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Best Jiangsu Restaurants in Shanghai

fishJiangsu Cuisine consequently focuses on various aquatic products including fish, shrimps and crabs. Shanghai borders Jiangsu Province to the west, so there are best Jiangsu restaurants in Shanghai. The restaurants are usually exquisitely decorated and the prices are a little high. The dishes with fresh, clear and delicious flavor are easily accepted.

Top Jiangsu Cuisine Restaurants

Tian Shui Ya Ju

Chinese name: 天水雅居 (tiān hòu yǎ jū)
Dishes served mainly use aquatic products and seafood as the ingredients. Braised clover and shrimp is highly recommended.
Average cost per person: CNY250 - CNY650
Liuying Road Branch
Location: No. 1301, Gonghe New Road, Zhabei District

Nanling Restaurant

Chinese name: 南伶酒家 (nán lǐng jiǔ jiā)
As one of the best Jiangsu restaurants in Shanghai, it serves authentic Huaiyang dishes. The light flavor caters for Shanghai locals. You are recommended to taste the stir-fried yellow croaker and roast duck!
Average cost per person: CNY220
Location: 3F, Jiali Center, No. 1515, West Nanjing Road

Mei Long Zhen

Chinese name: 梅龙镇酒家 (méi lóng zhèn jiǔ jiā)
Founded in 1938, Mei Long Zhen is an ideal place to feel the history and folk customs of Shanghai. It is decorated in traditional Chinese style and serves classical Jiangsu dishes. The crab powder shark fin and prawns with pepper sauce are recommended to taste in the restaurant.
Average cost per person: CNY200
Location: No. 22, Lane 1081, West Nanjing Road, Jing'an District (near Jiangning Road)

New Zhenjiang Restaurant

Chinese name: 新镇江食府 (xīn zhèn jiāng shí fǔ)
This restaurant, one of the best Jiangsu restaurants in Shanghai, mainly served Zhenjiang and Huaiyang dim sums in the past. Now you can also find authentic Yangzhou dishes, which not only remain their own flavors, but also borrow the cooking methods of Cantonese and Hong Kong food. Yangzhou Gansi (shredded chicken with dried beancurd) and crab powder meatball should not be missed.
Average cost per person: CNY200
 Jing'an Temple Branch
Location: No. 1892, Xinzha Road
 Dagu Road Branch
Location: No. 509, Dagu Road

Pi Pa Man

Chinese name: 琵琶蛮 (pí pā mán)
Average cost per person: CNY100
 Bailian Branch
Location: 7F, Bailian Shopping Mall, No. 8, Songhu Road
 Hongqiao Tiandi Branch
Location: No. 688, Shenchang Road

Gui Hua Lou Huaiyang Restaurant

Chinese name: 桂花楼淮扬中餐厅 (guì huā lóu huái yáng zhōng cān yīng)
Average cost per person: CNY370
Location: 1F, Shangri-la Hotel, No. 33, Fucheng Road

Nanjing Impressions

Chinese name: 南京大牌档 (nān jīng dà pái dàng)
Average cost per person: CNY70
 People's Square Branch
Location: 3F, Shimao Shangdu, No. 258, West Nanjing Road
 Zhongshan Park Branch
Location: 8F, No. 1018, Changning Road
 Lianyang Square Branch
Location: 2F, Zone B, Lianyang Square, No. 226, Fangdian Road

Su Bei Tu Zao Tai

Chinese name: 苏北土灶台 (sū běi dà zào tái)
It can be regarded as one of the top Jiangsu cuisine restaurants in Shanghai.
Average cost per person: CNY75
Location: 1F, Shenshan Leisure Square, No. 104, Lane 188, Taoyuan Road Waiqingsong Road

He Gu Huaiyang Restaurant

Chinese name: 禾谷淮扬菜 (hé gǔ huái yáng cài)
Average cost per person: CNY80
Location: 2F, Bailian Jiading Shopping Mall, No. 3172, Middle Dengliu Road

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