Jiuxiang Scenic Area

Jiuxiang Scenic Area in Kunming, also called the Museum of Karst Caves, is a cluster of hundreds of karst caves, forming the largest such complex in China. It is about 40 kilometers (25 miles) from the Stone Forest. Jiuxiang Scenic Area and Stone Forest are both karst landscapes. There is a saying that “in Kunming, people can appreciate the stone forest above the ground and karst caves underground”.

Located in the Yi and Hui Autonomous Township of Yiliang, the Jiuxiang Scenic Area not only has beautiful landscapes but also displays the custom and culture of the Yi and Hui minorities. Here, you can appreciate lush forests, narrow canyons and underground caves. The Myth, a film starring Jackie Chan, took this special landscape as a backdrop. The main scenic spots of the Jiuxiang Scenic Area are Green Shady Valley, Grand Underground Valley, Grand Lion Hall, Twin Waterfalls, Fairy Fields and Bat Cave.
Map of Jiuxiang Scenic Area
Map of Jiuxiang Scenic Area
After going through the entrance of Jiuxiang Scenic Area, you take a sightseeing elevator with a fall of 53 meters (174 feet) down to Green Shady Valley. The valley is 1,000 meters (1,090 yards) long with the Maitian River flowing through. Green Shady Valley, also known as Lover Valley, used to be the place where boys and girls sang love songs to each other. Taking a boat through the narrow gorge, you can appreciate differently shaped limestone formations covered with lush plants on both sides of the river.

At the end of the boat trip, you can walk along the path through the Grand Underground Valley in Jiuxiang Scenic Area. The underground valley passes through steep cliffs which seem to have been sliced apart. Compared with Green Shady Valley, the river here flows faster because of the narrower width. You should watch your step!

Passing through the Grand Underground Valley, brings you to Grand Lion Hall, an underground oval hall with a pitched vault. It is named after a group of stalagmites shaped like a lion near the south exit of the hall. The top of the broad hall is a huge rock seemingly without any support. A centrally located exhibition displays some special stones and ethnic handicrafts.

Close to Grand Lion Hall is Fairy Palace of Jiuxiang Scenic Area. Different-shaped stalactites and stalagmites, highlighted with colored lights, are bright and mysterious. On crossing Diehong Bridge, you enter Lying Dragon Cave. Two huge waterfalls, called Twin Waterfalls, with a drop of 30 meters (98 feet), pour over the cliffs in the cave into a 10-meter (32-foot) deep pool, making a deafening sound.

Continuing on, you can see Fairy Field, off to one side of the path. Layers of stalagmites, highlighted with colored lights, look like terraced fields. There is a huge conical stalactite shaped like a grain of cereal, bathed in a gold-yellow light.

Then, you can go to Yi Minority Village where young people perform traditional minority dances for you.

The next spot to visit is Bat Cave, also known as Underground Downturned Stone Forest. It used to have many bats living there, but now there only remains a stone ‘forest’ hanging upside down from the top of the cave. The stone forest is characterized by its great and irregular inclination.

At the end of the path, there is a chairlift station. You can choose to take the chairlift for 10 minutes, walk for about 25 minutes, or ride a horse to get to the exit of the Jiuxiang Scenic Area.


It is suggested you wear sports shoes for the paths in Jiuxiang Scenic Area are damp and slippery, and uneven.

How to Get to Jiuxiang Scenic Area

From Kunming to Yiliang
Take a middle bus in East Bus Passenger Station of Kunming to Shuanglu Hotel of Yiliang County.

From Yiliang to Jiuxiang Scenic Area
Take bus no.21 in the Yiliang Bus Passenger Station to Jiuxiang Scenic Area. Remember not to get off at Jiuxiang Town, where the bus stops on the way. The journey takes over one hour.

After visiting Jiuxiang Scenic Area, you can go to the Stone Forest. Take Jiuxiang - Yiliang bus no.21 to get back to Yiliang Bus Passenger Station. Then, take a bus to the Stone Forest. The whole journey takes one and forty minutes.
Entrance Fee CNY 60 per person, includes boat ticket and tour guide fee
Free of charge for children below 1.3 meters (4.2 feet)

Chairlift: CNY 30
Opening Hours 09:00-18:00
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Questions & Answers on Jiuxiang Scenic Area
Asked by Rara from MALAYSIA | Mar. 05, 2019 17:40Reply
i arrive kunming railway station at 6.30 am. im planning to go jiuxiang scenic area
and my flight at 5pm on the same day.
which one is better way to go jiuxiang.

1-take train from the railway station - shilin station
then take didi to go jiuxiang scenic area
2- take didi from the railway station to jiuxiang scenic area?

we are four person
Answers (1)
Answered by Cheyenne from FRANCE | Mar. 07, 2019 19:14

For your convenience, you are suggested to hire a prviate car or Didi from Kunming Railway Station to the scenic area directly. Generally speaking, the fare is CNY500 to 700 for the single trip.
Asked by BB from THAILAND | Feb. 05, 2019 03:58Reply
Are there lockers or left luggage service in Jiuxiang scenic area
Answers (1)
Answered by Eleanor from UNITED KINGDOM | Feb. 14, 2019 00:28

Yes, the scenic area provides left luggage service.
Asked by Ayendra from SRI LANKA | Nov. 13, 2018 08:50Reply
I need to visit stone forests and Jiuxiang within one day. Im starting from Kunming.
How should I do?
Answers (2)
Answered by Hannah from CANADA | Nov. 13, 2018 22:03

There are three ways recommended to you:
1. take the public transportation by yourself. first take the bus at East Bus Station to Jiuxiang. After the visit in Jiuxiang, take the direct bus at Jiuxiang Parking Lot at about 13:00 to Shilin scenic area. Finally, take the shuttle bus at individual traveler reception center to return Kunming.

2. Book a tour and you don't need worry about the transportation but has fewer visiting time.

3. Sharing a car with others. It would be much expensive but more convenient and comfortable.
Answered by BB from THAILAND | Feb. 04, 2019 20:34

How long for visiting time stone forest and Jiuxiang?
Asked by Nin from MALAYSIA | Mar. 17, 2018 13:11Reply
Public transport from KMG Airport to Jiuxiang
I'll arrive at KMG airport at 7am and my next flight is 1:30am (+1). What is the best option for public transport from the airport to the JX Scenic Area only (not including Shilin). I planned for Airport-East bus Station-Yiliang-JX-Yiliang-East Bus Station-Airport. Is it ok?
Answers (1)
Answered by Samel from GERMANY | Mar. 19, 2018 02:14

Yes, your plan is okay! Nice trip!
Asked by ida from MALAYSIA | Dec. 07, 2017 09:12Reply
the best transit location to jiuxiang and stone forest
if I want to go to stone forest on the 1st day from kunming, and the jiuxiang cave on 2nd day, where would be the best place to overnight? yiliang? shilin? which is easy to drop by bus otw from Kunming and to continue to both places by bus. any suggestion for hotel? its very difficult to find from google map as I don't know where is the bus station in yiliang.
Answers (5)
Answered by Amy from SINGAPORE | Dec. 07, 2017 19:49

You are suggested to stay near Stone Forest, hotels like Stone Forest Hotel, Holiday Inn and Summer Resort Hotel are good. Then, you can take a private car to Jiuxiang next day. BYW, there are many cars available, and you can share the fare with other visitors. It takes about 30 minutes and CNY20 or so.
Answered by ida from MALAYSIA | Dec. 11, 2017 02:23

tqvm Amy
Answered by ida from MALAYSIA | Dec. 11, 2017 03:21

I have already booked Bosheng Holiday Hotel, anyone know how to reach the hotel from Kunming city? I cannot find the email of the property to ask.
Answered by ida from MALAYSIA | Dec. 11, 2017 19:20

if I want to checkout the hotel on 2nd day and bring all the luggage to jiuxiang cave, is there any place to store the luggage there? so I can go back to Kunming straight after that.
Answered by Liela from USA | Dec. 11, 2017 19:31

Well, your hotel is near Stone Forest Scenic Area, so you need to take a bus from East Coach Station to the area first. Then, take a private car to your hotel. BTW, here is the Chinese name of the hotel: 石林铂晟假日酒店
As for luggage storage, I was told you can store it at the tourist service center.
Have a nice trip!
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