Guilin Shopping--Where to Buy

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Guilin Department Store
Location: No.122, Zhongshan Middle Road
This 7-storied building showcases quality products from all over China. This is where the locals and travelers alike enjoy shopping.

Guilin Weixiaotang Department Store
Location: No.187 Zhongshan Middle Road
This complex provides shopping, a beauty salon, bookstore, cafe, food court, children's playground and supermarket.

Hua Zhong Hua Store
Location: Zhongshan Middle Road

Wang Cheng Store
Location: Jiefang East Road

Walking Street on Zhengyang Road in Guilin
Zhengyang Pedestrian Street

Shopping Places for Souvenirs:

Guilin International Tourism Commodity Wholesale City is one of the largest wholesale markets for tourist souvenirs in China. You can find local paintings, stones, root carving as well as Burmese jade ware, Fujian woodcarving, Qingtian stone carving, Yixing clay pot, Suzhou embroidery, and Hunan embroidery.

Every evening, thousands of locals and travelers will rush into the Zhengyang Buxing (pedestrian) Street for shopping, entertainment and dining. The dazzling lights from various shops, the bubbling people, the multifarious goods justify this street's reputation as 'the first street in western China'.

Shopping Places for Jewelry:

Wanya Jewelry Co., Ltd Exhibition Hall
Location: No.211, Lizhong Road
Specialty: Gems, rings, necklace, bracelets, earrings and pendants

Guizhou Yinlong (Silver Dragon) Jewelry Co., Ltd
Location: No.26 Qixing Road (Jewelry Branch) and No. 1 Chuanshan East Road (Pearl Branch)
Specialty: Gold ornaments, jade articles, stone carvings, pearls, crystals and ivory articles.

Gaoxin Jewelry Company
Location: Hi-tech Development Building, Canluan Road
Specialty: Natural gems from around the world, jade articles and golden ornaments.

Zhengyang Pedestrian Street
Zhengyang Pedestrian Street
Yinhai Pearl Company
Location: Guixing Hotel, Qixing Road
Specialty: Pearls

Jubao Ge
Location: No.18 Longyin Road
Specialty: Jewelry production and sales. Professional appraisers appreciate jewelry for customers.

Rundong Jewelry Company
Location: No.7 Dongjiang Road
Specialty: Natural gems and golden ornaments. Natural jade articles feature ethnic color.

Ziyuan Pearl Company
Location: No.35 Xishan Road
Specialty: Over 600 different creations from pearls such as pearl necklaces, bracelets, rings, ties, etc.

Longquan Shuijing Gong
Location: No.2 Zhongshan South Road
Specialty: Over 700 series of natural crystal like necklace, bracelet, rings, balls and glassware.

Jiashan Pearl Shop
Location: No.5 Taohuajiang Road
Specialty: Pearl handicrafts

Shopping Places for Paintings and Calligraphy:

Bagui Zhai
Location: No.1 Rong Hu South Road
Specialty: Paintings and calligraphy works and souvenirs.

Guangxi Normal University Arts Shop
Specialty: Paintings, calligraphy works, and the "four treasures of the study", i.e. writing brush, ink stick, ink slab and paper. Handicrafts, jewelry and jade articles are also sold here.

Guilin Antique Shop
Location: No.2 Shahu North Road
Specialty: Old paintings, calligraphy works, chinaware, jade articles, handicrafts, etc. There are four branches, namely, Wenyuan Ge, Jubao Tang, Yilin Ge, and Yang Shuo County branches.

Guilin Museum Paintings and Calligraphy Works Shop
Location: Fl.1, Guilin Museum
Specialty: Paintings, calligraphy works, the four treasures of the study, jewelry, jade articles, handicrafts made of bamboo, wood, stone, cotton and silk, duplicates, rubbings and archaized paintings and calligraphy works.

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