Chiang Mai Weather in March


Season: Dry Season

The weather of Chiang Mai in March starts to get hot, especially around the noon. Averagely, the temperature changes between 19-35℃ (66-95℉). It is one of the driest months in a year, with the rainfall of around 19mm and the humidity of 50%. One thing needs attention is that the air quality may not be very good in March because of the haze.  

When planning the tour itinerary, leave the noon time and early afternoons for indoor sightseeing or activities to prevent heat stroke.  

Averages for Chiang Mai Weather in March

Temperature: 28°C / °F
High Temperature: 35°C / °F
Low Temperature: 19°C / °F
Humidity: 50%
Rainfall: 19mm
Rainy Days : 2 days
Sunrise: 06:19 ~ 06:43
Sunset: 18:30 ~ 18:38

Clothes to Wear in Chiang Mai in March

When packing clothes for a Chiang Mai trip in March, choose thin and airy summer clothes like short shirt and light pants. Also put a thin overcoat in your luggage to cope with the lower temperature in the nearby mountains of Chiang Mai. The shoes should be comfortable and well ventilated. A sunhat and other sun-proof clothing are also necessary. 
Chiang Mai Clothes in March March Wear in Chiang Mai

Where to Go in Chiang Mai in March

Recommendation Rate of Travel: 

Chiang Mai is a Buddhist city with lots of temples. How could one visit the city without a stop at a temple? In addition to the most famous Wat Phra Singh and Wat Chedi Luang in downtown, the Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep is also worthy of visit. Located on the Mt. Doi Suthep with an altitude of 1,676 meters (5,499 feet), it offers a panoramic view of the whole Chiang Mai downtown. One can ascend it either by cable car or on foot. If climbing up by foot, two giant dragons along the steps for sure will attract one’s eyes. Coming down, one could have fun in the Night Safari at the foot of the mountain and intimate with various animals. To learn the life of the locals, it is recommended to have a stroll in Waroros Market, which abounds in local snacks and specialties. 


1. When visiting temples, please wear clothes covering both arms and legs well. 
2. Apply sunscreen cream before going outdoor and drink enough water during sightseeing.
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