Ski Resorts in Zhangjiakou

Endowed with many famous ski resorts, Zhangjiakou is an ideal location for skiing close to Beijing. Its snowing period lasts as long as 150 days from late November to late March. Most of the ski resorts are located in Chongli County, including the Genting Resort Secret Garden, the Wanlong Ski Resort, the Changchengling Skiing Field and the Dolomiti Mountain Resort. As a co-host city of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, Zhangjiakou will establish five competition venues. Hence, the city is expecting to attract more and more skiers and sightseers in the near future.
Ski Map of Genting Resort Secret Garden
Ski Map of Genting Resort Secret Garden
The Genting Resort Secret Garden is a perfect winter tourist spot in China. 35 trails are opened for beginners, intermediate skiers and advanced skiers. In addition, several cable lines were installed to transfer tourists up and down the mountains. This resort will be transformed into Genting Snow Park A and B for the 2022 Winter Olympics.

Wanlong Ski Resort

It is located in Chongli County, Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province, 155 miles (249 kilometers) northwest of central Beijing. It has an elevation drop of 1,804 feet (550 meters). There are twenty-two trails, including two for beginners, four for intermediate and sixteen for the advanced skiers. In addition, there are two double-rider chairlifts with a capacity of 1,950 riders per hour; three four-rider chairlifts with a capacity of 3,100 riders per hour and finally, one magic carpet for beginners. The snow making and grooming machines have a large capacity to produce pure white snow at the resort. The resort opens from 8:00 to 16:30. Ticket prices are listed below.
Duration Jan 1st to 3rd;  Jan 1st to 7th in Chinese Calendar Weekdays or Weekends
Trails + Chairlifts Skis +Trails + Chairlifts Trails + Chairlifts Skis + Trails + Chairlifts
2 Hours / / CNY 280 CNY 430
4 Hours / / CNY 370 CNY 540
1 Day CNY 610 CNY 980 CNY 530 CNY 790
1.5 Days CNY 850 CNY 1,300 CNY 720 CNY 1,060
2 Days CNY 980 CNY 1,520 CNY 810 CNY 1,220
Sightseeing Ticket: CNY 100

In addition, there are some special tickets available for skiing lovers.

Types of Tickets  Fare
Season Tickets Weekday Season Ticket CNY 4,580
Weekend Season Ticket CNY 7,580
Full Season Ticket CNY 12,800
Children Season Ticket (less than 12 years old) CNY 3,300, valid for 60 days once activated
Youth Season Ticket (12 to 20 years old) CNY 3900, valid for 60 days once activated
Individual Tickets Five-Time Ticket (Twelve Hours Every Time) CNY 1,250
Ten-Time Ticket (Four Hours Every Time) CNY 3,600
Ten-Time Ticket (Eight Hours Every Time) CNY 4,880
Ten-Time Ticket (Twelve Hours Every Time) CNY 6,380
Family Tickets Twenty-Time Ticket (Eight Hours Every Time) CNY 9,880
Twenty-Time Ticket (Twelve Hours Every Time) CNY 12,880


Changchengling Skiing Field

Map of Changchengling Skiing Field
Map of Changchengling Skiing Field

It is located within the Heping Forest Park at Chongli County, Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province, with a gross area of 6 square miles (15 square kilometers). Its altitude ranges between 5,906 feet (1,800 meters) and 6,890 feet (2,100 meters). The annual average temperature is 38 F (3.3 C ). It has the best skiing conditions in north China and its snow quality, quantity and duration can rival those of the Yabuli International Ski Resort in northeast Heilongjiang Province. In addition, it is far cheaper than other ski resorts in Zhangjiakou.

There are five trails, with a daily capacity of 5,000 people. The primary trail has a gross length of 492 yards (450 meters), with a slope of 6 degrees. The intermediate trail measures 1,094 yards (1,000 meters) in length, with a gradient of 14 degrees. The first advanced trial has a length of 1,531 yards (1,400 meters), and a slope of 20 degrees. The second advanced run is 1,640 yards (1,500 meters) in length and 23 degrees in gradient. The third advanced trail measures 601 yards (550 meters) in length and 23 degrees in gradient. This resort is being served by five cable lines to transfer skiers and sightseers up and down the mountains, including one four-rider chairlift, two double-rider chairlifts, one magic carpet and one drag lift.

200 pairs of competition skis, 1,000 pairs of advanced ones, and 300 pairs of ordinary ones are availble for rental. Furthermore, people can rent suits, glasses, wardrobes, shoes and other skiing equipment here. Opening hours are from 8:30 to 16:30, and ticket prices are as follows.


Duration Skis  Cableways Skis + Cableways
Weekday 2 Hours CNY 60 CNY 70 CNY 120
4 Hours CNY 80 CNY 100 CNY 140
1 Day CNY 120 CNY 120 CNY 190
Weekend; January 1st to 3rd 2 Hours CNY 60 CNY 100 CNY 140
4 Hours CNY 80 CNY 130 CNY 180
1 Day CNY 120 CNY 180 CNY 210
January 1st to 7th in Chinese calendar 2 Hours CNY 100 CNY 120 CNY 190
4 Hours CNY 130 CNY 200 CNY 260
1 Day  CNY 180 CNY 290 CNY 330


Dolomiti Mountain Resort

The Dolomiti Mountain Resort is 140 miles northwest of Beijing in Sitaizui Township, Chongli County, Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province. It is famous for snow sports and beautiful scenery. The elevation varies from 4,921 feet (1,500 meters) to 7,133 feet (2,174 meters). The natural snow has a thickness of over 4.9 feet (1.5 meters), covering a total area of 741 acres (300 hectares). There are eight trails in total. Additionally, the Snowboard Park, Forest Park and Children's Paradise provide visitors with various skiing facilities.

The eight trails were named after famous Italian cities. The Rome Trail is designed for beginners to delight themselves in the snow world. The Torino Trail, the Parma Trail, the Milan Trail, the Bologna Trail, the Pisa Trail, and the Naples Trail are for intermediate skiers who can enjoy themselves with the rises and falls of slopes. Advanced skiers may enjoy themselves on the Florence Trail, which has an exciting length of 1,072 yards (980 meters), a width of 38 yards (35 meters), and an average slope of 27 degrees.

The resort opens from 9:00 to 16:30 on weekdays and from 8:30 to 17:00 on weekends and public holidays. Ticket prices are listed below.

Items Time Duration
4 hours 1 day 1.5 days 2 days
Ski Equipment Weekdays CNY 120 CNY 170 CNY 230 CNY 290
Weekends CNY 170 CNY 240 CNY 330 CNY 400
Holidays CNY 200 CNY 300 CNY 360 CNY 480
Chairlift Weekdays CNY 168 CNY 258 CNY 358 CNY 450
Weekends CNY 248 CNY 378 CNY 535 CNY 650
Holidays CNY 338 CNY 538 CNY 736 CNY 850
Ski Equipment+ Chairlift
Weekdays / CNY 342 CNY 470 CNY 592
Weekends / CNY 494 CNY 692 CNY 840
Holidays / CNY 670 CNY 877 CNY 1,044
Drag Lift+ Magic Carpet Weekdays CNY 80 CNY 100 / /
Weekends CNY 120 CNY 150 / /
Holidays CNY 180 CNY 225 / /
Ski Equipment+ Drag Lift+ Magic Carpet Weekdays CNY 160 CNY 216 / /
Weekends CNY 232 CNY 312 / /
Holidays CNY 304 CNY 420 / /
Children less than 3.9 feet (1.2 meters) can enjoy half skis rental fee and travel on cableway free.
The cableway is in operation from 8:30 to 16:30.
One needs to pay CNY 600 as a deposit when renting skis.

The rental fee for each piece of skiing equipment is listed below.
Items Fare/ Day Deposit
Helmet CNY 10 CNY 200
Ski Sticks CNY 10 CNY 100
Gloves CNY 10 CNY 100
Small Cabinet CNY 15 CNY 100
Large Cabinet CNY 30 CNY 100
Snow Glasses CNY 30 CNY 200
Snow Coat CNY 30 CNY 200
Snow Suit CNY 40 CNY 200
Skis CNY 50 /
Snow Tubing Weekdays: CNY 40/ half a day; CNY 60/ day
Weekends: CNY 50/ half a day;  CNY 80/ day
Holidays: CNY 80/ half a day; CNY 120/ day
There are also some season tickets for skiers.
Types of Tickets Fare
Weekday Season Ticket CNY 2,280
Full Season Ticket CNY 3,980
Children Season Ticket (shorter than 4.6 feet) CNY 1,680
Beginner's Season Ticket CNY 1,680
Family Season Ticket for an adult and a child shorter than 4.6 feet (1.4 meters) CNY 4,520


How to get to Chongli Ski Resorts in Zhangjiakou

 By Long-distance Bus:
Board bus at Lianhuachi Long-distance Bus Station for Chongli County. Take a taxi to your destination upon arrival at the terminal.

The long-distance bus departs at 7:30, 9:00, 13:00 and 14:30 daily. It costs CNY 80 per person and  takes about 3 hours to arrive at Chongli.

By Train:
Catch a train at either Beijing Railway Station, or Beijing North Railway Station, or Beijing West Railway Station to Zhangjiakou South Train Station. Upon arrival, either take a taxi to your destination directly or bus line 10 to Xishahe Long-distance Bus Station and then change to the long-distance bus to Chongli County; then take a taxi to your destination.

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Questions & Answers on Ski Resorts in Zhangjiakou
Asked by Mohamed from SOUTH AFRICA | Jan. 01, 2020 15:34Reply
What’s the easiest way to travel from Zhangjiakou railway station to wangling ski resort
Answers (1)
Answered by Sally from NEW ZEALAND | Jan. 02, 2020 19:54

Do you mean Wanlong Ski Resort? You can take bus k3 to Zhangjiakou Bus Station, then take tourist bus from there to the destination.
Asked by Matt from UK | Oct. 05, 2018 02:16Reply
Ski during Spring Festival of Zhangjiakou Ski Resorts?
Hello, can you tell me whether these resorts are expected to be crowded during the Spring Festival, particularly between the 4th - 11th February? Are there other resorts relatively near to Beijing which are less crowded? Thanks
Answers (1)
Answered by Aba from USA | Oct. 11, 2018 01:00

Yes, it may be very crowded and expensive during the Spring Festival, including 4th - 11th February. You can have a try Lotus Mountain Ski Resort and Jundu Mountain Ski Resort.
Asked by AlexBeet from ENGLAND | Nov. 14, 2017 02:37Reply
I want to find out the best way to get to Chongli County of Zhangjiakou.
I have skis and no car, I'm not sure I can take skis in a taxi. Do any of the resorts run shuttle buses from Beijing? I haven't been able to find any information about this.
Answers (3)
Answered by Robert from DENMARK | Nov. 14, 2017 21:10

Yes, there are buses from Lianhuachi Bus Station. The buses depart at 7:00, 7:30, 9:00, 13:00 and 14:40, costing CNY80.
Answered by Alex from ENGLAND | Nov. 15, 2017 01:22

Do these buses go directly to the resorts? If I want to go to Wanlong, for example, will I need to take a taxi? I plan to take my skis and I'm worried I won't be able to get them into a taxi.
Answered by Robert | Nov. 15, 2017 19:16

As I know, the bus doesn’t go straight to the resorts but the bus station, so you may take a local car to the resort.
By the way, I was told there is a shuttle bus from Gongzhufen station of metro line 1 and line 10 to Wanlong Ski Resort, which costs CNY120 for a single trip!
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