Singing Sand Ravine

Singing Sand RavineSinging Sand Ravine (Xiangsha Wan) is a mega comprehensive desert resort in the east Kubuqi Desert of Inner Mongolia, 31 miles (50 kilometers) away from Baotou City. The name Xiangsha in Chinese means that the sand can make different sounds, which is the most distinctive feature of this place. There are about 100 entertainment programs, such as sand-sliding, camel-riding, and desert motorcycle. Visitors can also have a taste of Mongolian life and enjoy the local marriage customs.

Why is the Sand Singing?

Dunes of Xiangshawan Port, which is on the west of Yilisha Holiday Village, are 361 feet (110 meters) in height with a slope of 45 degrees, forming a giant Echo Wall. When you slide down the dunes from the top, there will be a massive roar like the sound of an airplane. You can also hear a croaking sound when you hold up a handful of sand. However, the principle of this interesting phenomenon is still an unsolved mystery. But there is a story spread among local people, giving it a very bizarre explanation. Long ago, a grand lamasery was built here with thousands of lamas living in. One day when they performed their daily ritual of chanting sutras, while playing drums and horns, the howling wind whipped up the sand, burying the lamasery in the desert all of a sudden. Therefore, sounds in the desert are considered the drums and horns played by lamas' souls. 

Map of Singing Sand Ravine
Map of Singing Sand Ravine
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There are five holiday villages in Singing Sand Ravine, named Yilisha, Fusha Island, Yuesha Island, Xiansha Island, and Lianshan Island.

Yilisha Holiday Village

Yilisha Holiday Village is separated from the following holiday villages by a river. There is a large open-air pool for you to get away from the hotness and desiccation, and to enjoy the view of the desert at the same time.

Fusha Island

Visitors can experience the real life of Mongolians in Fusha Island.

Starting the day with a cup of mellow milk tea made by a Mongolian grandma, you may take the characteristic carriage driven by a local grandpa to the wide grassland to enjoy the original herding life. At noon, a traditional Mongolian wedding will be performed to demonstrate local marriage custom. The night is the liveliest time of a day. Enthusiastic local people will invite you to their gers to have dinner, which is definitely a feast for your stomach, with kumiss and delicious roast of a whole lamb. You can also hear local drinking songs and enjoy Mongolian dance during the banquet.

Xiangshawan Desert

Yuesha Island

Passing by the old Mongolian tribe, you will get to Yuesha Island. It is a place to feel the joy brought by art and sports. You can take part in many activities there, such as rhythmic gymnastics, aerobics, street dance, and beach volleyball. Or you can stay in Desert Water World to have a different swimming experience. Making a sand sculpture or painting is also a good choice to feel the charm of the desert.

Xiansha Island

Differs from the comfort of Yuesha Island, Xiansha Island is full of thrilling activities, such as walking on a tightrope, and bike-riding in a ball. A large performance, Desert Acrobatics World, will be put on stage in Guolao Theater, which is really worth seeing.

Liansha Island

Liansha Island is a Buddhism-themed holiday village for you to relax, both physically and mentally. There is a large-scale hotel named Lotus. As its name indicates, it looks exactly like a big lotus blooming in the desert.

Transportation in the Scenic Area

Yilisha Holiday Village – Xiangshawan Port No.1 and No.2 Cableways
Tourist Center – Fusha Island No.3 Cableway
Xiangshawan Port – Xiansha Island Desert Surfing Car
Xiangshawan Port – Yuesha Island Desert Sightseeing Train or Desert Surfing Car
Xiangshawan Port – Fusha Island Desert Surfing Car
Xiansha Island – Yuesha Island Riding Camels
Fusha Island – Yuesha Island Desert Surfing Car
Fusha Island – Xiansha Island Desert Surfing Car
Sightseeing Area – Leisure Area (In Fusha Island) Desert Sightseeing Car

How to Get There?

Singing Sand Ravine is located between Baotou and Dongsheng District of Ordos, and not very far from Hohhot. There are coaches from Baotou, Hohhot, and Dongsheng to the scenic area.

You can take coaches bounded for Dongsheng in Baotou Long-Distance Bus Terminal, Hohhot West Passenger Station, or Hohhot Tongda South Long-Distance Bus Station. Otherwise, take coaches going to Baotou from Ordos Dongsheng District Passenger Center Station. Get off at the intermediate stop: Singing Sand Ravine (Xiangsha Wan) Flyover. Then walk 1.3 miles (2.1 kilometers) or take a taxi to the destination.

Admission Fee

CNY 130 (Including cableway fee. Other activities should be paid separately.)
Children Ticket: CNY 80
(for children between 3.9 and 4.9 feet (1.2 and 1.5 meters) in height)
Free of charge for children less than 3.9 feet (1.2 meters) in height.
Opening Hours 8:00 – 19:00
Recommended Time to Visit May to October
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Questions & Answers on Singing Sand Ravine
Asked by Elly saw from MALAYSIA | May. 22, 2019 10:44Reply
What is the weather like now in Ordos?
Answers (1)
Answered by Jim from AUSTRALIA | May. 22, 2019 18:55

The temperature may range from 15C to 25C. People wear thin sweaters and coats.
Asked by Cheryl Ann from CHINA | Apr. 02, 2019 15:23Reply
Is Singing Sand Ravine open in April?
Answers (1)
Answered by Ellie from CANADA | Apr. 02, 2019 23:06

Yes, it opens in April.
Asked by Clementi from THAILAND | Aug. 31, 2017 06:20Reply
Ordos to Xiangshawan to Baotou
How and what time is the earliest time to get to Xiangshawan from Ordos by public transportation? Also from Xiangshawan to Baotou, is there any bus timetable? I'll be there in this December. Thank you.
Answers (1)
Answered by Donna from CANADA | Sep. 04, 2017 20:02

As I know, you can take a bus from Dongsheng Long Distance Bus Station in Ordos to Xiangshawan, it takes about 50 minutes, but I didn’t find the exact schedule, so you are suggested to go there as early as possible.

From Xiangshawan to Baotou, I didn’t find the bus, but I know there is bus from Baotou Airport and Railway Station to Xiangshawan, so I think there may be buses back, you can ask more information when you get there. Or you can charter a car to Baotou, which may take 50 minutes and CNY150-200.
Asked by s from CANADA | Aug. 27, 2016 19:50Reply
Hello, are there any home stays near Singing Sand Ravine? What city is best to stay close by?
Answers (1)
Answered by Tina from INDIA | Aug. 27, 2016 20:39

Near the scenic spot, there are several hotels and Mongolian yurts for accommodation. Inside the scenic area, there are also hotels for your choice. You need to book it in advance. The nearest city is Dalateqi.
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