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Best Guizhou Food in Shanghai

Guizhou Cuisine, also named Qian Cuisine, is composed of Guiyang dishes, North Guizhou (Qianbei) dishes and dishes of many minorities. Till now, Guizhou Cuisine has had a history of more than 600 years. If you are keen on spicy Chinese food, Guizhou cuisine is really a good choice. You can find best Guizhou food in Shanghai. With its distinct pure and fresh spices, Guizhou food is even spicier than Sichuan food. Only several Qian cuisine restaurants can be found in Shanghai and the following are for your reference.

Qian Restaurant

Chinese name: 黔香阁 (qián xiāng gé)
Qian Restaurant is an old and famous Guizhou Cuisine restaurant in Shanghai. It provides the best Guizhou Food in Shanghai. Dishes served here are improved with delicate appearances. Chicken in pottery pot and Wujiang fish are highly recommended.
Average cost per person: CNY150 - CNY200
Biyun Branch
Location: Biyun Sports & Leisure Center, No. 633, Pudong New Area
Hongqiao Branch
Location: No. 525, Hongzhong Road, Changning District (near West Yan'an Road)
Huamu Branch
Location: 5F, Building No. 7, No. 252, Jinkang Road

Gan Guo Ju

Chinese name: 干锅居 (gān guō jū)
Gan Guo Ju is one of best ten Guizhou Cuisine restaurants in China, mainly serving griddled food. Its signature dishes are griddled chicken and Wujiang Fish.
Average cost per person: CNY100
Location: 3F, New World Plaza, No. 479, East Nanjing Road, Huangpu District

Qian Zhuang

Chinese name: 黔庄 (qián zhuāng)
Guizhou water and mountains are the major decoration elements of Qian Zhuang, people can not only taste best Guizhou food in Shanghai here, but also feel the ethnic culture. Fish in sour soup and chicken in pottery pot deserve to be tasted.
Average cost per person: CNY85
Wuzhong Road Branch
Location: No. 933, Wuzhong Road, Minhang District
Bijiang Square Branch
Location: 3F, Building No. 3, Bijiang Square, No. 900, Heqing Road
Qixin Road Branch
Location: Building No. 5, No. 3599, Qixin Road

Gudao Cunluo

Chinese name: 古道村落 (gǔ dào cūn luò)
The reasonable price and good service of this restaurant attract many diners. You are recommended to taste the fish head and griddled shredded Chinese cabbage.
Average cost per person: CNY60 - CNY100
Gumei Road Branch
Location: No. 959, Gumei Road, Minhang District
Chundu Road Branch
Location: No. 72, Chundu Road, Minhang District
Jinshan Shihua Branch
Jinshan branch: No. 111, Shihua Qianjing Avenue, Jinshan District

Miao Zhai

Chinese name: 苗寨 (miáo zhài)
Braised Mutton in Casserole is a must-try in this restaurant.
Average cost per person: CNY110
Location: No. 2906, Jinshajiang Road

Chuan Qian Dishes

Chinese name: 川黔菜 (chuān qián cài)
Authentic Guizhou dishes can be tasted in this restaurant and the stir fry fish head with chopped hot chili should not be missed.
Average cost per person: CNY50
Location: No. 91-93, Changqing Road, Pudong New Area (near Chengshan Road)

Qian Ling Niu Zhuang

Chinese name: 黔岭牛庄 (qián lǐng niú zhuāng)
As one of the top Qian cuisine restaurants recommended by local people, it has three branches in this city.
Average cost per person: CNY150
Wanhui Square Branch
Location: 2F, Building No. 4, Wanhui Square, No. 863, South Hongmei Road
Pujiang Square Branch
Location: 4F, Building B, Pujiang Square, No. 1850, Jiangyue Road
Xinqiao Branch
Location: No. 64, Mingxing Road, Xinqiao Town, Songjiang District

Qian Shang Pin

Chinese name: 黔上品 (qián shàng pǐn)
Average cost per person: CNY65
Location: F06, 2F, Longyang Square, No. 2000, Longyang Road

Guizhou Xiaoguan

Chinese name: 黔小二 (qián xiǎo er)
Average cost per person: CNY75
Location: 3F, Kaiyuan Shopping Mall, Lane 927, New Songjiang Road

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