Mo Hill (Mo Shan)

An important part of the famous Wuhan East Lake Scenic Area, Mo Hill, also called Millstone Hill, lies southeast of East Lake. The graceful east peak that looks like a millstone gave the hill its present name, Millstone Hill. Covering a total area of about 5 square kilometers (2 square miles), it boasts abundant plants and unique gardens, amid the culture of the State of Chu, one of the seven warring states before Qin (221 - 206BC) - China's first feudal dynasty. Many charming scenes, such as Chutian Jimu (Looking at the State of Chu As Far As One Can See), Botanical-Viewing Garden, Tiantai Chenxi (Morning Rays of Heaven Platform), and Zhu De's Stele Pavilion, are located on the hill.

Zhu De's Stele Pavilion

On the first peak of the Mo Hill stands the pavilion called Zhu De's Stele Pavilion. Two stories high, it is famous for a red stele lying in front on which is carved the epigraph of Zhu De, an important leader of the Chinese revolutionary period, and an attached horizontal board inscribed 'Zhu De's Stele Pavilion' by Guo Moruo, a famous Chinese author. The second floor of the pavilion affords an excellent view of the beautiful lake.

Chu Culture Theme Park

Fans of Chu culture will particularly enjoy the State of Chu culture theme park in Mo Hill Scenic Area. Many historical places such as the City Wall of the State of Chu, the Chu Market, the Chu Talent Garden, the Chu Heaven Platform, etc., introduce the current State of Chu in this area.

At the entrance to the State of Chu's cultural sightseeing area is the City Wall at 23.4 meters (77 feet) tall and 11 meters (36 feet) wide. Chu people prefer the color red. The surrounding wall made of reddish-brown stones is magnificent in its primitive simplicity. The street of the Chu Market with special craftworks and distinctive local foods exemplifies Chu architectural styles. Not far from the Chu Market is the Chu Talent Garden, where over a hundred statues in the garden depict outstanding Chu litterateurs, scientists, myths characters and so on.

The Chu Heaven Platform affords clear views of Chu relics, great paintings, calligraphy, and waxworks of famous persons. Thirty-six meters (118 feet) tall and with an area of 2,260 meters (7,415 feet), it has 345 steps in front, culminating in the soul part of Mo Hill - the four-floor Chu Heaven Platform. Wearing classic Chu costumes, bandsmen play upbeat ancient music. Lifelike waxworks of eminent persons are displayed on the second floor, while Chu relics are exhibited on the third floor. A panoramic view of the entire East Lake Scenic Area is available from the summit.

Botanical Viewing Garden

The incredible Botanical Viewing Garden lies on the south side of Mo Hill. More than 360 kinds of plants are nursed in 13 special gardens, such as the Plum Garden, Cherry Blossom Garden, Rhododendron Garden, etc., for viewing and education. Among them the most famous is the Cherry Blossom Garden which covers an area of 150 mu (25 acres), valued as one of the world's three cherry blossom capitals, together with Hirosaki in Japan and Washington D.C. in America. The Plum Garden, listed as the top of the four plum gardens in China, is also worth a visit. March, April, and May are the best viewing months. The Cherry Blossom Festival and Plum Blossom Festival annually held attract plenty of visitors. During the period, visitors need to pay entrance fee to enjoy the festival.

Recreation facilities such as the slide way and ropeway, offer an exciting change of pace.

How to get to Mo Hill

Take bus 401, 402 or 413 to Lumolu Moshan.
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Entrance Fee Free; but scenic spots and facilities inside may charge.
Plum Blossom Festival: CNY 40
Cherry Blossom Festival: CNY 60
Entering Hours 7:30 - 17:30
Plum Blossom Festival: mid Jan. - Mar.
Cherry Blossom Festival: early Mar. - mid Apr.
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Questions & Answers on Mo Hill (Mo Shan)
Asked by Hendry from INDONESIA | Oct. 07, 2023 17:23Reply
Hi .. how can I get to Moshan Hill from Somerset Wusheng Wuhan ?
Answers (1)
Answered by Frank | Oct. 07, 2023 19:11

You can take Bus Line 806 from Zhongshan Avenue Xinhua Bookstore Station to Wuluolu Yuemachang and then transfer to Bus Line 413 to Lumolu Moshan.
Asked by greg from USAGREG.TOCZKOYAHOO.COM | Feb. 17, 2015 09:52Reply
Please..what are the general dates to visit for the cherry blossems..
if the warm weather continues in wuhan will they bloom in 2 weeks or so?
Answers (1)
Answered by Emily from UNITED KINGDOM | Feb. 24, 2015 21:06

The best time to visit is from Mar. 20 to Apr. 15. If the warm weather continues, they may blossom earlier.
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