Taiwan Area Code & Zip Code

Province Area Code
Taiwan 886

City / County Area Code Zip Code
Taipei City 8862 100
Kaohsiung City 8867 800
Keelung City 8862 200
Hsinchu City 8863 300
Taichung City 8864 400
Chiayi City 8865 600
Tainan City 8866 700
Taipei County 8862 220
Taoyuan County 8863 330
Hsinchu County 8863 300
Miaoli County 88637 360
Taichung County 8864 420
Changhua County 8864 500
Nantou County 88649 540
Yunlin County 8865 640
Chiayi County 8865 600
Tainan County 8866 730
Kaohsiung County 8867 830
Pingtung County 8868 900
Yilan County 8863 260
Hualien County 8863 970
Taitung County 88689 950
Penghu County 8866 880
Kinmen County 595 (823) 362000
Lienchiang County
(Matsu Islands)
591 (836) 350500

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 Selected Questions and Answers:

 Asked by Mrs.Davies(UK)
Can you please tell me the zip code for Yongkang City, Tainan, Taiwan.
Cannot book a parcel in without this info
Thank you 

  Answered by Mr.Wang
710. The zip code usually contains five digits. 710 is the zipcode for Yongkang. I don't have the exact address so that I can offer you the last two digits.

 Asked by Ms.Danielle(US)
Can you tell me the zip / postal code for taipei, da-an district? they say they need 5-digit code not 3-digit... 

Answered by Mr.blare
Hello, it's true that the zip code is 5 digital. but you need to give the specific address: disrict, street as well as the door number. cause the even door number and the odd door number is different!

 Asked by Mr.Syafiq(Malaysia)
Being a muslim, is there any difficulties for me to find a halal food in Taiwan? 

Answered by Mr.Alan
No, it is easy to find a halal food in Taiwan. Eg:
Thai Food House Restaurant: 36. Beunung Rd., Taipei City
Ali Baba’s India Kitchen: 2F, 56. Najing E. Rd., Taipei City
Islamic Garden : No. 118, Longnan Rd., Pingjhen City, Taoyuan County

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