Top 10 Things to Do in Taiwan

Taiwan is a treasure island with countless beautiful landscapes, unique folk customs, toothsome snacks, and many others. So, there are many things to do in Taiwan for tourists, like appreciating beautiful natural scenery, savoring various delicacies at night markets, and enjoying sunshine on seaside beaches. Below is a list of best things to do in Taiwan from the locals.


Appreciate Night Views from Taipei 101

Taipei 101 is the highest building and landmark of Taipei, even the whole Taiwan Island. Standing before the windows of the observatory on this skyscraper, you’ll see the whole city under your feet. Like looking down to the earth from the sky, the buildings with bright lights on ground are small. It’s a shocking and surprising scene beyond words, and everyone come here would marvel at the dazzling beauty. Therefore it no doubt is among the top things to do in Taiwan.

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A Leisurely Stroll along Tamsui Old Street and Sunset at Tamsui River

Not far from Taipei, Tamsui is an old port town in the estuary of Tamsui River, which has always been one of the most beautiful places in Taiwan. For any couples and lovers, appreciating sunset at the Fisherman’s Wharf by Tamsui River is a must do in Taiwan. After that, you may have a leisurely stroll along the river to reach Tamsui Old Street to taste various local snacks, appreciate old houses and buy fashion clothes, toys and varieties of sundry goods.

Seaside Holiday in Kenting

Enjoying a leisurely holiday in Kenting is also one of the best things to do in Taiwan. Located in the southernmost part of Taiwan, Kenting is not cold even in winter and is praised to be oriental Hawaii benefiting from its clear sky, blue sea, and scenic coastal views. You may bath under the sunshine, stroll on the soft beaches, play watersports and speed along the coast by moto heartily. In April, the lively music festival cheers the place up to the full extent.

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Ride Old Train on Pingxi Railway

Pingxi Railway is the oldest railway in Taiwan and the old trains running along it are painted with colorful patterns, which is rarely seen elsewhere, so it is an unmissable thing to do in Taiwan. To get on the train, you may take a train from Taipei to Ruifang and then change to the old train to Jingtong. On the way, you would go through several old villages, making you feel like travelling to the past. Houtong, also called Cat Village, is a distinctive station on the railway line. You will see quite many cats and cat-like things there. Shifen Station is very busy and many people make wishes and fly the sky lanterns into the air. Pingxi and Jingtong stations are also noted for the old-timey railway lines.

Gourmet Tour at Night Markets

A full list of Taiwan things to do cannot exclude these night markets. They are the busiest and liveliest place in Taiwan, and the snacks of Taiwan, China mainland even the world are gathered. If you want to feed your stomach with the most delicious food, these night markets will never let you down. In Taipei, Ningxia Night Market, Shilin Night Market and Raohe Street Night Market might be the best to try Oyster Omelette, Shanghai Pot-Fried Buns, spring rolls, Fried Squids, and so on. In Taichung, Fengjia Night Market is the best. Wenhua Road Night Market in Chiayi, Flower Night Market in Tainan, Liuhe Night Market in Kaohsiung... are all nice to glut your appetite as well as to experience local night life.
Taipei National Palace Museum collects some of the best Chinese relics, which are comparable to those in the Forbidden City in Beijing. The priceless treasures, nearly 700,000 masterpieces in total, are on display inside the archaistic architecture. If you are a culture or art enthusiast, Taipei National Palace Museum is a must Taiwan thing to do. You will see a wide variety of authentic calligraphy works, ancient paintings, bronze wares, jades, ceramics, carvings, enamels, embroidery and silk, books and records in Manchurian, Mongolian or Tibetan, etc., which would widen your horizon of Chinese civilization.
Sun Moon Lake is the largest lake on Taiwan Island suitable for visit all year around, thus going there becomes one of the top things to do in Taiwan. Divided by an islet, the northern part of the lake looks like the round sun while the southern part is like a new moon, hence the name. You can enjoy oriental cherry blossoms in late winter and early spring, seek for coolness in summer, appreciate colorful leaves in autumn and full moon on Mid-Autumn Festival. There is also the plum and lotus garden, and the peacock garden with peacocks and fowls by the lake.

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Shopping at Bustling Business Districts

In the busiest downtown areas of Taiwan, there are always department stores, shopping plazas and various shops full of world-famous or local brands. They are the best places to shop for the most fashionable and stylish clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and so on. Even if you don't buy anything, just hanging out around is a kind of enjoyment. In addition to shopping, various foods and exotic Taiwanese street culture are also the appealing points in these districts. Here are some of them: Hsimending, Zhongxiao Road and Xinyi Districts in Taipei; Sanduo District in Kaohsiung; and Jingming 1st Street in Taichung.

Cycle around Taiwan Island

To go cycling around the large island, to enjoy the most beautiful Taiwan in person. The winding coasts, rough waves, green mountains, vide fields, endless roads... would be seen on your cycling trip. Counted to be about 1,127km (700mi) long along the coast line, the trip may take 9-11 days to complete. In the western part, you could enjoy the local cultural vibes, and in the east, the natural beauties are more charming. Starting off from Taipei, you could go through white Kaohsiung Lighthouse, beaches in Kenting, Ngoluanpi Park at the southernmost corner, Bolang Road with immense rice field, Suao-Hualien Scenic Highway against the cliffs and the sea, Seven Star Lake, Old Caoling Tunnel, etc. anticlockwise. In winter, cycling clockwise is better for you’ll go downwind.

Hot Spring Bathing

Taiwan is rich in hot springs, and the tradition of having a hot spring bath formed. These hot springs are also best things in Taiwan, helping relieve fatigue on your journey. Especially in autumn and winter, it’s a pleasant thing to do in Taiwan to enjoy a bath in a hot spring pool. The hot springs on Mt. Yangming, Beitou Hot Spring Resort in Taipei, Chihpen Hot Springs in Taitung, Taroko Wenshan Hot Springs in Hualien... are the most popular on the island.
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