China Restaurants in Shanghai

Top Taiwan Restaurants in Shanghai

Taiwan Cuisine is originated from Fujian Cuisine, because many of the original Taiwanese were immigrants from Fujian, a coastal province in southeastern China and facing Taiwan Island to its southeast. Taiwanese have improved traditional Fujian Cuisine to create their own cooking style. Japanese Cuisine, Hong Kong Cuisine and the 8 Chinse Cuisines mainland have also influenced the forming of the cuisine. Now, Taiwan Cuisine has already become independent and distinctive.

Shanghai attracts many Taiwanese merchants due to its fast economic development, so more and more Taiwanese start to take interest in visiting or settling down in this city. As a result, Taiwan Cuisine gradually becomes popular. Taiwan is surrounded by the sea and abundant in marine products, so seafood is sure to lead the fashion of the cuisine. In top Taiwan restaurants in Shanghai, you can have fresh fish, crabs and shrimps as well as some tasty snacks.

Taiwan Restaurants in Shanghai

Bellagio Cuisine

Chinese name: 鹿港小镇 (lù gǎng xiǎo zhèn)
This is a popular restaurant winning the highest public praise in Shanghai. Three-cup Chicken (stewed chicken with three cups sauce), pilafs and stewed minced pork served here show the traditional delicacy of Taiwan dishes. The ice blended in Bellagio is tasty such as ice blended with mango, peanut and red bean.
Average cost per person: CNY120
 Super Brand Mall Branch
Location: Room no. 810, 8F, Super Brand Mall, No. 168, West Lujiazui Road, Pudong New Area
 DBS (Development Bank of Singapore) Branch
Location: Room no. 06, B1 Floor, DBS building, No. 1318, Lujiazui Ring Road, Pudong New Area
 Huangjin Branch
Location: No. 778, Huangjincheng Avenue, Changning District (near Gubei Road)
 Hongyi Plaza Branch
Location: 6F, Hongyi Plaza, No. 299, East Nanjing Road, Huangpu District
 International Commerce Center Branch
Location: IAPM Plaza, No. 999, Middle Huaihai Road, Xuhui District

Din Tai Fung

Chinese name: 鼎泰丰 (dǐng tài fēng)
As one of the top Taiwan restaurants in Shanghai, it mainly serves Taiwan steamed buns and some other snacks. Shrimp dumplings and beef noodles are worth for a try here. The wall of the restaurant is decorated with Chinese calligraphy and painting works to show appealing Chinese culture.
Average cost per person: CNY200
 L’Avenue Branch
Location: Unite 311, 3F, L’Avenue, No. 99, Xianxia Road, Changning District
 Grand Gateway 66 Branch
Location: 5F, Grand Gateway 66, No. 1, Hongqiao Road, Xuhui District
 Kerry Center Branch
Location: N4-15, Kerry Center, No. 1515, West Nanjing Road, Jing’an District
 Super Brand Mall Branch
Location: Store no. 24, 3F, Super Brand Mall, No. 168, West Lujiazui Road, Pudong New Area
 SWFC (Shanghai World Financial Center) Branch
Location: 3F, SWFC, No. 100, Century Avenue, Pudong New Area
 Shanghai Center Branch
Location: A104, 1F, Shanghai Center, No. 1376, West Nanjing Road, Jing’an District


Chinese name: 一茶一坐 (yī chá yī zuò)
The quiet and comfortable dining room makes CHAMATE an ideal place for appointments. No MSG is used in any dish here.
Average cost per person: CNY80
 New World Branch
Location: 3F, New World Shopping Mall, No. 2, West Nanjing Road
 Sijing Square Branch
Location: 3F, East Zone of Sijing Square, No. 1628, Kongjiang Road
 Xinzhuang Branch
Location: 4F, Zhongsheng World Shopping Mall, No. 5001, Xinzhuang Road
 Qibao Vanke Branch
Location: Unit L338, 3F, No. 3366, Caobao Road

Yilan Dading Shrimp Restaurant

Chinese name: 宜兰大鼎活虾 (yí lán dà dǐng huó xiā)
This restaurant is on the list of Top Taiwan Restaurants in Shanghai. It is named after Yilan, a beautiful coastal county in the northeast of Taiwan Island. Thai shrimp cooked in different ways is recommended to be tasted like pepper shrimp and lemon shrimp. Three-cup Chicken is also worth a try.
Average cost per person: CNY140
Location: No. 671, Xianxia Road, Changning District

Qianqiu Restaurant

Chinese name: 千秋膳房 (qiān qiū shàn fáng)
Since the establishment of its first branch in 2000, it has had a number of branches in Shanghai, becoming one of the top Taiwan restaurants in Shanghai. You are recommended to taste the three-cup chicken, oyster omelet, beef noodles, other Taiwan food and snacks in Shanghai Qianqiu Restaurant.
Average cost per person: CNY70
 SML Central Square Branch
Location: Room no. BT09, B2, SML Central Square, No. 618, Xujiahui Road, Luwan District
 Bingo Plaza Branch
Location: Room no. 303, Bingo Plaza. No. 341, Tianshan Road, Changning District
 Touch Super Brand Mall Branch
Location: Store no. A-51, B1 Floor, Touch Super Brand Mall, no. 699, South Zhongshan 2nd Road, Xuhui District

Qimin Shiji

Chinese name: 齐民市集 (qí mín shì jí)
This restaurant mainly serves Taiwan hot pot. Through the open kitchen, you can see the clean cooking environment and chefs preparing fresh ingredients. Every evening at 20:00, the restaurant arranges a small game for all the diners and the winner will be awarded with a free dish!
Average cost per person: CNY250
 Rui'ou Branch
Location: 4F, Rui'ou Shopping Mall, No. 1601, West Nanjing Road
 Hengshan Road Branch
Location: Yongpingli, 3F, No. 191, Hengshan Road
 Gaoniaowu Branch
Location: Takashimaya, skirt building of phase two of Gubei Fortune Center, No. 1438, Hongqiao Road, Changning District (near Hongbaoshi Road)

Feng Jia Xiao Guan

Chinese name: 逢甲小馆 (féng jiǎ xiǎo guǎn)
Average cost per person: CNY100
Food and Snacks Recommendation: Stewed Chicken with Three Cups Sauce, Sautéed Beef, Sizzling Tofu with Scallion
 Qibao Baolong Branch
Location: Qibao Baolong City Square, No. 3299, Caobao Road
 Songjiang Branch
Location: No. 12, Lane 28, South Guyang Road, Yueyang Street

The Mountain

Chinese name: 半山小馆 (bàn shān xiǎo guǎn)
Average cost per person: CNY110
Food and Snacks Recommendation: Oyster Omelet, Pineapple Fried Rice, Steamed Rice with Red-Cooked Pork
 Joy City Branch
Location: 8F, Joy City, No. 166, North Tibet Road
 Zhaojiabang Road Branch
Location: No. 730, Zhaojiabang Road

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