Taiwan Attractions

 Ali Mountain
 Mt. Yangming
 Jade Mountain (Mt. Yushan)
 Sun Moon Lake
 Taipei National Palace Museum

Tianhou Palace, Taiwan
Tianhou Palace

Taiwan is called Treasure Island for its beautiful natural sights and abundant products.

With a fluctuant landform and its characteristic landscapes, the island has become a highly popular destination and is especially renowned for its grand mountains. If you will visit just one of these mountains, you should make it Jade Mountain, which has the highest peak in the northeastern Asia. The second choice should be Mt. Yangming, which boasts of volcanic sights, natural valleys, waterfalls, hot springs and a lot of flower and plant varieties. It is the largest and most beautiful natural area, being one of the four famous parks in Taiwan.

Ali Mountain and Sun Moon Lake are the most noted scenic areas that are dreamed to go by all visitors willing to Taiwan. Ali Mountain is indeed the general name of eighteen hills, famous for its five rare sites including the Sunrise, Forest Railway, Sacred Tree, Grand Sea of Clouds and the Flamboyant Cheery Blossom. Getting its name for the resemblance as a rhombus-shaped sun in the north section and a crescent in the south, the Sun Moon Lake (Ri Yue Tan) is the largest natural lake on the island, located between Jade Mountain and Ali Mountain.

Seashore sightseeing is an activity not to be missed in Taiwan. Its west coastline is gently sloping and holds many fine bathing beaches. The surf and wind have eroded the seaboard bays and capes, wind has blasted rocks, and marine erosion has shaped the landform; together creating glamorous seashores for visitors' aesthetic enjoyment.

Additionally, various cultural relics enrich the sightseeing resources even further. National Palace Museum collects tens of thousand culture relics from the Palace Museum in Beijing, Shenyang Imperial Palace in Liaoning and Rehe Imperial Palace (today's Mountain Resort and Its Outlying Temples of Chengde) in Hebei.

Apart from the majestic mountains, green forests, bright sunshine, beautiful seacoast and splendid cultural and historical sights, you can also enjoy a modern Taiwan and its friendly people. Gaoshan ethnic group accounts for over 300,000 of Taiwan's total population and its nine tribes have their own features. Comfortable weather, convenient transportation and superior facilities are also valuable chips for local tourism.

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