Chiang Mai Weather in April


Season: Dry Season

April is one of the hottest months in Chiang Mai, with the average highest temperature of 36℃ (97℉) and the average lowest temperature of 22℃ (72℉). It does not rain a lot in this month and the average rainfall is around 56mm. In some days, the city may be veiled by haze, when farmers burn straws to prepare for the new sowing season. 

Songkran Festival, the grandest festival in Thailand falls in April, when is a great opportunity for visitors to experience Thai customs.

Averages for Chiang Mai Weather in April

Temperature: 29°C / 84°F
High Temperature: 36°C / 97°F
Low Temperature: 22°C / 72°F
Humidity: 54%
Rainfall: 56mm
Rainy Days : 6 days
Sunrise: 05:57 ~ 06:18
Sunset: 18:38 ~ 18:46

What to Wear in Chiang Mai in April

The right clothes to wear in April should be thin and breathable. For instance, a short-sleeve t-shirt plus a pair of shorts; girls can also wear beautiful dresses to take great photos. It is also advisable to put on a sunhat or bring a parasol to block the strong ultraviolet rays. 
Chiang Mai Clothes in April April Wear in Chiang Mai

Top Things to Do in Chiang Mai in April

Recommendation Rate of Travel: 

If coming to Chiang Mai in April, one must not miss the Songkran Festival falling on April 13-15. The main celebration site is the Thapae Gate. In addition to water splashing, float parade, Songkran Beauty Contest, and music concerts will be held. The Buddha will also be invited out of Wat Prah Singh, one of the holiest temples in Chiang Mai and get bathed by respected monks. You may go there a little earlier to tour around the temple first. At night, those night markets are great places for a food tour, including Thapae Night Market open on every Sunday, Wua Lai Rd Night Market open on every Saturday and Chang Klan Rd Night Market open every day. The surrounding mountains are great places to escape the hot days, such as Doi Suthep and Doi Inthanon.  


1. During the Songkran Festival, crowds of visitors come to Chiang Mai for fun. Thus, the hotel rate, flight ticket and other travel cost may increase a lot. Be prepared! What’s more, it’s highly advised to book the hotel and other items in advance. 
2. Protect your cellphone and other personal belongs well when attending the water splashing parties.
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