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2 Days to Foping Panda Valley

Day 1 Xian - Foping Panda Valley
Giant panda sitting on a tree
Take bus 10, 15, 43, 107, 184, 251, 262, 402, 405, 521, 631, or 800 to Fengqinglu Dongkou, then turn northwards to find Xian City Bus Station and take a coach there to Foping. The bus leaves at 09:00 and you may get off at the entrance of Foping Panda Valley after about 4 hours' ride.

Upon arrival, take a battery car inside the scenic area to a suspension bridge. Go across the bridge and pick the path to the northeast to visit the Golden Monkey Great Canyon. You will pass by the Panda Forest Hotel in the midway. You are suggested to check in the hotel and leave your luggage there.

After visiting the Great Canyon, get back to the suspension bridge and go along the other path to the Panda Homestead. When today's visiting is over, get back to the Panda Forest Hotel to have a good rest.

*Xian-Chengdu High Speed Railway will be opened by the end of September in 2017. At that time, it would only take about one hour to arrive at Foping from Xian North Railway Station.
Golden Monkeys
Highlights of Foping Panda Valley:
1. See the world's only brown-and-white panda
Although there is only one giant panda named Qizai in the Valley, you still won't feel disappointed because Qizai is the only living panda in the world that wears white and brown fur, but its mother is a normal black-and-white panda. Qizai is so active that backpackers can have a large chance to see it somersaulting on the ground or climbing trees. 

2. Feed the golden monkeys by yourself
Besides giant panda, the golden monkey is the other host of the valley. When you arrive at the Golden Monkey Great Canyon, you may find furry monkeys squatting on the tree branches. Some are grooming each other while some sit on the ground looking around. You may have a close contact with these golden monkeys by feeding them under the guidance of the staff. 

3. Spend a night in the panda-themed hotel
Once you get in the Panda Forest Hotel, you may feel being inside the world of pandas for the major tone of the hotel is black and white and you can find patterns of pandas and their footprints as well as bamboo trees ornaments everywhere. Even the corridors were built to resemble narrow caves. 

Foping Panda ValleyCNY 60
Round-trip battery car in the valleyCNY 10
Xian - Foping CoachCNY 60
Panda Forest HotelCNY 550~800 for different room types
Day 2 Foping Panda Valley - Xian
After breakfast, you may check out the hotel and take a battery car back to the gate of Foping Panda Valley by 11:00. Transfer to a public bus to Foping County and get off at Foping Bus Station. There you can catch a coach at around 14:00 back to Xian.

If you want to extend your independent Xian side trip, you may take a coach to Hanzhong from Foping Bus Station and the last bus leaves at 16:00 or so.
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