Chiang Mai Weather in September


Season: Rainy Season

Chiang Mai receives lots of rainfall in September, around 200mm in total, which also leads to a high humidity of 81%. But like in other tropical zones, the rain is often short shower dropping down in early afternoon. The temperature also keeps at a high level, rising up and going down between 23-32℃ (73-90℉). 

As a whole, it’s not very comfortable to visit Chiang Mai in September. Correspondingly, less tourists go there and the expense on a trip is lower than in the busy peak season.

Averages for Chiang Mai Weather in September

Temperature: 28°C / 82°F
High Temperature: 32°C / 90°F
Low Temperature: 23°C / 73°F
Humidity: 81%
Rainfall: 200mm
Rainy Days : 17 days
Sunrise: 06:09 ~ 06:14
Sunset: 18:13 ~ 18:38

Clothes to Wear in Chiang Mai in September

Any thick clothes are not suitable considering the Chiang Mai weather in September. The right clothes to wear are those thin and breathable, such as cotton short-sleeve t-shirt, shorts and dress. Those made of silk and linen are also good choices. As September is in the rainy season, it’s also suggested to pack rain gear in your luggage. Sunhat, sunglasses and something of the kind are also useful on sunny days. At last, if you plan to visit any of the temples there, bring long-sleeve shirt and long pants, so as to obey the dress codes there.  
Chiang Mai Clothes in September September Wear in Chiang Mai

What to Do in Chiang Mai in September

Recommendation Rate of Travel: 
In the early morning, it is advised to attend the alms giving, a traditional Buddhism ritual existing for centuries there. Locals give food and other living necessities to monks to make merits. The best sites to give alms include Chiang Mai Gate Market, Somphet Market and Kruba Sriwichai statue. Coming to Chiang Mai, you should also visit at least one of the various temples. Wat Buppharam just outside the old town is a unique one combining Lanna-Thai and Burmese architecture style. Although not big, it is fully equipped, luxury and delicate to every detail. On a sunny day, it’s recommended to make a trip to the surrounding primitive forests to experience the thrilling zip line. For animal lovers, you may also be interested in feeding elephants in the Elephant Nature Park.
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