Wuhan Travel Tips

 Wuhan Basic Facts:
Area: 8,406 square kilometers (3246 square miles)
Population: 7,860,000
Dialing Code: 027
Postal Code: 430014
Government Location: Jiang'an District
Administrative Districts: 13 - Jiang'an District, Hanjiang District, Qiaokou District, Hanyang District, Wuchang District, Qingshan District, Hongshan District, Dongxihu District, Hannan District, Caidian District, Jiangxia District, Huangbei District, and Xinzhou District

 Money Matters

Money can be exchanged at Wuhan International Airport, at branch offices of the Bank of China, and at most hotels in the city. Exchange rates fluctuate in line with international financial market conditions and are published daily by the State Exchange Control Administration. Branches of the Bank of China have currency boards presenting the real-time exchange rates. So make sure to ask about the rates before exchanging money. Rates at hotels may be a little higher than those at the Bank of China. Some hotels only exchange currency for their guests.

Keep your currency exchange receipts because you will need to show them when you change RMB back to your own currency at the end of your visit.

 Useful Telephone Numbers

Hubei Provincial Hospital: 027-88041911 (at No. 238 Jiefang Lu, Wuchang)
No.1 Wuhan Hospital: 027-85855908 (at No. 375 Zhongshan Dadao, Hankou)
Wuhan Children's Hospital: 027-82427524 (at No. 213, Qiuchang Jie, Hankou)
Woman & Children's Care Center: 027-82429551 (at No. 218-2, Xianggang Lu, Hankou)

 Foreign Consulates

So far only France has a consulate branch established at No. 566, Jianshe Dadao in the city.
Address: Room 809, Wuhan International Commercial & Trade Center, at No. 566 Jianshe Dadao
Postal Code: 430022
E-mail: chancellerie@consulfrance-wuhan.org
Tel: 0086+27+8577 8403, 8577 8405, 8577 8406, 8577 8423

 China Embassies Abroad
 Foreign Embassies and Consulates in China


Wuhan University

Set up in 1893, it lies at the foot of picturesque Luojia Hill beside East Lake, and is the most famous university in the city. While walking in or around the campus you can easily find friendly young people who are very kind to foreigners and answer any of your questions about China or visit in the city. With luck, some may give you advice on finding cheap accommodations on the campus. The address of the university is located at Luo Jia Shan in Wuhan. You can take Bus No. 564 from Wuchang Railway Station to get there.

FSES of Wuhan University
The College of Foreign Students' Education (or The Foreign Students Education School - FSES) in the university is in charge of the university's various kinds of foreign student enrolment. It also looks after the students' management, and their Chinese language specialty teaching and training. It is one of China's examination centers for the HSK examination and the examination for the qualification of teachers teaching the Chinese language to foreign students. Find English speaking students to get advice on your plans to stay in the city.

Address (for contact):

English Chinese
The Office of The College of Foreign Students Education,
Wuhan University, Hubei Proince, P. R. China
Postcode: 430072

Telephone: 0086-27-87863154, 87682209
Fax: 0086-27-87863154
E-mail address: fses@whu.edu.cn

 Hubei University

The International School of Hubei University located at No. 11, Xueyuan Lu in the town of Wuchang, is another institution that enrolls foreign students.
Address (for contact)

English Chinese
International School, Hubei University
No. 11, Xueyuan Lu, Wuchang
Wuhan, Hubei Province, P. R. China
Postcode 430062

Tel: 0086 27 88662709
Fax: 86 27 88664263
Email: international@hubu.edu.cn

 Other universities
1.China University of Geoscience
Getting there: Bus No. 59 from Wuchang Railway Station

2.Huazhong Normal University
Getting there: Bus No. 66 from Wuchang Railway Station

3.Huazhong Agricultural University
Getting there: Bus No. 74 from Wuchang Railway Station

4.East China University of Technology
Getting there: Bus No. 518 from Wuchang Railway Station

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