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China Suspends Entry of Foreigners from Covid-19 Worst-Hit Countries since Nov. 4, 2020

Published: Nov. 06, 2020

According to the announcements published on November 4 and 5, 2020 by Chinese embassies, foreign nationals from certain covid-19 worst-hit countries are temporarily forbidden from entering China, including the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Russia, the Philippines, India, Ukraine, and Bangladesh. When to reopen China is unknown at present, but we can expect it after the global pandemic situation improves.

This policy is mainly targeted at those who were allowed to enter China on a valid ordinary visa or residence permit, whereas foreigners holding a diplomatic visa, courtesy visa, service visa or crew visa are not affected. 

What if citizens of these countries need to enter China in emergency? 

Foreigners from these countries can apply for a special visa at the Chinese embassies if they are in very urgent cases and need to come to China, by providing the required proof documents. Given that they can get a valid visa after November 3, 2020, they can still enter China with this special visa.

Citizens of Other Countries Need to Take Both PCR and Antibody Tests within 48 Hours before Departure for China since Nov. 6

Since November 6, all foreigners heading for mainland China need to take both the PCR and antibody tests within the 48 hours before flight departure. If they need to make a transit in a third country, they should also go through the same tests in the third country.

Why Did China Resume the Entry Ban to These Countries?

It’s because the outbreak of COVID-19 in these countries. From the news of the Reuters on November 5, 2020, the United Kingdom is currently one of the worst countries hit by the epidemic. Deaths related to this virus amounts to over 45 thousand, which are the highest in Europe. The country has already locked down itself to control the situation. Besides, other countries involved like Belgium, the Philippines and India are also reported to have rising confirmed cases.

Will This Policy Expand to Cover Other Countries?

According to Mr. Wang Wenbin, the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, China will adjust the policy on the basis of the changes in global COVID-19 epidemic outbreak situation. It indicates that if a country’s confirmed cases of COVID-19 rise too fast, it may be added onto the list of entry ban.

News Review:

Since March 28 of this year, China has temporarily banned entry of all foreigners with valid ordinary Chinese visas or residence permits to better control the domestic epidemic situation. With the great efforts spared in epidemic control and prevention, China gradually gained victory over the annoying COVID-19. 

Therefore, it decided to allow three kinds of foreigners to enter China since September 28, 2020. Actually, China planned to lift the entry ban step by step and more foreigners were expected to enter China at that time.

However, due to the repeated outbreaks of the COVID-19 in some countries, China is compelled to resume the entry ban. 

China Temporarily Bans Entry with Valid Chinese Visas or Residence Permits since Mar. 28
China will Allow 3 Kinds of Foreigners to Enter since Sep. 28, 2020

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