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Top Zhejiang Restaurants in Shanghai

Blueberry and YamCuisines from three famous cities in Zhejiang Province - Hangzhou, Ningbo & Shaoxing Food, represent authentic Zhejiang Cuisine. Hangzhou Cuisine, also known as Hangbang Cuisine, is now the most influential and popular.

Thanks to the dense water network, Zhejiang dishes have very abundant ingredients like seafood and aquatic products. The dishes usually has light and fresh flavor so that they are easily accepted by Shanghai locals. That’s why there are plenty of top Zhejiang restaurants in Shanghai. Authentic Zhejiang dishes can be tasted in these restaurants, such as West Lake Fish in Vinegar Gravy, Dongpo Braised Pork, West Lake Water Shield Soup and Fuliji Roast Chicken.

Top Zhejiang Restaurants in Shanghai

Hangzhou Cuisine Restaurants

Shunfeng Restaurant

Chinese name: 金时代顺风大酒店 (jīn shí dài shùn fēng dà jiǔ diàn)
It serves delicious Hangzhou and Cantonese dishes. Hong Kong dim sums are available at noon.
Average cost per person: CNY150
 Wuzhong Road Branch
Location: 3F, Gubei Baoding Plaza, No. 52, Wuzhong Road, Xuhui District (near Guilin Road)
 Huiyin Plaza Branch
Location: 5F, Bailian Xuhui Shopping Mall, No. 2038, Huashan Road, Xuhui District (near West Guangyuan Road)
 Xikang Branch
Location: inside Victory Plaza, No. 1068, Xikang Road, Putuo District (near Xinhui Road)
 Middle Ring Branch
Location: 2F, Building no. 6, Oasis Middle Ring Business Center, No. 1678, Jinshajiang Road, Putuo District
 Siping Road Branch
Location: 5F, Orient Shopping Center, No. 2500, Siping Road, Yangpu District (near Huangxing Road)
 The North Bund Branch
Location: 1-3F, No. 88, Hanyang Road, Hongkou District (near Wusong Road)
 Ruihong Road Branch
Location: 2F, the PALETTE, No. 116, Ruihong Road, Hongkou District (near North Linping Road)
 Yaohan Branch
Location: 9F, Yaohan (NextAge), No. 501, Zhangyang Road, Pudong New Area (near South Pudong Road)
 Zhabei Branch
Location: No. 218, Hengfeng Road, Zhabei District (near Hengtong Road)

Xinkaiyuan Hotel

Chinese name: 新开元大酒店 (xīn kāi yuán dà jiǔ diàn)
It is a restaurant chain of an old and famous Hangzhou restaurant brand. The spacious dining room provides the customers with a delightful environment. Dishes served here have light and fresh flavor.
Average cost per person: CNY150
 Huangpu Branch
Location: 3-4F, No. 98, Liuhe Road, Huangpu District
 Xiujiahui Road Branch
Location: No. 560, Xujiahui Road, Luwan District (near Dapu Road)

Zhang Sheng Ji

Chinese name: 张生记 (zhāng shēng jì)
As one of the top Zhejiang restaurants in Shanghai, Zhang Sheng Ji is an old Hangzhou cuisine restaurant, serving traditional Hangzhou dishes. Duck with bamboo shoot in boiled soup is the signature dish.
Average cost per person: CNY170
 Super Brand Mall branch: Store no. 42-44, 6F, Super Brand Mall, No. 168, West Lujiazui Road, Pudong New Area
 Laifushi Branch
Location: 5F, Laifushi Square, No. 1193, Changning Road
 Dingxiang Branch
Location: 3F, Dingxiang International Commercial Center, No. 858, Dingxiang Road

Ningbo Cuisine Restaurants

Ningbo Hantong Seafood Hotel

Chinese name: 汉通海鲜大酒店 (hàn tōng hǎi xiān dà jiǔ diàn)
Being a typical Zhejiang restaurant in Shanghai, this restaurant serves authentic Ningbo dishes, especially seafood. You are recommended to taste the mantis shrimp.
Average cost per person: CNY170
 Jiading Branch
Location: No. 79, Huyi Road
 Jiangwan Branch
Location: No. 428, Yixian Road, Hongkou District (near Wan'an Road)
 Zhangyang Road Branch
Location: No. 1587, Zhangyang Road, Pudong New Area (near Taolin Road)

Harvest Festival

Chinese name: 丰收日 (fēng shōu rì)
This restaurant mainly serves Ningbo dishes as well as some Shanghai dishes, becoming one of the top Zhejiang restaurants in Shanghai nowadays. Fresh seafood is the major ingredient. Fried Bombay duck with salt and pepper and green crabs with scallions are worth for a try. It has many branches in Shanghai and the following are just for your reference. 
Average cost per person: CNY150
 Huangpu Branch
Location: 1-2F, No. 68, Dapu Road, Luwan District (near Xujiahui Road)
 Yuyuan Branch
Location: 1-2F, No. 789, East Fuxing Road, Huangpu District
 Shangcheng Road Branch
Location: No. 518, Shangcheng Road, Pudong New Area
 Dongjing Road Branch
Location: 3F, Wanjia Plaza, No. 1881, Dongjing Road, Pudong New Area
 Tongchuan Road Branch
Location: 4F, Huge Lifestyle Center, No. 68, Tongchuan Road, Putuo District (near Fucun Road)
 Zhongshan Park Branch
Location: 5F, Huaning Lifestyle Center, No. 300, Xuanhua Road, Changning District (near Dingxi Road)
 Jiangqiao Wanda Branch
Location: Store no. 3001, Jiangqiao Wanda Plaza, No. 1051, West Jinshajiang Road, Jiading District

Baoyan Restaurant

Chinese name: 宝燕海鲜工厂 (bǎo yàn hǎi xiān gōng chǎng)
This restaurant is on the list of Top Zhejiang Restaurants in Shanghai. It offers diners a pleasant environment and very good service. Various seafood dishes deserve to be tasted, like clams, shrimp, razor clam and scallop.
Average cost per person: CNY300
 Binjiang Branch
Location: The Yun Plaza, No. 1999, Puming Road, Pudong New Area
 Minsheng Road Branch
Location: 1-2F, Taiping Life Building, No. 1399, Minsheng Road, Pudong New Area (near Dingxiang Road)
 Tianshan Road Branch
Location: 4F, Bingo Plaza, No. 341, Tianshan Road, Changning District (close to exit 2 of Weining Road subway station)
 Jing’an Branch
Location: 2F, Howard Johnson Business Club, No. 116, Shimen 1st Road, Jing’an District (near Weihai Road)
 Xuhui Branch
Location: 5F, Building no. 84, Xinyi Street, No. 706, Yishan Road, Xuhui District (close to exit 4 of Guilin Road subway station)
 Greenland Metropolis Branch
Location: Greenland Metropolis, No. 1, Lane 5000, Gonghe Xin Road, Baoshan District

Shaoxing Cuisine Restaurants

Shaoxing Restaurant

Chinese name: 绍兴饭店 (shào xīng fàn diàn)
This is a famous Shaoxing Cuisine restaurant. Dishes served here more or less cater for the taste of Shanghai locals. Pork with preserved vegetables is the signature dish.
Average cost per person: CNY170
 Daning Flagship Store Branch
Location: inside Shanghai Circus City, No. 2266, Gonghe New Road, Zhabei District (near West Guangzhong Road)
 Expo Branch
Location: 2F, World Expo Convention and Exhibition Center, No. 1099, Guozhan Road, Pudong New Area
 Dahua Branch
Location: No. 1088, Hualing Road, Baoshan District (near Xinhu Road)
 Zhenhua Road Branch
Location: No. 1108, Zhenhua Road, Baoshan District (near Hualing Road)
 West Longhua Road Branch
Location: No. 1, West Longhua Road, Xuhui District (near Longheng Road)
 Changjiang Road Branch
Location: No. 258, Changjiang Road

The XianHeng

Chinese name: 咸亨酒店 (xián hēng jiǔ diàn)
The XianHeng is an old restaurant in Shanghai serving authentic Shaoxing dishes. Pork with preserved vegetables, fried bean curd with odor, and fennel beans are recommended to have a taste.
Average cost per person: CNY100 - CNY200
 Changshou Road Branch
Location: 2F, skirt building of Yuanda Building, No. 378, Changshou Road, Putuo District (near Xikang Road)
 Liuzhou Road Branch
Location: No. 431, Liuzhou Road, Xuhui District (near Tianlin Road)

Kong Yiji

Chinese name: 孔乙己酒家 (kǒng yǐ jǐ jiǔ jiā)
This restaurant mainly serves Shaoxing dishes. Fennel beans and fried bean curd with odor are tasty. The special Shaoxing rice wine is highly recommended.
Average cost per person: CNY150
 Wenmiao Branch
Location: No. 36, Xuegong Street, Huangpu District (near Confucius Temple)
 Hongqiao Road Branch
Location: No. 1480, Hongqiao Road

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