Festivals of Minority Ethnic Groups in Guizhou

Chinese Name Festival Minority Date in 2024 Location Activities
新年 New Year Festival Dong Feb. 10 - 12 Liping Worship ancestors, antiphonal singing, Dong Opera
跳花坡 Tiaohuapo Miao Feb. 17 Liuzhi Lusheng dance, antiphonal singing
芦笙节 Lusheng Festival Miao Feb. 25 - Mar. 1 Villages of Zhouxi Town, Kali City Lusheng dance, antiphonal singing, bullfight
跳花坡 Tiaohuapo Miao Mar. 24 Nankai, Shuicheng Lusheng dance, antiphonal singing
姊妹节 Sister's Meal Festival Miao Apr. 23 - 25 Shidong, Taijiang East sister's meal,  wooden drum dance, festival market
四月八 Siyueba Miao May 15 Huangping County, Songtao County Lusheng dance, antiphonal singing
龙船节 Dragon Boat Festival Miao Jun. 10 - 12 Shidong Dragon boat race, local market
六月六 Liuyueliu Bouyei Jul. 11 Zhenfeng Singing competition, play bamboo leaves 
芦笙节 Lusheng Festival Gejia Oct. 28 Chong'an Antiphonal singing, Lusheng dance, festival market
芦笙节 Lusheng Festival Miao Oct. 29 Gulong Antiphonal singing, bullfight, Lusheng dance
新年 Miao New Year Festival Miao November Leishan Lusheng dance, antiphonal singing
Girls of Miao Nationality Lusheng Dance Blow Lusheng, a kind of music instrument of Miao Nationality
Chinese Name Festival Minority Date in Chinese Lunar Calendar Location Activities
跳场 Tiaochang Festival Miao Jan.9 Tongmuling Village, Huaxi District, Guiyang City Lusheng Dance
地戏节 Dixi Festival Bouyei Jan.15 Villages of Huaxi District, Guiyang City Sing Local Opera
翻鼓节 Fangu Festival Miao February Qinglang Village, Qingman Town, Kali City Beat Wooden Drum, Blow Lusheng
三月三 Sanyuesan Dong Mar.3 Baojing Town, Zhenyuan County Antiphonal Singing, Lusheng Dance
踩歌堂 Caigetang Festival Miao Jun.6 Jinbao Town, Zhenyuan County Antiphonal Singing
Chixin Festival of Miao Nationality Bullfight, one main activity of Miao festivals Lusheng Dance
跑马节 Paoma Festival Miao June Guading Town, Kali City Horse Race,   Antiphonal Singing
吃新节 Chixin Festival Miao June Villages of Panghai Town, Kali City Eat New Rice, Celebrate Harvest
爬坡节 Papo Festival Miao Jun.19 Xianlu Mountain of Kali City Lusheng Dance, Antiphonal Singing
查白歌节 Chabaige Festival Bouyei Jun.21 Chabai Town of Xingyi City Antiphonal Singing, Play Yu-kin, Dance
七月半 Qiyueban Miao Jul.13 Outskirts of Kali City Lusheng Dance, Horse Race,   Bullfight
七月半(吃新) Chixin Festival Miao July Zhouxi Town and Qingman Town of Kali City Eat New Rice, Assemble
Miao Girls, Lusheng Festival Dragon Boat Race on Dragon Boat Festival Dixi Festival
重阳节 Double Ninth Festival Miao Sep.9 Qingman Town of Kali City Blow Lusheng, Bullfight, Horse Race
斗牛节 Bullfight Festival Miao September Yongxi
(A Miao Village)
Bullfight, Horse Race, Antiphonal Singing, Dance
苗年 New Year of Miao Miao October Zhouxi Town, Guading Town, Kali City Blow Lusheng, Bullfight, Horse Race, Beat Drum
端节 Duan Festival Shui October Sandu County, Dushan County, Dujun City Ancestor Worship, Horse Race,  Celebrate Harvest
侗年 New Year of Dong Dong End of Oct. to Beginning of Nov. Rongjiang County Lusheng Dance, Bullfight, Lantern Fair
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Questions & Answers on Guizhou Ethnic Festivals
Asked by Rintz from AUSTRALIA | Oct. 30, 2016 04:57Reply
Hi, when is the sister's meal festival in Guizhou on for 2017?
And which day is it best to go? Day 1 or Day 2 in Shidong? I really want to take photos of the girls in their big silver neck-pieces/necklaces.

Answers (3)
Answered by Ava from USA | Oct. 31, 2016 04:51

The festival lasts from April 11 to 13th, 2017. You may go there on April 11 or a little early. Have fun! :)
Answered by Rintz from AUSTRALIA | Oct. 31, 2016 05:06

Thanks Ava! But isn't April 12 in Shidong where the dances take place i.e. The girls with the silver necklaces dance? I might only be able to make Day 2 is April 12v will I get to see much? Thank you!
Answered by Ava | Nov. 01, 2016 01:04

Certainly! The festival last three days: April 11, April 12, and April 13. April 12 is a good day to see the girls with silver necklaces dance. Have fun! :)
Asked by Kate from UNITED KINGDOM | Jun. 05, 2016 04:13Reply
Where exactly is the dragon boat race held in Guizhou? How can I get there from Guiyang?
Answers (1)
Answered by Mike from CHINA | Jun. 05, 2016 04:27

During Jun. 8-9, grance dragon boat races will be held in the Daming Biancheng, Tongren. You can take a direct bus from Guiyang Jinyang Bus Station to Tongren first within 5h. Then take a taxi to the scenic spot for the race.
Asked by Leslye from USA | Oct. 20, 2013 07:30Reply
Which festival in Guizhou is the best one to go to for photography?
Answers (1)
Answered by Linda | Oct. 25, 2013 02:16

The Spring Festival, Sanyuesan Festival in April and Duan Festival are the best time to take pictures.
Asked by Van de Ven from BELGIUM | Sep. 10, 2012 02:23Reply
Tiaochuacha festival of the longhorn miao in Longga
Can you tell me when the Tiaohuacha festival from the Longhorn miao in Longga is planned in 2013 ? Thank you
Answers (1)
Answered by Cathy | Sep. 10, 2012 22:09

It is probably on 18th, February, 2013.
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