Xiamen Metro Line 4

Houxi Town - Xiang'an Airport

Running from east to the west, Xiamen metro line 4 will connect Houxi Town and Xiang’an Airport via 10 stations, including North Railway Station. With a total length of 45 kilometers (28 miles), Xiamen subway line 4 will pass through Lingang New City, Maluanwan New City, Guankou Town, and Houxi Town areas. It is scheduled to start serving the public in the end of 2020.

Route of Xiamen Metro Line 4

Houxi Town - North Railway Station - Guanxun - Bingzhoudao - Chengchang - Shuangguocun - Hongkeng - Pengcuo North - Caicuo - Xiang’an Airport

Transfer of Xiamen Metro Line 4

 Hongkeng & Caicuo & Xiang’an Airport: Transfer with line 3

Surroundings and Bus Routes near Metro Stations of Line 4

(“” refers to transfer stations)

 Houxi Town
Surroundings: Hengsheng Road, Rende Road, North Sunban Road, Xinyuan Apartment, Hengqi Apartment, Rendeli Community, Fuwanjia Supermarket, Houxi Central Primary School, Houxi Middle School, Yumiao Kindergarten, Lejiayuan Hotel
Bus Routes: 692, 900, 905, 909, 929, 936, 954, 980

 North Railway Station
Surroundings: Yanchang Road, Shengguo Road, North Railway Station, Time’s Square, Vanke Plaza, Houxi Long Distance Coach Station, Yangguang Huayuan Community, Beishan Park, Chuangnei Primary School
Bus Routes: 493, 690, 691, 692, 790, 792, 890, 898, 901, 905, 907, 916, 936, 943, 949, 953, 957

Surroundings: Xizhou Road, Haixiang Avenue, Huli Industrial Park, Siming Industrial Park, Tong’an Industrial Park, Siming Industrial Park, Lantian Apartment, Xiaohonghua Primary School, Industrial and Commercial Bank
Bus Routes: 601, 604, 615, 635, 691, 961

Surroundings: Xizhou Road, Tong’an Bridge, Bingzhou Island, Guomao Jinshawan Community, Yixiang Shoufu Community, Shangpinwan Community, Bingzhou Primary School, Guoqi Middle School, Xiamen Experimental School
Bus Route: 615

Surroundings: Haixiang Flyover, Manjia Apartment, Xingfu Apartment, Shuangrui Industrial Park, Hetai Industrial Park, Chengchang Primary School, Qiongtou Primary School, Tingyang Primary School, Xiangnan Primary School, Xiban Hospital, China Mobile
Bus Routes: 370, 701, 716, 763

Surroundings: Xiyan Road, Hongcuo Village, Shuangguo Village, Shuangguo Mountain, Hongcuo Primary School, Putuoyan Temple
Bus Route: 705

Surroundings: West Xiang’an Road, Xiang’an Avenue, Ditie Community, Hongkeng Village, Zhennan Primary School, Zhennan Middle School
Bus Routes: 708, 715

Pengcuo North
Surroundings: Penglai Road, Pubin Road, Haitou Road, Qianwu Village, Xindian Town, Xinxingyaju Community, Wujia Apartment
Bus Routes: 703, 715, 717, 740, 756

Surroundings: East Xiang’an Road, Dadeng Bridge, Caicuo Village, Meihao Jiayuan Community, 
Houcun Primary School, Qinghuilong Supermarket
Bus Routes: 756, 760

 Xiang’an Airport
Surroundings: South Dadeng Road, Dongcai Road, Xiaodeng Fishing Village, Xiang’an Airport, Beimen Community, Dongxing Primary School, Longhai Palace, Tongji Temple, Dadeng Hospital
Bus Route: 760
- Last updated on Apr. 07, 2020 -
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