Hubu Alley

The centuries-old Hubu Alley is situated at Simenkou, Wuchang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province. Known as "the First Alley for Chinese Snacks" because of numerous delicious snacks, it is about 147 meters (161 yards) long and 3 meters (3 yards) wide, one of the must-visit places in Wuhan.

Hubu Lane was formed in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and has been operating Chinese traditional breakfasts, such as Hot and Dry Noodles, Beef Noodles, Chinese Doughnuts and Soup Dumplings. The lane’s name is based on its location in the Ming Dynasty, which was near the Ministry of Revenue in feudal China, also called Hubu in Chinese. Since 2002, the narrow Alley has been expanded to four parts: the old alley of Hubu Alley, middle section of Ziyou Road, west end of Minzhu Road and south section of Dufudi, forming a great block to taste authentic local food and experience the local culture. Also, it is very near to Yellow Crane Tower, about only 20 minutes’ walking.

10 Most Popular Snacks to Try at Hubu Alley

Hot and Dry Noodles
Hot and Dry Noodles are one of Wuhan people's favorite breakfast food. There is no soup in the noodles. After being boiled, the noodles swell up and absorb the sesame sauce completely. The noodles taste chewy and waxy while the sesame sauce is smooth and fragrant.

Rice and Meat Pancake
The method of making Rice and Meat Pancake is to grind the mung beans and glutinous rice in to a paste and then spread it into a pancake with egg skin. Wrap diced meat, diced bamboo shoots shiitake mushroom, smoked bean curd or carrot cubes and then fried in oil. The egg skin is crispy and the glutinous rice is sticky and soft.

 Hutang Rice Noodles
The Hutang is made of fish soup and starch, and then mixed with peppers and chives. The rice noodles are added. For the slightly thick hutang, white and chewy rice noodles and fresh taste, Hutang Rice Noodles is a very famous snack in Wuhan.

 Soup Dumplings
Soup Dumplings is very delicious and fresh. The main raw materials are flour and pork. The first step to enjoy it is to drink the soup which is the essence of the Soup Dumplings.

 Fried Bread Stick Wrapped with Glutinous Rice
The steamed glutinous rice is sparkled with the sesame or a layer of fried soybean powder inside and outside. Then put the fried stick on the glutinous rice and, according to personal preferences, add pickles, ham and so on, and then wrap the stick. It features crisp, soft, chewy and glutinous flavor.

 Duck neck
Duck neck belongs to sauce food which is made by soaking in a variety of spices, then by air-drying. The finished Duck Neck has deep red color, with the characteristics of fragrance, spicy, sweet, hemp, salty, crisp and soft.

 The Huanglaobie Beef Cake
The Huanglaobie Beef Cake in the Hubu Alley has a fresh, fragrant and tender thick flank filling and a golden and crisp flour wrapping.

Mianwo, a special Wuhan cake, is mainly made of rice milk milled from Japonica rice, with a certain proportion of soybean milk, scallions and fine salt. The deep-fried Mianwo tastes crisp and soft.

The chrysanthemum-shaped Shaomei is a very popular traditional pasta in the Hubu Alley. The ingredients include flour, glutinous rice, lard, pork, skin jelly. It tasted refreshing, soft and fragrant.

Dousi is made by the mixed pulp of ground mung beans and rice. Spread them in a pot and cut into shreds. Dousi sold in the Hubu Alley is mainly fried with beef, having a unique flavor that the beef is tender and the shredded Dousi is soft and tasty.

Top Restaurants to Try

 Xuasao Hutang Rice Noodles Bar
Xuasao Hutang Rice Noodles Bar is founded by a couple. They use different fish and sea food to cook Hutang, a kind of soup. It features a sticky and fresh taste with an amber-like color.

 Cailinji Hot and Dry Noodles Bar
It is one of the most popular restaurants selling 3,000-4,000 bowls of Hot and Dry Noodles every day. More than 10 kinds of Hot and Dry Noodles and more than 40 types of snacks are sold now.

Others: Sijimei Soup Dumplings, Shiji Hot and Dry Noodles, Laoqijanji Dousi, Yelaobie Cake Shop, Chenji Shaomei, Jiangming Wanton Bar

Hubu Alley Travel Tips

1. No entrance fee
2. Opening Hours: 6:00-24:00
3. Recommend Visiting Time: 1-2 hours
4. Average Consumption: CNY80-120 can cover most snacks
5. It is recommended to go there at around 5 p.m. There are not too many people in the Hubu Alley at that time, and all the shops are open. But if possible, try to avoid visiting on weekends and Chinese holidays as many shops have to queue up.

How to get to Hubu Alley

Take bus 14, 15, 521, 572, 514, 717, 804, 530, 515, 916, 539, 607 and get off at Minzhu Road, Simenkou Stop, Zhonghua Road Stop, Linjiang Avenue Hanyangmen Stop.
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