Wuhan Happy Valley

Wuhan Happy Valley is located in the Hongshan District in northeastern Wuhan. Since its opening in 2012, it has become a hot spot among tourists. With over thirty rides and attractions, Wuhan Happy Valley is a paradise for all ages.

Nine Theme Parks

 Happy Ocean
In Happy Ocean, you can find attractions like the Wind Surfer, Overflying Yangtze, Seahorse Knight, Top Speed Travel, Flying Fish, Sea Plane, and Music Ship. Thanks to advanced technologies, the magnificent Yangtze River is presented before visitors in Overflying Yangtze, a fashionable 7D IMAX theater. Top Speed Travel is a 5D roller coaster that will give you an exciting experience.

 Dream Avenue
It is a passage used s as a show center under a crystal arched ceiling, where visitors can enjoy acrobatics and dances. Pass this avenue, visitors will enter the core zone of this amusement park.

 Cartoon Factory
At the west of Dream Avenue is the colorful Cartoon Factory. With ants, frogs, elfins, and balloons, Cartoon Factory is a paradise for children. Interesting activities here are Exploring Into the Deep Sea, the performance center Caesars Palace, Foam Factory where children can do foam fighting, Family Co Express, Dancing Cups, Samba Balloon, Frog Chopper, Sky Prop, Flying Bike and Jump Around.

 Happy Time
Visitors will surely have a happy time in this zone located to the south of the Cartoon Factory. What can be discovered here are the Twin-Tower Heroes, Flying Chairs, Disco, Royal Merry-go-round, House of Horror, and Magic Windmill. Sitting on a round disc, visitors rotate and dance in the air to beautiful songs.

 Speed World
Speed World at the southeast of Dream Avenue is for adventurous visitors. Among five activities here, including Speeding, Extreme Sports Camp, Monte Carlo, Field Test, and Giant Frisbee, Speeding and Giant Frisbee are the most thrilling.

 Bird's Heaven
Bird's Heaven is a primitive village, located to the south of the Speed World. Visitors can try Magic Strawhat and Tagada here.

 Yuguang Island
Although there are only two entertainments, Yuguang Island is worthy of a visit. One is the heart-stirring Wild Man Canyon Rafting and the other is the 394-feet high Sky Tower, where you can have a panoramic view of Happy Valley Wuhan.

 Typhoon Bay
Typhoon Bay houses a 4D movie theater, a restaurant, two stores, and three facilities. They are Shoot the Chute, Splash Over, and Indigo Back.

 Happy Wuhan
Happy Wuhan provides visitors with two awesome activities. One is the Wooden Coaster-Fireball, a long wood roller coaster that always attracts lots of challengers. Another one is Phoenix Dancing in the Sky. Port Conquest, a scene play about the history of Wuhan, is a unique attraction in Happy Valley Wuhan.


Recommended Routes

It is not likely to try all these rides and activities within one day, so just pick some you like most if time is limited. Well, here are three recommended routes for different groups:

 Family Fun
Sky Prop - Samba Balloon - Jump Around - Dancing Cups - Flying Bike - Foam Factory - Magic Theater - Royal Merry-go-round - Shoot the Chute - Wild Man Canyon Rafting - Sky Tower – Monte Carlo – Field Test

 All Necessary
Field Test - Giant Frisbee - Monte Carlo - Port Conquest - Wooden Coaster-Fireball - Sky Tower - Wild Man Canyon Rafting - Shoot the Chute - Royal Merry-go-round - House of Horror - Disco - Magic Windmill - Flying Chairs - Twin-Tower Heroes

 Challenge Yourself
Speeding - Giant Frisbee - Wooden Coaster-Fireball - Phoenix Dancing in the Sky - Wild Man Canyon Rafting - Shoot the Chute - Magic Windmill - House of Horror - Disco - Twin-Tower Heroes

How to get to Wuhan Happy Valley

1. Take metro line 4 to Renhe Road Station and get out from Exit A. Then walk southward along the Renhe Road for about 20 minutes. Or get out from Exit B and take bus 382, 545, 734 or 782 to the terminus.
2. Take bus 382, 392, 534, 545, 566, 734, 782 or 810 and get off at Happy Valley Station.

Ticket Price CNY 200 for those taller than 1.5m (4.9 feet).
CNY 130 for children between 1.2 and 1.5m (3.9 and 4.9 feet)
Free for children below 1.5m.

* Night ticket: CNY 100, required for adults and children above 3.9 feet.
Visitors are allowed to enter after 17:30.
Opening Hours Monday to Thursday: 9:30 - 18:00
Friday to Sunday & Public Holidays: 09:30 - 22:00

 Nearby attraction:
Playa Maya is a water theme park next to Happy Valley. It is characterized by the Maya culture, beaches, swimming pools, and water sports. You will have a cool day here.
Playa Maya Admission Fee CNY 150.
CNY 100 for children between 1.2 and 1.5m (3.9 and 4.9 feet).
Free for children below 1.2m.
Happy Valley +
Playa Maya
Combo Ticket A CNY 300. Visitors can enter each park once in seven days.
Combo Ticket B CNY 260. Visitors have unlimited access to the two parks in one day.
Direct Pass from Happy Valley to Playa Maya CNY 75
Direct Pass from Playa Maya to Happy Valley CNY 125

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