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MT06: 7 Days China Tour from Dubai UAE to Shanghai Zhouzhuang Suzhou  Hangzhou
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Day 1 Dubai - Shanghai
Shanghai, the busiest transport hub in eastern China, has a comprehensive transportation network that integrates land, sea and air travel. The developed transportation network offers great convenience for regional and international travel. Over 300 airlines serve the city, directly linking it with more than 20 countries and regions. For travelers who intend to start a China tour from Dubai UAE, you can either take Emirates Airline flight EK302 0250/1530 or EK304 0940/2220 to Shanghai. Both of them are available daily and the flying time is 8 hours & 40 minutes. Apart from the above options, there is also another airline company operating flight from Dubai to Shanghai on Tuesday and Saturday. The company is China Eastern Airlines and the flight schedule is MU756 2030/1215+1. By taking this flight, you will arrive in Shanghai the next day after nearly 12 hours' flying with a short stopover of 2.5 hours at Kunming Airport.

Our guide and driver will get to the airport ahead of your flight arrival. After collecting your luggage, you will see the guide waiting for you outside the baggage claim holding a placard with your name. Transfer to the conveniently located hotel and have the rest day free to recover from jet lag or walk around a bit on your own.

Meals: No meals, advice freely available
Accommodation: Ocean Hotel Shanghai
Day 2 Shanghai
Yuyuan Tourist Mart
Your private Shanghai tour from Dubai starts from the Shanghai Museum today. As one of the most renowned museums in the country, this museum is equipped with advanced safety measures and electronic interpreters for different languages. The museum is not only an open venue to display its rich collection, but also a vital organization for the research and appraisal of cultural relics. Afterwards, we proceed to Yuyuan Garden. Built in 1559AD during the Ming Dynasty, it was originally the private garden of Pan Yunduan, the son of a high-ranking official in the court. The garden is picturesquely laid out with exquisite pavilions, small lakes, little bridges, rockeries and flowers.

We will have an a la carte lunch (valued at CNY150.00 per person and included in our price) at a local popular Islamic restaurant. Continuing our exploration, we move to the Songjiang Mosque, which is the most historical in the city. Founded between 1341AD and 1367AD during the Yuan dynasty, this mosque's architecture was influenced by both Chinese and Arabic styles. Afterwards, we'll take a leisurely walk on the Bund before returning to the hotel. Situated along the western bank of the Huangpu River, the Bund, a 4 kilometer-long waterfront, is thought to be the epitome of the city. Fifty-two buildings with different architectural styles such as Baroque, Gothic, Romanesque, Chinese and Renaissance stand on the bund. Therefore, it is also called "The Museum of International Architecture". The older European buildings contrast with the modern skyscrapers on the east bank of the Huangpu River in Pudong.

Meals: Breakfast, A la carte Islamic lunch
Day 3 Shanghai - Zhouzhuang - Suzhou
Garden of the Master of the Nets, Suzhou
We suggest you have a hearty breakfast at your hotel, since no adequate Islamic restaurant is available for lunch today. We also suggest you bring some snacks in case you get hungry during the day. This morning we will visit the Xiaotaoyuan Mosque. It was a major hub for the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca between 1919 and 1948. Today the mosque receives a great many Muslims including some foreigners during daily prayer services. After that we will drive to Suzhou. En route we will visit Zhouzhuang. As one of the most popular tourist destinations and famous water towns in China, the 900-year-old Zhouzhuang is located within Kunshan City of Jiangsu, very close to Suzhou and Shanghai. It is especially distinguished for its well preserved local residential houses in the Ming and Qing styles, elegant water views, profound history and cultural background. Traditional lifestyle and ancient architecture make it a tranquil place to retreat from the turmoil of the modern world. Check in at the hotel in Suzhou and have a good rest tonight.

Meals: Breakfast
Accommodation: Mercure Hotel (Suzhou Railway Station)
Day 4 Suzhou
Following breakfast at the hotel, we will encounter some rare architectural beauty. Our first stop is the Humble Administrator's Garden, which is the largest among all the Chinese classical gardens in Suzhou. This lush and distinctive garden is generally considered the best in southern region. With well spaced buildings, garden and water views, it possesses the simple, spacious and natural appearances of the Ming dynasty style. Next we move to the Garden of the Master of the Nets. It is the finest of middle and small-sized classical gardens. With finely laid out pavilions, terraces, ponds and rockeries, this garden shows originality in providing wide views in a small confined space. Lunch will be served at an Islamic restaurant.

Then we pay a visit to Tai Pingfang Mosque, which is the only remaining mosque in Suzhou. The mosque holds twelve stone steles from the Ming and Qing dynasties. The last stop for today is Tiger Hill. Located on a low hill in the outskirts of the city, the hill possesses natural beauty and legendary history. It is so named because the hill looks like a crouching tiger from some directions. It attracts visitors with its impressive rocks, deep dales, and matchless scenery that changes with the seasons.

Meals: Breakfast, Islamic lunch
Day 5 Suzhou - Hangzhou
West Lake, Hangzhou
In the morning, ride a high speed train to Hangzhou. The local guide will meet you on time at the railway station. As there are only small, simple Islamic restaurants, we do not arrange any meals for you in Hangzhou. If you do not mind having a simple lunch our guide will take you to one of the Islamic restaurants to have your own lunch.

After a short break at the hotel, we will set out for the Phoenix Mosque. As one of the four oldest mosques in southeast China, the Phoenix Mosque also enjoys a good reputation in Arabian countries. It is noteworthy that its prayer hall is a relic from the Yuan dynasty. Since only Muslims are allowed to enter the mosque, your guide will give you an introduction about the site in advance so that you can enjoy your visit on your own. Our last stop today is the Six Harmonies Pagoda, whose name derives from the Six Buddhist Harmonious Dharmas. It is said that the pagoda was originally built to suppress the tidewater of the Qiantang River. Visitors who pay a visit to the Six Harmonies Pagoda can appreciate not only the magnificent pagoda but also the majestic Qiantang River. 

Meals: Breakfast
Accommodation: Zhongwei Sunny Hotel
Day 6 Hangzhou
The sightseeing schedule today starts with the Ling Yin Temple, which is famed as one of the ten most renowned Buddhist temples in the country. Originally, it was built by an Indian monk called Huili. After arriving in Hangzhou, he saw a gorgeous peak and thought the immortals lived there. Hence, he built a small temple near the peak and named it Ling Yin Temple. According to legend, Ji Gong (a very famous Buddhist monk) once became a monk in Ling Yin Temple.

The highlight of this afternoon is West Lake, which is famous for its imposing scenery and the numerous scenic attractions nearby. Its circumference is about 15 kilometers and the average depth about 1.5 meters. It measures 3.3 kilometers from south to north and 2.8 kilometers from east to west. The Su and Bai causeways divide the lake into five sections. To round out the day, we will move to the Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine to learn the history and culture of traditional Chinese medicine and herbs.

Meals: Breakfast
Day 7 Hangzhou - Dubai
You private China tour from UAE ends today. Our guide and driver will escort you to the airport and see you off. There is no direct flight from Hangzhou to Dubai. One recommended option is to take high speed train from Hangzhou to Shanghai, from where you can catch flight EK303 0005/0455 or EK305 0715/1205 back to Dubai directly. It takes 8 hours & 50 minutes for the air travel. China Eastern Airlines flight MU755 1005/1900 also flies from Shanghai to Dubai, but it is only available on every Tuesday and Saturday and the flying time is 12 hours & 55 minutes. Alternatively, you may consider flying from Hangzhou to Guangzhou, Beijing or Hong Kong and then transit a flight to Dubai. There are several connecting flights for your choice. Hope you have enjoyed the Muslim journey with us!

Meals: Breakfast
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