Taiwan Nightlife

With more and more people wishing to stay up late at night, there are many public places of entertainment in Taiwan which stay open to midnight or are open round the clock to meet needs of 'night owls'. In fact, round the clock operated stores or shops extend to almost every industry in Taiwan. You can find them located in some featured business districts, so making these a good choice for your nightlife. Usually, weekend nights will convey to you a wonderful impression of Taiwan's liveliest nightlife.


Some large-scale department stores operate round the clock, especially recommended is the CP City Living Mall.

Taipei Night Market

Night Market

Undoubtedly, we can conclude that the local people have an excellent choice of places to eat, as indicated by the various, scattered restaurants and night markets on this island; So you won't need to worry where to find delicious food in Taiwan, even if you feel hungry at midnight.

Besides, as a distinguishing feature of Taiwanese nightlife, the night market is always the most favored place and an ideal choice to experience the regular daily life of the locals.

The Taipei Shilin Night Market, near the Taipei Metro Chientan Station, is the largest and the most popular market and is also a special one because you can not only find tasty snacks but also some fashionable clothes as well as some unique personal adornments there.

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Watching films at a cinema in Taiwan is really a special kind of enjoyment. Firstly, the surroundings are comfortable and the sound quality is excellent.
Secondly, there are various films which are the latest shown, simultaneously on the international cinema scene, for you to choose from.
Lastly, but not least, you can view the movies late at night because the cinemas offer screenings even at midnight everyday.

Karaoke TV

Xining Branch: 62, Xining S. Rd, Taipei
Songlong Branch: 1F, B1, 327, Song Long Rd. Taipei
Jingmei Branch: 403, Roosevelt Rd. Sec. 6, Taipei


Eslitebooks is a 24-hour bookstore with enjoyable surroundings in which to read the books. The 24-hour service is open to meet the requirements of the local people who love books, and it is very popular in Taiwan.
If you are a book lover, the Eslitebook Store should not be missed when you are in Taiwan.

Tun Hua Branch: 2F, 245, Tun-Hua S. Rd., Sec. 1, Taipei
Xin Yi Branch: 1F, 2, Xinyi Rd. Sec.5, Taipei
Zhongshan Branch: 2F-3F, 34, Zhongshan N. Road, Section 7, Taipei

After a day's touring, what better way to end the day than to experience the colorful nightlife which is really a charming part of Taiwan that certainly must not be missed.

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Questions & Answers on Nightlife in Taiwan
Asked by Ms.tan from SINGAPORE | Nov. 24, 2010 11:53Reply
hi are there any recommended clubs or pubs for young people around 20? what are their prices around? thanks!
Answers (1)
Answered by Mr.Kevin | Nov. 25, 2010 03:23

Spin Pub at underground, 91, Heping East Road, Daan District is famous in Taipei. Yong People are gatherng together here. The price is at least TWD100.
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