Chiang Mai Weather in June


Season: Rainy Season

June is the rainy season in Chiang Mai with the monthly precipitation of 117mm averagely. Located in tropical climate zone, Chiang Mai Weather in June is also hot, with the temperature fluctuating between 24-33℃ (75-91℉). But don’t worry too much. The rain for many times is short shower and it brings down the temperature to some extent. 

Falling in low tourism season, the travel cost in June is comparatively lower than in the peak season, saving some for visitors.

Averages for Chiang Mai Weather in June

Temperature: 29°C / °F
High Temperature: 33°C / 91°F
Low Temperature: 24°C / 75°F
Humidity: 75%
Rainfall: 117mm
Rainy Days : 16 days
Sunrise: 05:46 ~ 05:50
Sunset: 18:58 ~ 19:05

What to Wear in Chiang Mai in June

To travel to Chiang Mai in June, prepare some breathable and easy-dry summer clothes like shorts and short-sleeve t-shirt. For girls, dresses are also good to wear. Also, prepare rain gear to cope with the frequent rain and sun hat and sunglasses to protect yourself from strong ultraviolet rays when it’s sunny. 

Please note that there are some special dress codes for the temples and you’d better also prepare some clothes well cover the arms and legs if planning to visit any of them. 
Chiang Mai Clothes in June June Wear in Chiang Mai

Top Things to Do in Chiang Mai in June

Recommendation Rate of Travel: 

Coming to Chiang Mai in June, in addition to the well-known attractions in downtown like Wat Phra Singh, Thapae Gate and Nimman Road, it’s a good option to make a day trip to Elephant Nature Park to feed the friendly animals and communicate with them. When it rains, it’s more recommended to do some indoor sightseeing or activities. For instance, have fun in Chiang Mai 3D Art Museum, the world’s largest 3D art museum collecting over 130 3D paintings and take some creative photos; shop for featured souvenirs at Waroros Market; enjoy a Thai spa; or watch an amazing Tai boxing show.


1. When it rains heavily, stay indoor for safety’s sake.
2. It’s also not advisable to go to the mountainous areas just after heavy rain.
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