Tianjin Area Code & Zip Code

Area Code Zip Code   Area Code Zip Code
Heping District 22 300000   Hedong District 22 300000
Hexi District 22 300000 Nankai District 22 300000
Hebei District 22 300000 Hongqiao District 22 300000
Dongli District 22 300000 Xiqing District 22 300000
Jinnan District 22 300000 Beichen District 22 300000
Wuqing District 22 301700 Baodi District 22 301800
Binhai New Area 20 300450 Ninghe County 22 301500
Jinghai County 22 301600 Jixian County 22 301900

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 Selected Questions and Answers:

 Asked by Mr. JINO (USA)
I need tainjin development area zip code

  Answered by James
It is 300457.

  Asked by Mr.Andrew Leow(Australia)
I'll be staying at Orange Hotel at 7 Xing An Road, Nan Kai Road. Is this hotel located near the Food Street? As I'll be catching a 8.20am flight from Bin Hai Airport, is there any shuttle bus from near Orange Hotel to Bin Hai Airport? How much will it cost to travel by taxi to Bin Hai Airport from Orange Hotel? Is there any hotel located near 113 Nanjing Lu, where the airport bus is located? Is Nanjing Lu near to Food Street?

 Answered by Mr. Shan
Yes, this hotel is not very far from the Nanshi Food Street and Heping Commercial Street. You could walk to there or take buses to reach the streets easily!

As your flight will take off early in the morning, it is suggested that you hire a taxi to the airport. The journey is about 40 minutes and costs about 50RMB.

  Asked by Mr. pum (Thailand )
Hi there, i'll be going to Tianjin 4 feb 2010, is snow falling during the beginning of feb? and if i want to stay in city center, what the area name? i'll go with my mother,she's 50 years old, is it convenience? Thanks

 Answered by Mr. Colin
Heping District. Nankai is also ok to stay. It may snow in Feb, you can see the weather forecast before going. No problem for go with your monther. Enjoy~

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