Taiwan Shopping

Taiwan is called 'Treasure Island' because it is abundant in both natural and cultural resources. Because of its island location and its history, Taiwan features specialties with a unique local flavor. Besides, there are many commercial districts in Taiwan, where one can find various theme department stores, entertainment facilities and restaurants. Now follow me to experience the enjoyment of shopping in Taiwan.

Local Products

Dong Ding Oolong Tea

Produced in the Dong Ding Mountain, Nanton County, Taiwan, Dong Ding Oolong Tea is a treasure in locals' eyes and very popular among tea connoisseurs. Owning to its natural flavor and a complex and elaborate processing technique, this oolong tea tastes sweet and mellow. It will be a perfect present for your relatives and friends.

Seaweed Carpet

Seaweed carpet from Taiwan is not as durable as woolen carpet, but it can be purchased by ordinary families at a reasonable price. Besides functioning as a dust catcher and sound insulator, it exhibits an artistic appearance as well.

Oil-paper Umbrella

The whole process of making an oil-paper umbrella is a handicraft. After the kraft paper is covered by tung oil, it will be rainproof, durable, and nice-looking. It is not only a necessity when it is raining, but also an artistic decoration for your room or a fine present for your friend.

Local Foods

Sausage from Tainan, oyster cooked with local flavors from Changhua and Chiayi, and local dasheen are very popular in Taiwan. Savor the foods peculiar to this locality while you are here.

It is well known that Taiwan is a paradise for buyers as well. Now I want to share some must-visit commercial districts with great reputation.

Zhongciao Road Commercial District

Pacific SOGO Department Store is a must-visit store for females because of the many attractive cosmetic counters. You can find almost every world famous brand of cosmetic here.
Address: 45, Sec. 4, Chung Hsiao E. Road, Taipei City
Opening hours: 11:00 to 21:30

CP City Living Mall is a 24-hour shopping mall popular among night owls. If you have no time to shop in daytime, or you are feeling energetic at night, CP City Living Mall is an ideal choice.
Address: 138, Bade Rd. Sec. 4, Taipei

Xinyi Commercial District

New life Square, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi
Address: 12 & 19, Sung Kao Road and 11 & 9, Sung Shou Road, Taipei

New York New York will satisfy your needs with sci-fi design and style
Address: 12, Sung Shou Road, Taipei

Taipei 101 is easy to find since it is a new landmark of Taipei City and will surely catch your eye.

Taipei Hsimending Commercial District

Different from other commercial districts, stores located in Hsimending all feature distinctly Japanese styles. Fashionable clothes stores, discs shops and cinemas attract crowds of young men on weekends and holidays. You may have a chance to meet some popular Chinese stars here!

Tai Chung Chingming First Street with many European style stores is an ideal place to show your bargaining ability. Frequently there are multiple stalls with the vendor's exquisite handicrafts laid out for sale. If you are good at haggling, you must visit Chingming First Street to buy your favorites at a reasonable price.

With a variety of stores full of tempting products always before your eyes, you can buy whatever you want here in Taiwan, if you don't have a budget to consider.

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