Find the Most Beautiful Shenzhen Beach Destinations

Located in southern coastal region of China, Shenzhen boasts many beaches. The following are the top 6 most beautiful Shenzhen beaches and most of them are in the east part of the city.

1. Xichong Beach

Known as “Oriental Hawaii”, Xichong Beach is the biggest beach in Shenzhen with a length of 4.5 kilometers (2.8 miles) and it is one of the 8 most beautiful beaches in China. On the top of the nearby mountain is a view platform where tourists can watch the sunrise and sunset. Tourists can also go to Sanmen Island by speedboat from Xichong Beach. With abundant natural resources, Sanmen Island is known as "The Treasure Island in Daya Bay".

 Location: Shalanzai No.3 Toll Station, Hesou Village, Xichong, Longgang District
 Ticket Fare: CNY 18/person for individual travelers, CNY 10/person for group travelers
 How to Get There: City bus M232, Dapeng Holiday Special Lines 4 and 5.

2. Jiaochangwei Beach

Jiaochangwei Beach is suitable not only for family, but also for lovers, friends, and solo travelers. The beach is long and narrow, with soft sand and shallow water. Compared with other Shenzhen beaches, Jiaochangwei Beach is more suitable for beginners to do water sports. Playing some marine sports like water bicycle and jet ski is a good choice. Also tourists can try beach volleyball, beach soccer and boat riding. The most special is that Jiaochangwei Beach allow tourists to let off fireworks after 21:00 at night. In the rightmost of the beach is a wedding photography base where photographers cannot miss.

 Location: Dapeng New District, Longgang District
 Ticket Fare: Free
 How to Get There: City bus M457, M471.

3. Judiaosha Beach

Knowns as “Sliver Beach”, it is shaped like a crescent moon with blue sea and the finest white sand among Shenzhen beaches. The beach is not very big with a length of 1 kilometer (0.6 miles) and a width of 50 meters (55 yards). Next to the beach is a forest with trees called Mumahuang which is also suitable for taking a walk. Visitors can barbecue and camp on this beach.

 Location: Huandao Road, southeast of Nan’ao Town, Longgang District
 Ticket Fare: CNY 15/person. The rental fee of a double resident tent is CNY 50. If you bring your own tent, CNY 30 is still needed as management fee. Tourists can barbecue for free if they can take all the things by themselves. As for the rental fee of a coal brazier, it is CNY 50.
 How to Get There: City bus M274 and Dapeng Holiday Special Line 2.

4. Yangmeikeng Beach

Regarded as the most beautiful valley beach in Shenzhen, Yangmeikeng has been chosen as the base for wedding photography by numerous couples. Luzui Villa in the east of the beach is the shooting place of the famous Chinese movie “Mermaid”. Also, it is one of the best places to appreciate the sunrise in Shenzhen. The road along the beach is very close to the sea, so riding a bike is also a nice choice. One can also rent a boat to put out to sea.

 Location: between Qiniang Mountain and Laohu Mountain, in the northwest of Nan’ao Town, Longgang District
 Ticket Fare: free
 How to Get There: M274 and Dapeng Holiday Special Line 2
 The most popular Shenzhen beach is Dameisha, so the number of tourists is also the most. During peak seasons, it is kind of crowded. As one of the Top 8 Scenic Spots in Shenzhen, it is also a must-see attraction. Water sports and catering there are the best developed among Shenzhen beaches.

 Location: Yanmei Road, Yantian District
 Ticket Fare: Free
 What to do: ride a motorboat, barbecue, ride a horse, parasail, surfing, diving, jet ski, beach volleyball
 How to Get There: City bus 387, M191, M465, M520, N21, Dameisha Holiday Special Line 1 & 2
 The crescent-shaped Xiaomeisha Beach is surrounded by mountains on the other three sides. The excellent environment attracts numerous tourists to spend the holidays. It owns the biggest and best barbecue place among all the Shenzhen beaches which allows more than 1,000 people barbecue at the same time.

 Location: Yankui Road, Yantian District.
 Ticket Fare: CNY 20/person
 What to Do: visit Xiaomeisha Sea World, beach tug-of-war, ride a motorboat, parasailing, diving, fishing, barbecue, camping
 How to Get There: City Bus 103, 387, M396.
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