Guiyang Attractions - Things to Do

Those that know Guiyang will always remember it for the many minority group people in their colorful traditional costumes and ornaments, their singing and dancing during the festival occasions. Also, the beautiful lake and mountain scenery creates a truly romantic atmosphere.

Top Things to Do

Ci Qi Kou Village Situated on Fuyu Bridge over the Nanming River, the Jiaxiu Tower is one of the symbols of Guiyang. It's also called the First Scholar's Tower. It is a three tiered wooden tower of an exquisite architectural design that has inspired a great number of writers and celebrities in the past.
Ci Qi Kou Village Qingyan becomes famous for it retains the buildings of the Ming and Qing dynasties. As well as the old buildings and delightful scenery, you will find some minority ethnic villages of the Miao people, Dong people and Buyi people. The Diaojiaolou of the Miao people, stone houses of the Buyi people and the Drum Tower and the Wind and Rain Bridge of the Dong people add greatly to Guiyang's natural beauty and folk atmosphere.
Ci Qi Kou VillageNamed after the Flower Stream River, is China's first love river. There are lots of typical gardens and historical sights here and a number of Chinese celebrities have come across and stayed here such as Zhou Enlai and the writer, Ba Jin.
Ci Qi Kou Village (Red Maple Lake) is renowned for its lake and island. It is 25 kilometers (15.5 miles) from Guiyang and can be reached within about 20 minutes. It consists of four parts: the North Lake, the South Lake, the Rear Lake and the minority ethnic villages.
Ci Qi Kou VillageRenowned for karst landscape is 24 kilometers from the city downtown area. It boasts mountains, rivers, karst caves, pools, waterfalls, natural stone bridges, valleys and the places of historical interest. From Guiyang city, you can get to the Tianhe Pool by public bus or special line.

More Attractions

 Baihua Lake is situated in the northwest suburb of the city, 22 kilometers from downtown. Owing to its natural beauty of lakes and hills, was given the nickname-'Little Guilin'. There the Birds Island is a place most attracting tourists' eyes.

 Forest Park offers a good and quiet summer resort to local citizens. The park is covered by dense trees. Various rare animals inhabit there. It is regarded as one of the most famous eight attractions of Guiyang.

 Guizhou Provincial Museum, sizing 7,800 square meters (9,300 square yards), accommodates 200,000 more pictures, precious fossils, handiworks, models etc. Visiting there provides you a good chance to know about prehistoric animals, ethnic culture and the history of Guizhou Province.

 Huangguoshu Waterfall in Anshun is about 150 kilometers from Guiyang City. Of the Huangguoshu Waterfalls Cluster, the Huangguoshu Waterfall is the grandest. It's 77.8 meters tall and 101 meters wide. It's the biggest waterfall in China.

 Nanjiang Grand Canyon, located at Kaiyang County, about 54 kilometers (34 miles) away from Guiyang City, has the special karst landscape and over 80 natural landscapes and 40 waterfalls.

 Qianling Hill Park boasts the famous Hongfu Temple and many picturesque scenes of lakes, mountains, caves, macaque gardens, caves and characteristic bridges.

 Xiangzhi Valley is an ideal place for its picturesque landscape. Here visitors are attracted greatly by green mountains covered by bamboos, blue streams and waterfalls dashing down steep cliffs and customs of Bouyei Minority.

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Questions & Answers on Guiyang Attractions
Asked by Edwin Low from SINGAPORE | Oct. 06, 2019 23:05Reply
3 days guiyang
How do i go to huangguoshu Waterfall from guiyang
Answers (1)
Answered by Elva from USA | Oct. 13, 2019 19:05

You can take high speed train from Guiyang North Railway station to Anshun West Railway station, then take taxi to the waterfall.
Asked by Debra from USA | Jan. 11, 2019 10:58Reply
My family will be visiting Guiyang April 15-17. Any special festivals we should not miss?
Answers (1)
Answered by Angela from CANADA | Jan. 13, 2019 22:34

Well, I found that there is no special festival during that period of time. You can just tour around the scenic areas. Have a nice journey!
Asked by Oleg from RUSSIA | Dec. 10, 2018 23:37Reply
I'm coming to Guiyang just for 2,5 days in December.
Any tips how to make the most of such a short trip? Are scenic spots worth visiting this time of year or it's better to focus on the city itself?
Answers (1)
Answered by Savannah from AUSTRALIA | Dec. 13, 2018 00:00

You are suggested to make a travel plan in the following way:
Day 1: Huangguoshu Waterfall
Day 2: Go to Qingyan Ancient Town and see the minority ethnic village of Miao People
Day 3: city downtown area
Asked by ELSIE96 | Nov. 18, 2018 20:42Reply
RE : DONG celebration of SAMA in December 2018?
Was browsing for some festivals and came across SAMA celebration on 18th December 2017, wonder when is the celebration this year and where? There are some wonderful images of the celebration on the web. I will be in Guizhou area in December and wonder if I am lucky enough to get attend.
Answers (5)
Answered by Rebecca from USA | Nov. 19, 2018 23:01

As I know, the celebration will be held on 7th December, 2018 in Liping County, Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture and the event will last three days.
Answered by ELSIE96 | Nov. 20, 2018 01:07

Will be there from the 4-6th Dec at Kaili and Zhaoxing, would they be celebrating in that area? Thanks
Answered by Rebecca | Nov. 21, 2018 17:40

As I know, there won't be celebrations at Kaili and Zhangxing.
Answered by ELSIE96 | Nov. 22, 2018 03:39

Thanks Rebecca. I did try and communicate with the Airbnb hosts but probably they didn't really know what I was trying to ask. We are going to be in that area from 3rd to 7th December, do you know if there are any festivities during that time?
Answered by Rebecca | Nov. 22, 2018 18:22

I'm afraid there is no any festivities during your stay in that area.
Asked by Curu from SPAIN | Jun. 22, 2017 00:24Reply
How can I go from Longdongbao Airport to Tianhe Pool Scenic Area?
Hello, Any hotel close to Tianhe?
Answers (1)
Answered by Cris from AUSTRALIA | Jun. 22, 2017 02:05

You can walk about 400 meters to Longdongbao Airport Bus Stop and take bus no.254 to Xinglongzhai Bus Stop. Then you may transfer bus no.43 to Nongkeyuan Bus Stop. Afterwards, you can catch bus no.211 to Tianhe Pool Bus Stop. Upon arrival, you can see the scenic spot directly. Tianhe Hotel is just inside the scenic area, so you can take it into consideration.
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