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China Inbound Tourism Outlook of 2014

Published: Jun. 09, 2014

According to recent statistics from major tour agents, the inbound tourism of China drops in the first half year of 2014. TCG therefore predicts that the number of Chinese inbound tourists will see a decline of 15% - 20% by the end of 2014.

The official data based on incomplete statistics reveal a decrease of 5.9% on inbound tourists number and a drop of 3.4% on foreign currency income in the first three months, compared with the last year.

Tourism source countries for the first 4 months:

Country Number of Tourist Arrival
(unit in 10,000 persons)
Growth (%)
Australia 21.48 -13.6
Kazakhstan 10.53 -13.5
Thailand 20.74 -11.8
Japan 85.35 -9.9
Russia 60.21 -8.8
France 16.71 -7.8
UK 19.84 -7.4
Malaysia 34.27 -6.7
Indonesia 16.99 -6.7
Philippines 30.93 -6.6
Singapore 27.83 -4.4
Canada 22.23 -3.2
USA 66.36 -3.0

From the above table, it is not difficult to find that less European and Asian tourists travel to China in the first four months. For the downturn of China inbound tourism, TCG gives the following possible reasons. The first is pollution. The serious smog in Chinese major cities has brought a world attention since 2013. Many oversea visitors cancel their trips to China due to the heavy pollution in the country. Secondly, the service quality is not satisfied as many travel agents and attractions place making money over tourists. The third is the bad influences of terrorism, such as the attacks in Kunming and Urumqi. The last one is that world famous events, like the coming Brazil World Cup, make tourists, especially those from Europe and America, alter their plans of traveling abroad.

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