, and feed pigeons and cows here. Or they can go to Jingkou Village to watch traditional martial arts and lion dance performances. Return Pavilion inside the park offers a good view. Visitors can also experience various exciting projects including grass skiing, pulley, bungee jumping and archery at Guangming Grass Skiing Amusement Park.

 Happy Countryside
The Happy Countryside presents different sceneries all year around. The best time to visit is in February. The golden and purplish-red flower sea, which is composed of rape flowers, coreopsis, and cosmos shows a dreamlike landscape. From May to June, the green rice fields and 1,500 sunflowers are eye-catching. In June and August, the red, pink and withe lotus flowers become the leading role. Then, the golden rice fields that rolled like waves across the land from July to October, add more charm to the scenic areas. The rice fields and other flower sea enhance each other’s beauty.

 Guangming Golf Club
Guangming Golf Club is located in the Sports Park Road, only 25 minutes' drive from the downtown area. It integrates the assembly hall, catering, guest room, and gym. The total area of the golf club is 12,000 acre, 27 holes in total, and 9 of which are light courts. There is a beautiful hill court in the mountains where lush trees grow and many flowing streams and rivers shape different sizes of pools, lakes or waterfalls. Therefore, the golf club is received well by the players for the challenging design, high-quality lawn, elegant club, first-class management and first-rate service.

Best Time to Visit Guangming District

The best time to visit Guangming District Shenzhen is February to April, July to August and September to October. From February to April, the Guangming Village deserves a visit that flowers planted at Happy Countryside are all blooming with an average of 25℃ (77℉). From July to October, the rolling golden rice waves and bloomy lotus are highlights of the village. Guangming District China has a mild climate. However, the rainstorms and typhoons are frequent in July and August. And the hot days also focus on this period and the temperature can be as high as 35 ℃ (95℉).

Guangming District Weather Forecast



Visitors can fly to Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport and then take bus M387 to Guangming District Shenzhen. It is very convenient to get to Guangming District by bullet train. Visitors can get to Guangming District by taking bus E28 from Shenzhen North Railway Station. Take Bus 1 and get off at Convention center Stop and then take K578 at Great China International Exchange Square Stop from Shenzhen Railway Station.

The inner-city transportation means are composed of Metro Line 6, buses and taxis. Visitors can take K578 to the central area of Shenzhen. It charges CNY80-90 by taxi to Bao’an Airport, taking only 30 minutes. CNY 60-70 is needed from the Guangming District downtown to Shenzhen North Railway. To Shenzhen Railway Station, it costs CNY120-130.

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Best Guangming District Food to Try

Guangming Squab, Guiling Jelly, Gongming Roasted Goose, Bovine Colostrum and Litchi are very popular foods in Guangming District Shenzhen.

Recommended Restaurants

​ Guangming Guesthouse: Braised Pigeon, Bovine Colostrum
Address: No.26, Fazheng Road

​ Taiqing Huangpai Guiling Jelly: Guiling Jelly, Durian Cake, Milk Custard with Mango
Address: Shop 110, Building 1, Hongfashangyu Garden, Gongming Street

​ Xinqiangji Roasted Goose: Roasted Goose, Rice Noodles with Roasted Goose, Barbecued Pork with Rice
Address: No.32 Xiacun Road, Gongming Street

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