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Xian One-Day Walking Tour

Xian City Wall
Route: City Wall - Shuyuanmen Cultural Street - Xian Beilin Museum - Xiangzimiao Street - Bell & Drum Tower - City God Temple

Xian is a complete showcase of ancient temples, palaces, as well as tombs and buildings. Follow this Xian walking tour itinerary and immerse yourself in Xian's profound history and culture.

Xian City Wall is the largest and well maintained one in the world. It is recommended that you ascend the City Wall at the South Gate, as the independent one-day walking tour will take it as center. The South Gate can be reached by Subway Line 2 (Yongningmen station), and bus no. 6, 11, 12, 23, 46, 215, 239, 600, 603, 60, etc. at South Gate Station. The admission fee is CNY54; however, it is more economical to buy a combo ticket of CNY100 for the City Wall and Beilin Museum. You may stroll along the flat top of the wall and take in the city view, and you could also look down at the activities of the locals in the parks around the wall. Cycling on the wall is a definitely a plus. It may take around 2 hours cycling the whole circle. You would easily find the bicycle rental point on the wall.

After descending the City Wall from South Gate, you should walk to the Shuyuanmen Cultural Street, which is located in the eastern side of the South Gate. This is an antique street with ancient architecture style in Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) Dynasties. Shuyuanmen won its name because the Guanzhong Shuyuan (central Shaanxi academy, established in the Ming Dynasty), which was one of the leading academies in ancient China was located here. Now there are a lot of shops selling calligraphy items, paper, paintings, jewelers and paper cuts. It is a good place to mooching around.
Bell Tower
At the east of the end of Shuyuanment Street is the famous Beilin Museum (Forest of Stone Steles Museum). This museum holds numerous inscribed tables from past dynasties, on which the history, culture, lifestyle as well as religions of China ancient time were written. It is very interesting to see how Chinese characters varied over times.

On the western side of the South Gate is the Xiangzimiao Street, just opposite the Shuyuanmen Street across the South Street. This street was named after Xiang Zi Temple, a Taoist temple. Xiang Zi, Han is a character in Chinese ancient legend, who became an immortal at last. After passing the old style archway, this street gives a feeling like stepping back in time and revisit the early days of Xian. It is flanked with many exquisite tea houses, bars, galleries and hostels. Many backpack travelers choose staying at hostels there.

Walk back to the South Street, the Bell Tower is just 900 meters (980 yards) northwards. On the top floor of the tower, you will get a nice view of the city center. The combo ticket of the Bell Tower and the nearby Drum Tower is CNY50.

After stepping out from the Drum Tower, walk along the West Street for about a few minutes, you will see a beautiful ancient archway, which is the entrance of the City God Temple. This temple is one of the top three City God temples in ancient China. It has been destroyed several times, and now it is restored very beautifully.

Your one day Xian walking tour is wrapped up when you get back to the Bell Tower area, where you could find subway Line 1 and Line 2 and many buses to every corner of the city. Find your way back to your hotel.
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Questions & Answers
Asked by Chris from VENEZUELA | Jun. 07, 2016 02:36Reply
Admission fee and photo policy
Can you please let us know any details about admission fee and photo policy for this location?
Answers (3)
Answered by Brenda | Jun. 07, 2016 04:19

The admission fee for Cuihua Mountain is CNY70 per person and the fee for Zhashui Karst Caves is CNY82 per person. You can take photos at these two locations.
Answered by Chris from VENEZUELA | Jun. 08, 2016 02:31

Could you please tell if pictures taken at Karst Cave can be used for commercial or editorial purposes? Thank you!
Answered by Brenda | Jun. 08, 2016 03:29

Yes, I think so, as long as the pictures are taken by yourself.
Asked by alvina from INDONESIA | May. 18, 2014 02:09Reply
Is there any tour packages of skiing in cuihua mt resort from bell tower position?
Answers (1)
Answered by Grace | May. 19, 2014 03:30

the ski resort in Cuihua Mt only opens from November to February.
there are tourist buses from Xi'an city to Cuihua Mountain.
Asked by rieng | Dec. 24, 2012 06:49Reply
How much does budget cost for skiing at Cuihua Mt. ski resort?
for example, entrance fee, ski equipment. Is it artificial or real snow?
Do you think there is snow between 12-16 Jan 2013?
Thanks for reply.
Answers (1)
Answered by Kevin | Dec. 24, 2012 05:53

The cost of skiing at Cuihuashan is CNY158 on weekdays and CNY238 on weekend. It includes the entrance fee and ski equipment. It is artificial snow and Jan is a very good time for skiing.
Asked by Rieng | Dec. 16, 2012 08:47Reply
are there many tourists going to ski at Cuihua Mt.?
Answers (1)
Answered by Chris | Dec. 16, 2012 06:29

Cuihua Mt. Ski Resort is the first and biggest one in Xi'an. It is only 20 kilometers away from the city center. Most of the tourists in Xi'an choose to go there for skiing due to its convenient location.
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