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2 Days Hanzhong Culture Appreciation

Day 1 Wuhou Temple – Tomb of Wuhou

Hanzhong city is situated in the southwest of Shaanxi province. Embraced by the Qinling Mountains in the north and Bashan Mountains in the south, Hanzhong boasts beautiful natural sceneries and is the host of many ancient cultural relics and historic sites of long standings. The time-honored city was the birthplace of the Han Dynasty, and it also served as the main battlefield between the kingdoms of Wei and Shu during the Three Kingdoms Period (220-280). With its unique tourist resources, Hanzhong attracts more and more visitors both from home and aboard.
Tomb of Marquis Wu, Hanzhong City
It is quite easy and convenient to reach Hanzhong from Xi'an. More than 70 high-speed trains depart from Xi'an North Railway Station to Hanzhong each day, with the earliest departure time being 6:50 and the latest at 21:35. The train runs from one hour and ten minutes to one and a half hours, and the second-class ticket costs CNY97. In Hanzhong, we recommend the four-star Post Hotel, located in the middle of Tianhan Road. After arriving at Hanzhong Station, you can take bus No. 16, No. 8 or No. 1 to Xiangruixiang Station and then walk for a few minutes to your hotel.

You can also take Long-distance Bus from Xi'an to Hanzhou. Take a bus No. 18, 203, 210, 30, 401, 46, 219, 408, 908, 525, or 920 to Xi'an South Long-distance Bus Station (Xi'an Cheng Nan Coach Station), and then connect a coach to Hanzhong City. The coach runs every 30 - 50 minutes from 07:20 to 18:50 every day. The trip takes 3.5 hours and costs CNY 89 per person. The Hanzhong Bus Station is located in the city center, which is only 1 km north of the Post Hotel, and you can either walk or take a taxi to there.
If half day is still available, you can visit the Wuhou Temple (Memorial Temple of Marquis Wu) and the tomb of Wuhou first, which are situated in Mianxian Country of Hanzhong. Wuhou here refers to the outstanding military strategist, Zhugeliang, who served as the prime minister of the Kingdom of Shu of the Three Kingdoms Period. It takes less than an hour by tourist bus at the cost of CNY 10 per person from Hanzhong Bus Station to Mianxian County. Then take a bus No. 3 or a taxi to the temple (Taxi fee: CNY10). The admission fee is CNY 50. Built in 263, the temple is the earliest one in memory of Zhuge Liang in China and the only one that was constructed by order of the emperor.
The tomb of Zhuge Liang is about 4 kilometers away from the temple, and you can take a taxi (CNY 10) to reach the site. Besides the historic significance, the site is surrounded with mountains and rivers that make it a scenic wonderland for tourists. The admission fee is CNY 70. Recommended visiting time is 3 hours. Return to Mianxian County coach station by bus No. 5 and then get on the bus to Hanzhong city.
Day 2 Hanzhong Museum (Ancient Hantai) - Stone Gate National Reservoir Scenic Area
Wuhou Temple, Hanzhong

In the morning, visit the Ancient Hantai, the modern Hanzhong Museum, which is just a few minutes' walk away from your hotel. History has it that Liu Bang established his kingdom in 206 BC in Hanzhong. Finally he consolidated the Han Dynasty, which was named after Hanzhong. The Han Platform was the palace where he had lived. The highlights of Ancient Han Platform not only consist in its exhibits, including the Thirteen Stone Inscriptions, the Baoxie Plank Road, famous calligraphy and painting works, and religious statues, but also in its pleasant garden views. The museum is free of charge but visitors need to get a visit ticket at the ticket office. The museum issues 2,000 tickets each day from Tuesday to Sunday. The business hours are from 08:30 to 17:00 in peak season (March to November), and from 09:00 to 17:00 in low season (December to February).
After lunch, take a bus No. 21 from the museum to the last stop, Hedongdian. Then take a taxi (CNY 10) or just walk northward to Stone Gate National Reservoir Scenic Area. The admission fee is CNY 80 per person. The scenic area is famous for its ancient Stone Gate Plank Road (or the relic site of Ancient Baoxie Plank Road), Stone Gate Thirteen Calligraphy Masterpieces, and the Stone Gate Reservoir. Walking alone the plank road with high mountains and lofty peaks on both sides and the Baohe River flows like a jade ribbon, one could easily imagine the grand features of the original Baoxie Plank Road during the Han Dynasty. The Stone Gate Thirteen Calligraphy Masterpieces also calls people's attention due to the rarity of historical data. It takes about 3 to 4 hours to finish the scenic spot. If you have time, you may try the fish dishes at a local restaurant. Take a bus back to Hanzhong City.
If you are still interested in sightseeing of Hanzhong, you can visit the Nanhu Lake Scenic Spot, Foping National Nature Reserve, and the Crested Ibis National Nature Reserve in Yangxian County. If you have a tight schedule, you may take the high-speed train or the express coach back to Xi'an.
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