Tourism Festivals in China


 1. Harbin Ice and Snow Festival

Date: January 5 to February 5
Place: Harbin, Heilongjiang Province

Activities: All the activities that are closely related to ice can be seen at the Harbin Ice Snow Festival. Children enjoy themselves in the maze made of ice, go ice sliding board and do much more. Visitors have the chance to appreciate various ice lanterns and delicate snow sculpture works. During the festival all kinds of competitions are also held including swimming, ice hockey, speed, alpine and cross-country skiing and a motorbike match held on the ice. In addition, all kinds of exhibitions are held displaying painting, calligraphy and photographs.

Wedding ceremonies that are held on ice during the festival make it a unique occasion. During the evening the sky is decorated with fireworks adding colour and mythology to this spectacular ice and snow world on the Earth. The festival is a combination of snow culture, sports and trade. Everyone can enjoy themselves to their heart's content in this snow and ice world.

Ice Sliding, Harbin Ice and Snow Festival
Ice Sliding, Harbin Ice and Snow Festival
Ice Lanterns, Harbin Ice and Snow Festival
Ice Lanterns, Harbin Ice and Snow Festival
 2. Spring Festival Flower Fair

Date: the 28th to the 30th of the 12th lunar month
Place: Guangzhou, Guangdong Province

Activities: Guangzhou is renowned as a city of flowers. When the traditional Chinese New Year (Spring Festival) comes, the flower fair usually attracts many people in addition to the appreciative eyes of the Guangzhou citizens. Flower peasants transport different colourful flowers into the city selling them along the street. Not only are the streets decorated with beautiful flowers but flower exhibitions are held in the city's parks. Crowds of people, both young and old, stroll along the streets to buy their favorite flowers to decorate their homes or just appreciate the blooms. Over many years, the festival has become a traditional event for the citizens of Guangzhou.


 Lantern Festival in Zigong Sichuan

Date: early February to early March
Place: Zigong City, Sichuan Province

Activities: Originating in the Tang (618-907) and Song (960-1279) Dynasties, it has been enjoyed by the people in China and those across the World. Thousands of lanterns, including hundreds of comparatively large ones and thousands of art ones, are exhibited during the festival. Among all the beautiful lanterns, the 'dragons' made of porcelain tableware and 'peacocks' made of glass drug bottles, are the most distinctive ones. Some of the lanterns are created delicately with bamboo strips and thin silk and are a delight for visitors' eyes. All the lanterns are well painted and come in a variety of shapes and, with the addition of lights, sound and movement matched to different lanterns, they become alive and take on a life of their own.

Colorful Lanterns
Colorful Lanterns in the Lantern Festival
Lanterns with various shapes in the Lantern Fair
Lanterns with various shapes

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