Chiang Mai Weather in May


Season: Rainy Season

In May, the average temperature of Chiang Mai rises up and drops down between 24-34℃ (75-93℉), indicating the weather is hot. The increasing rainfall, totaling 153mm, marks that the rainy season comes. It rains frequently; almost 15 days of the month have rainfall. On rainy days, do not go to the mountainous areas around Chiang Mai for safety reasons. But be optimistic. The rain is beneficial in some perspective, too. On one hand, the temperature goes down after rain; on the other hand, the rain purifies air. Usually, the beginning of rainy season means the end of the haze season in Chiang Mai.

Averages for Chiang Mai Weather in May

Temperature: 29°C / 84°F
High Temperature: 34°C / 93°F
Low Temperature: 24°C / 75°F
Humidity: 70%
Rainfall: 153mm
Rainy Days : 15 days
Sunrise: 05:46 ~ 05:57
Sunset: 18:46 ~ 18:57

Clothes to Wear in Chiang Mai in May

Easy-dry and breathable summer clothes are the best choices, like short-sleeve t-shirt, skirt, and shorts. Sandals are quite popular among the locals and you may do in Rome as Rome does. A pair of breathable sneakers are also advised in your luggage for possible long walk and raingear is always a must in the rainy season. 
Chiang Mai Clothes in May May Wear in Chiang Mai

Where to Go in Chiang Mai in May

Recommendation Rate of Travel: 

When it rains, you may choose to visit some indoor sites, like Chiang Mai National Museum, which displays historical relics and handicrafts from Lanna period (1292 – 1892) and weapons from 14th and 15th centuries. You may also choose to enjoy Thai massage & spa and get relaxed. There are many massage stores in Chiang Mai in various standards. On sunny days, seize a chance to take a stroll in the Chiang Mai Old Town and make wishes in one of those sacred temples, such as Wat Phra Singh and Wat Chedi Luang. It’s also advised to go to the cooler mountains on rainless days, such as Doi Suthep. The Bhubing Palace on it is a summer palace for the royal family famous for traditional Thai style architecture and colorful flowers. 
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