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Missing Malaysia Airline MH370: We Need the Truth

Published: Mar. 27, 2014

The Malaysian government confirmed on March 24 that the plane “ended in the Southern Indian Ocean” with no wreckage found. This conclusion, however, is not convincing.

The Malaysian government and the airlines disappoint everyone. From the time they declared the plane was missing, the Malaysian government gave vague information, and they even offered some misleading location of the plane. Their failure in cooperating with other countries brought more difficulties to the rescue. What's more, the conclusion that the plane “ended in the Southern Indian Ocean” has been questioned. The Inmarsat said that the conclusion, which was made under some assumption, was not that accurate. More accusations of hiding significant evidences and delaying data on the plane's location point to the Malaysian government and people are losing faith in Malaysia. Some travel agencies in Beijing have already cancelled all of their bookings from the Malaysian Airlines; more and more people changed their travel destination from Malaysia to other countries.

We are not here to blame whoever involves in this accident, but we deserve the truth. The relatives need to know where exactly their loved ones are! We want an open investigation to this accident and a responsible conclusion. We hope that, in the future, travelers' safety can be better guaranteed and more measures will be taken to avoid accident.

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