Tourism Festivals in China


 1. Hainan International Coconut Festival

Coconut palms in Haikou, Hainan
Coconut palms in Haikou, Hainan
Date: during the first 10 days of April (around the third day of the third lunar month)
Places: Haikou City , Wenchang County, Tongshi City and Sanya City in Hainan Province

Activities: As the coconut is the symbol of Hainan Province, the annual Hainan International Coconut Festival has of considerable significance. Four major sites host visitors for the different colorful activities. In Haikou City, one street shows off a diverse display of coconut lamps. In the coconut county of Wenchang, fresh coconuts are fully prepared and waiting for you to have a taste. Wedding ceremonies and ancestor worshipping ceremonies of the Li, and Miao ethnic minorities can be seen in the traditional Sanyuesan Festival (held on the third day of third lunar month) in Tongshi City. In addition, the visitor can watch the International Dragon Boat Festival and Martial Arts Contests.

  2. Luoyang Peony Fair

Date: April 15 to 25
Places: Luoyang City, Henan Province

Activities: Luoyang is a city famous for its varieties of peonies. Following over 1,500 years of planting history, there are now over 610 varieties. Compared with the peonies in other provinces, the Luoyang peony is famous for its grand size and the diversity of the varieties. During the festival, visitors can admire these unique peonies in parks. Some show hundreds of petals piled one on top of another, some show an original blossom that has lasted a hundred days, and some have two-color petalled flowers in the same plant and some two-color petals in the same flower. While appreciating such beautiful flowers, visitors can also immerse themselves in the fragrance of the peonies.

Other traditional activities such as lantern display, calligraphy and painting, and photo exhibitions are also held making the Peony Fair into a much larger attraction.

  3. Weifang International Kite Festival

Date: April 20 to 25
Place: Weifang City, Shandong Province

Activities: Been held since 1984, it contains a wide variety of activities. With a long Chinese kite-making history and renowned for outstanding craftsmanship, the kites in Weifang are famous all over the World. So deservedly, Weifang gets the reputation as 'the World Kite Capital' with the head office of the International Kite Federation based here. During the festival, representatives from over 30 countries and regions attend, in which each country shows its excellent kites in competition. Activities during the event include the opening ceremony, international kite competition, and a chance to visit the Weifang Kite Museum (the largest kite museum in the world) and villages of the middle Shandong Province. Every year the festival brings together people from different parts of the World to admire the unique and colorful kites.

  4. Chang'an Annual lnternational Calligraphy Meeting

A calligraphy show at Shu Yuan Men, Xi'an
A calligraphy show at Shu Yuan Men, Xi'an
Date: last week of March
Place: Xi'an, Shaanxi Province

Activities: Changan (Xi'an) is a place from which many well-known calligraphists have come in great numbers and a place that has the most calligraphic masterpieces. It has the deserved reputation as the home of Chinese calligraphy. The Chang'an International Calligraphy Meeting was first held in 1986 and attracted many famous calligraphists from both home and abroad. Now it has become a grand annual event in which the calligraphists interchange their writing skills and make friends. During the meeting, all kinds of ceremonies, calligraphy exhibitions of the famous calligraphists and the outstanding four treasures (writing brush, ink, ink stone and paper) of the study show are displayed. Visitors can also visit the Forest of Stone Steles Museum and several other places of note.

  5. Fujian Mazu Festival

Date: 23rd of the third lunar month and 9th of the ninth lunar month
Place: Meizhou Island, Putian, Fujian Province

Activities: It is held to commemorate Mazu who was born in the Song Dynasty (960 - 1279). During her life she would help the people cure disease and forecast the weather to help the fishermen avoid the danger of typhoon. Many believed that she could bring good luck to others. After her death (9 th day of the ninth lunar month), people built a temple to honor Mazu and to show their respect and gratitude to her. As the 23 rd day of the third lunar month is Mazu's birthday, many people also celebrate this day. Every year during this period, thousands of local people go to the Mazu temple to worship her. In addition, local crafts are exhibited, folk songs and dances are performed and local tempting Fujian dishes can be tasted.

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