Chiang Mai Weather in August


Season: Rainy Season

Chiang Mai is in the rainy season in August, so it receives abundant rainfall, totaling to around 225mm. Based on historical data, the average rainy days in this month is around 21 days. So if you coming to Chiang Mai in August, rain gear is a must. But thing is not that bad because although frequent, the rain often stops soon. The temperature is also at a high level, at 24-31℃ (75-88℉) on average and summer clothes are enough. 

Because there are fewer tourists, it costs less to travel to Chiang Mai in August than in peak season.

Averages for Chiang Mai Weather in August

Temperature: 28°C / 82°F
High Temperature: 31°C / 88°F
Low Temperature: 24°C / 75°F
Humidity: 80%
Rainfall: 225mm
Rainy Days : 21 days
Sunrise: 06:01 ~ 06:09
Sunset: 18:39 ~ 18:59

Clothes to Wear in Chiang Mai in August

The proper clothes to wear in the hot and humid Chiang Mai in August are thin and airy summer clothes, like t-shirt and skirt. As for shoes, the easy-dry sandals are the best. If traveling to mountainous areas, sneakers are more recommended. Remember to bring rain gear whenever you out because the rain may fall down suddenly. When it’s sunny, a sunhat is necessary.
Chiang Mai Clothes in August August Wear in Chiang Mai

Top Things to Do in Chiang Mai in August

Recommendation Rate of Travel: 

As the capital of Lanna Kingdom (1292 - 1892), Chiang Mai preserves many historical relics from that period. So no matter when you travel there, do not miss visiting its old town area. The highlights there include Wat Phra Singh, a typical Lanna style architecture well protected till today and Thapae Gate, the eastern gate of the old city wall. At Sunday nights, vendors gather around the Thapae Gate, when visitors can taste various local snacks and shop for unique souvenirs for families and friends. On a sunny day, you may make a side trip to Doi Suthep. Climbing up there, you can overlook Chiang Mai downtown. The holy temple on it, Wat Phrathat is also worthy of visit. If time permits, you may also appreciate various flowers in the summer palace of the royal family- Bhubing Palace. 


1. Do stay indoor when it rains heavily or when it’s scorching hot around noon time 
2. Use mosquito repellent water before going out at night or when going to the lush forests.
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